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  1. SilverPirate

    noob questions on coin market and grading

    Watch Numistacker's You tube video's for information on the graded side of the hobby. As a long term store of wealth I don't think you can go wrong with a stack of gold Sovereigns. .
  2. Any one thought of doing a Music Magpie clear out, I tried only had £2.50's worth, need over a fiver to get paid out. Sort out £££££'s worth of old gear and there's a few more squares ticked off.
  3. SilverPirate


    I am still waiting for £31 from top cash back for weeks and weeks now very frustrating, they still say I have to wait till early November.
  4. SilverPirate

    EBAY sellers (companys)

    Silver trader. Silverstan.
  5. SilverPirate


    Welcome aboard ship mate. Nice coin to kick off the stack,
  6. SilverPirate

    sainsburys swipe and win

    Wife went to Sainsbury's Tuesday evening and she never got any extra points, looks like the offer is over.
  7. SilverPirate

    sainsburys swipe and win

    She (wife) has one voucher left,she adds them at the till when she do's her next shop so she will do another quick shop this week for bits, I have a big family so always somewhere we need bits, she shops all over the place. Mostly Aldi.
  8. SilverPirate

    completed 2011 1oz Mint Sealed Britannia

    Eagle please.
  9. SilverPirate

    Ebay £1 Final Value Fee

    Mine was in my emails Danny.
  10. SilverPirate

    Ebay £1 Final Value Fee

    Sods law, I got it, and yesterday I went round some charity shops and bought some bits to put on E-bay . First time I have done this, see where it go's.
  11. SilverPirate

    sainsburys swipe and win

    The wife went back to Sainsbury's did two transactions for around £12 each only got 500 points each time.I am supposed to be saving the points till next Septembers savathon . I bought some Maple tubes so I am very tempted to buy a couple of Maples with them now. Still waiting on £30 odd from cash back site too, supposed to be November, going to get a couple more when that comes out too. This waiting lark is hard.I knew I needed a silver fix now and then but I think I have a abstaining from buying problem. Edit son is a Landlord had to pop to Homebase too get some bits, take my card son, OK dad.
  12. SilverPirate

    £250 PayPal voucher.

    Scotch man me.
  13. SilverPirate

    sainsburys swipe and win

    My wife spent £17 on a few bits and got 1000 points today.
  14. SilverPirate

    completed Milky Maple.

  15. SilverPirate

    completed Milky Maple.

    I'l take it can you PM me. Please.