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  1. The Ox Mouse and Tiger were all released in the same year, this was to enable the gold and silver series 1 to come to an end at the same time, since the Gold series had started first. Series 2 could then all start together...
  2. Very Rare Gold Panda 1/2 Oz Coin 2007 £575 The coin has a couple of dings on the edge of the temple side, the coin does look much better to the naked eye!
  3. Very Rare Gold Panda 1/2 Oz Coin 2004. £565 The coin has a very slight scratch by the date by the number 4, also a couple of very small rubs at about 3 oclock on the temple side edge. Also as can be seen via high magnification some copper spots, the coin does look much better to the naked eye! There is also as can be seen a little scratch on the Panda
  4. As above... ASE is toned as can be seen. £32.25 incl 1st class recorded. PP F and F or BT please. Uk only. Cheers
  5. All sold thank you
  6. 2012 Brits capsuled last of the Britannia Silver coins £16.75 each plus post your choice and risk, PP F and F please
  7. DavePanda

    5oz panda

    ... and it is soooooo bad it is sad, even none experienced coin buyers should see how horrible this coin is, Chinese Pandas are stunning, not like this common and abysmal effort fake.... I knew that wouldnt be short and sweet, however squeezed this comment in at half time in the Manchester derby 😁😁
  8. DavePanda

    5oz panda

    Short and sweet, its a fake, sorry to be the bearer of bad news
  9. Ok dokes, the 11 are all a much of a muchness, all very good condition, please when you receive them could you comment on this thread as to what a fussy sod I am! Cheers Dave
  10. I have just had a right good look at them... only 5 have any real toning, the others almost none, anyone who has purchased coins from me will say how fussy I am when selling coins...I would imagine 99% of sellers and buyers wouldnt even mention the ‘toning’ on the coins, they are in very nice condition. Cheers Dave
  11. 1 oz funnel web spider, purchased from here as part of a lot, looking online there appears to be fakes of these around, I am 99.9% sure this isnt one re the queens head is matt and the stamping around the edges is not raised.. However if the purchaser may know different I will of course refund in full😁 £15 plus post of your choice please. PP FF or BT please. UK only
  12. 16 coins for sale 10 x 2015, 6 x 2016 £15.50 each plus post of your choice and risk Some coins have toning and most caps are odd sized! PP F+F or BT please UK only Cheers