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    All sizes of Perth mint silver Lunars I , II , III
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    Stacking all sizes bullion sovereigns too.

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  1. Tens of Hundreds of job cuts and stores closing. Large periods of the day shops are empty and shop floor staff have been told to expect more lay offs. More staff told to do more jobs ie, shop floor workers told to work fish counters etc or lose their jobs! Multi-skilled workers great but to be forced into it is downright insulting!
  2. Personally I'd have to go with the historical double sovereigns.
  3. I didn't record dates until later but my first proof sovereigns cost £70. A far cry from the latest sotd rubbish royal mint output.
  4. Bland and unimaginative. Two words that spring to mind. Portcullis privy MEH. I'll leave these well alone and keep my money for half sovereigns and one sovereigns. Stylish and classic design.
  5. Maybe a template for the e-mail could be posted here and when they recieve a barrage of requests which they would have to reply to might change their minds!
  6. All seems very irregular to me. Paypal and no bank in the transaction, no ID then complaints. Saying that the company is on the verge of bankruptcy etc. I won't worrying unnecessarily about using GS.BE I will continue to use my own due diligence before ordering from any supplier. I do agree that customer service is not where it should be but problems exist everywhere in all walks of life.
  7. Could it be pewter? Tin, antimony,copper,bismuth and silver mix.
  8. IMO all purchases should be tested for authenticity, even from trusted sellers. Something can always slip past the tightest quality control! I recently purchased some lunar dogs for a typeset collection and the 1/2 and 5oz coins were fake, not blindingly so but enough for me to test and discover straight away. Unboxing and testing were done on video and the dealler resolved the matter very quickly.
  9. I like wedge-tailed eagles, kangaroos, elephants and lunars
  10. Damn! And i really like that coral privy mark. Hahahahahahaha
  11. are an OK outfit. As with most companies some good and some bad. I've had some trouble with atties, chards, euromint, silver to go and coin invest in the past but nothing to stop me using any of these companies. Really what i comes down to what you want and price. Gs have good prices on mid range priced metals for a mix for collector/flipper and euromint for the the stackers of which i'm both.
  12. WOW. Cheap at a tenth of the price.
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