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  1. Lack of RESPECT. Young and old no respect for themselves or others.
  2. I always carry spare batteries with my compact camera for parties and weddings. Got an old go pro and chest strap for the more adventurous activities
  3. I'm open to older second-hand equipment too. Spotted a second-hand EOS1300 and some sort of lens for £150 but didn't know if it would be any good.
  4. I'm going to take up photography as a side hobby to hillwalking. I'm looking at getting a entry-level dslr camera for landscape photography. I'm using a camera on my phone for size and weight but loosing out on quality. Any suggestions for equipment up to the task would be appreciated. I'm on a budget of no more than £500 for everything at the moment.
  5. Quite mundane springs to mind. Do they come in caps or a presentation case as it will be hard to find any of the collector out there.
  6. I like both designs. Unfortunately the font used on both i don't, too stylised, too large and prominent on both coins. I'll be making a few different sets up gold and silver. I hope @Alun is going to be all over these with some of his crazy great presentation cases for these. Both for sets and typesets.
  7. Everything is in caps, tubes for bullion and presentation cases for collections. But I'm more collector than stacker.
  8. I agree with @dicker on his comment about the market being manipulated. All markets are but diamonds especially so.
  9. I'd already looked at them but the collector in me would instantly want to backdate the whole series.
  10. When you mentioned landmarks series i thought of the american landmark series. I'll take a look at the royal mint ones. Anything else you folks think of would be great! Maybe if @Alun could supply one of his fine presentation cases for would also be a massive + Many thanks Stack'em.