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  • What I am collecting / Investing in.
    All sizes of Perth mint silver Lunars I , II , III
    All sizes of Perth mint silver Kookaburras
    Stacking all sizes bullion sovereigns too.

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  1. I would think these could be a security nightmare so many coins in one place ready to go!
  2. That is totally awesome. I know absolutely hee-haw about all this malarkey but wouldn't mind learning if i could get these results. What would be the initial set up costs be?
  3. If governments do move in and confiscate gold, possibly silver or other pm's would that not force money in other directions creating a crash in the prices?
  4. Will the position of 0% TAX on gold and CGT free on legal tender continue after a possible Brexit?
  5. Do any of these dealers have showrooms in places other than London or Birmingham?
  6. Just been into a local Morrisons and there was no warm air curtain in the doorway, no heating in the shop! When i spoke to a member of staff they told me that the heating was working and controlled by a central control and was turned down as a money saving exercise! Turns out many staff have been warned about job cuts, new contracts and wage cuts/freezes. Is Morrisons going under?
  7. I visit Budapest regularly and would also like to know of any shops in the area.
  8. Delivery no problem. just TAX on silver and an import duty charged at the sorting office.
  9. I'd be after more if they become available.
  10. When do the 2020 elephants get released into the wild?
  11. Never had a problem with them.
  12. Likely to be spot weight only. The mount will have damaged the sovereign whichever one it is.
  13. Fine Gold isn't an alloy so can't red spot. Buying this type can save a few hassles.