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  1. No problem at all, you will find the book essential reading if you are serious about collecting these coins. Re the prices of the others, I think £182 each is as @Cornishfarmer said, on the high side, the 2013 I would be looking at £140-£150, maybe a little more for the 2009, however as is everything with these coins, condition dependant. I always like OMP coins, as do (generally) the Chinese, others like graded (Americans seem to go for these more), Europeans seem to be in the middle. Good luck with the collection, research, research, research, you have made absolutely the right decision in acquiring the book, it amazes me why so many people are prepared to spend a lot of their expendable income on these coins but not make the best investment, knowledge about them 😀. Thus saving money and enjoying this fascinating subject even more 😀 Any questions, once again be glad to try and help, Cheers Dave
  2. No worries, just a little humour for those who understood it.. apologies for your time.
  3. Ox sold.. Just a monkey and a Goat left 😀
  4. Ox has tiny bit of edge toning, a little on the front face and a small scratch on the capsule, others look pretty much perfect. £39 each posted pp F and F UK only please Cheers
  5. I have (obviously 😀) decided to put a couple more up, 6 sold, 2 left if anyone fancies 1. Cheers Dave
  6. Hi, I can loan you my book for a couple of weeks if you want to do some research? An absolute must is research if considering purchasing these beautiful coins! If however you just have a few questions, I would do my best to assist. Cheers Dave
  7. All sold (for the moment) Might put some more up next week. Many thanks for all the purchases
  8. Two sold, at the moment I will just sell one more. Cheers
  9. If anyone else fancies one, please PM me I will sell another. Cheers