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  1. I have messed this up, coin is still for sale, less of a percentage above spot, however price increased since original listing
  2. 2002 has usual toning around the edge and onto the face, the 2005 has the very tinest amount of toning, only issue with this is only 1/2 the capsule is original, it cracked in transit, the capsule is now a tight fit but not all original,only selling because i am a fussy sod 😁 £33 for the 2002 £29 for the 2005 Plus post of your choice and risk,, PP F and F or BT please UK only please.
  3. Update with what I still want to sell. Cheers
  4. 2009 ASE x 5 £16 each 2007 ASE toned £15 Funnel web spider £15 2007 Maple £20 2018 Koala £18 Post at your choice and risk Paypal F and F or bank transfer please. (Updated with what I still have for sale)
  5. 2014 sold, thank you
  6. No worries you can have one of mine to complete the date run Thank you for the heads up..
  7. 2014 sealed 1/10 £125 1997 large date 1/20 £ 75 2006 1/20 1/20 £70 Post at your choice and risk PP F and F UK only please
  8. 5 x 2009 ASE in ill fitting caps, £16 each 1x 2007 ASE toned £14 3 x 2009 Koala £17 each 1 x 2018 Koala £17 1 x 2007 Maple £18 1 x 2015 Spider,purchased as part of a lot from here, after reading up on fakes I am 99% sure this is Ok, it is Matt finished were it should be and the date is not proud, however as with all my coins return at my expense if not 100% satisfied. £15 post at your choice/ risk at cost, if someone wants them all then postage free Special delivery. PP F and F or BT only UK only. Thank you
  9. The Ox Mouse and Tiger were all released in the same year, this was to enable the gold and silver series 1 to come to an end at the same time, since the Gold series had started first. Series 2 could then all start together...