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  1. StackemHigh

    Hi to all!

    Hi and welcome
  2. StackemHigh

    First Post Introduction

  3. StackemHigh

    for sale Privateer New Design Cases

    I remember my attempts at a type set case for my lunar dragons, my fingers were cut to ribbons and went feint with the lack of blood. only kidding about the feint bit! bloody disaster then @morezone came to the rescue his supply of display cases!
  4. StackemHigh

    for sale Privateer New Design Cases

    Damn. I thought this was some sort of display case.
  5. StackemHigh

    Lets talk Whiskey

    Glenmorangie is good, Glengoyne ok or what about liqueur whisky? Got an old ledaig (sounds like ledchig) single on the go at the moment. Very nice. havin opened it seven years ago keeping it as best!
  6. StackemHigh

    The U.S Election.

    Who would have thought it!
  7. StackemHigh

    Seen Any 2017 Designs?

    If anyone would like to run a group purchase?
  8. StackemHigh

    Seen Any 2017 Designs?

    LPM? Sorry. Who are they?
  9. StackemHigh

    Today I bought.....

    Good price, mostly around £750 - £800 the ones that I've seen.
  10. StackemHigh

    for sale Shaun needs a car bonanza

    I've heard that Australian lunar silver coins don't sell well once they have been graded.
  11. StackemHigh

    1/4oz queens beast V 2017 sovereign

    With the quality of the beasts the way it has been. I'll go with the sovereigns
  12. StackemHigh

    1/4 ounce gold queens beast

    If they change the size now who can say if they will be other changes or even if the entire series will be released! I've got my 1/4 oz so here's hoping!
  13. StackemHigh

    2017 Sovereign

    Not overly impressed with this! RM stuff hasn't really impressed me recently! The beast was a good design but quality let it down. What will the quality on this one be like???
  14. StackemHigh

    completed 2oz Lunar proof rooster

    I'm looking for a 2oz Lunar proof rooster from Perth Mint. If anyone can help me out with one plz pm me with costs etc. Many thanks Stack'em.
  15. What are the chances of the Glass - Steagall act (1933) will be reinstated? In the US obviously! What sort of reaction could happen to the pm markets?