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  1. DavePanda

    completed Gold 1oz Panda 2012 OMP

    2008 Gold Panda Sold... I will keep the 2012 up for sale and reduce the price to £1025 if anyone wants it
  2. DavePanda

    completed Gold 1oz Panda 2012 OMP

    Dragon sold..
  3. DavePanda

    completed Gold 1oz Panda 2012 OMP

    LI would like to sell two out of the three coins pictured. (Dragon and 2008 sold) £1040 ono each, delivered in the UK Special delivery (Now £1025 for the 2012) Payment would be via BT or Paypal F and F (Gift) Posting only to the UK Cheers
  4. I have two of these coins. Perth Mint 1 oz Gold Dragons that I would like to sell. I will update with pics on Monday since I dont keep the coins at my home. Would anyone be interested at £1050? Special delivery included Payment by BT or Paypal F and F UK only please.
  5. DavePanda

    wanted 2017 1/10th gold panda

    Obviously not sure if you know but the 1/10 was last made in 2015, the closest they have made since is a 3g, (just incase you had been searching for a 1/10) 😃 Cheers
  6. DavePanda

    withdrawn Lunar series 1 1/10 gold

    For sale Lunar Monkey and Horse £139 each (The photo of the Monkey looks like there is a mark on it, there isnt, it is the reflection of the flash) PP F and F or BT Please Plus post of your choice and risk Many thanks UK only.
  7. DavePanda


    Brilliant!!! Sounds like a good user name.
  8. DavePanda


    Thank you so much for taking the time to advise of the postage, I realise now that I could of afforded to wrap up the book, gone to the Post office and sold the book for £1.01, assuming I had accepted your kind offer. I would like to humbly apologise in front of all the forum members. My friend, it was never about the money, dont you see it, life is not about squeezing every last bit out of those who are willing to help you. I promise this is the last I will post on this, I wont defend myself even if flamed by the members. As I say good luck with your collection.
  9. DavePanda


    mmmm, and still he doesnt see the bigger issue
  10. DavePanda


    ok dokes.. Now I know it was a PM however since you use the literally "have a go" thus I feel the need to defend myself.. A Copy and paste for the forum members.. Now, I have had a think, these are my conclusions... What I have done for you...... 1)spoken to you a length to prevent you making mistakes with Pandas. 2) Spoken to you at length to advise you that despite point 1 you have made a mistake and I have helped you reclaim £150 3) Offered you a superb book which will cost me £8 to post, wrap and my time,to enable you not to make mistakes in the future. What you have done in return... Not took a blind bit of notice and tried to screw me down for a fiver!!!! My conclusion.. Some people you just cannot help. Good luck with the collection, however the book is now not for sale and my knowledge earned over years is now no longer freely given. ...All for a fiver!!
  11. DavePanda


    mmmmmm... Maybe if that English guy had spent as much time as he did on his phone trying to initially help you with your collection, which you maybe subsequently ignored, then if he then tried to advise you on why a coin that you had purchased from ebay was a fake, giving you multiple reasons and explanations on the phone to help with your claim of why said coin was fake, which was based on extensive experience (which you would not of purchased if you had listened in the first place) Then maybe if he offered you a Panda guide at way less than market price, say for instance £10 INCLUDING as explained to you, about £8 postage for the heavy book, that it would cost this kind person, to try and negate any future expensive mistakes you could make. Then you repaid this time, effort, knowledge and generous attitude with can I have £5 off, so basically he would give you the book and lose £2 in the process, maybe this English person would feel aggrieved and feel he was wasting his time trying to help. Maybe just maybe he said that he would "think" about it, as utter sarcasm due to the way he felt he had been treated. Ever heard the expression "dont bite the hand that feeds you"? Be interesting to read any peoples view points against this person with a "shitty" attitude Kind regards Dave
  12. DavePanda

    completed 10oz Pamp silver bars

    Thank you very much for this information. They are indeed as you describe, good news to the buyers. I will PM them and direct them to your post. Once again many thanks for the info. Cheers Dave
  13. DavePanda

    completed 10oz Pamp silver bars

    All yours... Many thanks. All sold. Thank you
  14. DavePanda

    completed 10oz Pamp silver bars

    2 sold 3 left
  15. DavePanda

    completed 10oz Pamp silver bars

    Ok !