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  • What I am collecting / Investing in.
    All sizes of Perth mint silver Lunars I , II , III
    All sizes of Perth mint silver Kookaburras
    Stacking all sizes bullion sovereigns too.

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  1. Hell yeah! Silver is the poor mans gold! no question about it. It's a price thing manipulated or not.
  2. Yes a lovely coin. I am both stacker and collector. I stack gold sovs and collect mostly silver and a little gold BU. Spend a while reading on the forum and you can learn alot and see loads of coins and rounds that are very expensive. hahaha. Use the trading section on the forum it really is good. Check out the new "Giants of the ice age series" Happy collecting.
  3. Messaged @SilverStan thanks for the heads up @Alun.
  4. Tried using then a few years ago with some ease, but now i wouldn't use at all.
  5. New royal mint 18k gold credit card join for only £20k
  6. I'm thinking of getting the new redback spider from the Royal Austrailian Mint. Just the 1oz silver so if anyone has some and can sell some plz let me know. Many Thanks Stack'em.
  7. @Alun supplies many cases for all sorts of different coins. search him and you can see pictures of some of his great work
  8. Coin shops in Scotland are very expensive and very few of them. Priced to within an inch of their lives for most coins. Some of the really old stuff such as groats can be had at reasonable prices and they are scottish too rather than UK. Bairds do a scottish stag round too.
  9. Germania has weird arms not overly keen on these and i wouldn't buy any of these unless near spot. Big thumbs down.
  10. Might be getting a bit late to order from GS with brexit. They sometimes take a while.
  11. StackemHigh


    If your in the UK then Brits are CGT free but you do need to sell lots and make a large profit over the tax year to make it worth while sticking to brits
  12. StackemHigh


    I would Buy cheap and keep. The sales part of the forum is a great resource. I'd decide what your aim is before buying too much too. if you want to store wealth them buy gold or if you want to collect then silver or gold. Gold is much easier to store than a similar value in silver.