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  1. ..., and all gone, many thanks 😀😀
  2. Last 9 available, price adjusted re lower Silver price.. £179 plus post at your choice and risk Paypal friends and family (gift) or bank transfer please. Please see feedback for reassurance these are nice bars, previously sold ones, everyone has been happy, obviously you won’t get this particular COA, all bars are in very nice condition. Cheers
  3. So sorry I thought I had thanked you re the heads up about eBay
  4. Errrrrr meant to quote this.. LOL, class, schoolboy error😀👍 now I am shaping 👍
  5. Thank you for the info, I know others for sale are considerably more expensive than this, if it doesnt sell here I will pop it on ebay. I had seen the 200 figure but it doesnt seem right that Proofs and fancy box versions would have more mintage than the BU.. Oh well I guess I dropped lucky on this one. Cheers
  6. £200 posted, uk only PayPal gift (F and F) or BT please
  7. Apparently very rare, reported only 200 bu ones made ?? £779 posted, uk only PayPal gift (F and F) or BT please Happy to listen to any reasonable close offers
  8. £200 plus post at your choice and risk. I will put pics up tomorrow when I get them, however please see my pics on previous sold listings, they are the same, please also see feedback as to how pleased previous purchasers are. PP Gift (F and F) or Bank transfer please. UK only Many thanks
  9. ...and a few more for sale now £215 delivered, (for clarity were £200 but have been £215 before) please view feedback re how members are happy with ones already sold.. Cheers
  10. ...and all 4 sold.. Many thanks