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  1. Ok dokes.. The James Bond Panda is now sold.. (Payment assumed) ‘Below spot (I kept my price) for a rare coin..I cannot believe it stayed unsold for so long 😀👍
  2. Oh ok so I dropped the 2... Just thought that putting the number 007 on a piece of PM might help 😳😳😳😳 oh food for thought that is 🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔
  3. Now only £9 over spot, surely a better investment than the Royal Mint stuff people are buying? Of course I could just be so far of the mark and need to re-educate myself 😀
  4. Coin has 2 dings on the edge as can be seen on photos, hence cheap price. £639 plus postage of your choice and risk Paypal F and F or BT please UK Only
  5. £23 each plus post at your choice and risk PP friends and family or Bank transfer please Plenty available Cheers
  6. Thanks for the heads up... I have all years and all date varieties, however my USP is I sell coins that are genuine and accurately described but at market value (That is why no one on here ever buys them, I dont do cheap 😄) Cheers Dave
  7. £20 delivered PP F and F or BT please coin has toning on both sides
  8. Toned Brits 98,02 and 10. £20 each ... 02 and 10 SOLD Toned 1989 Pandas £29 each 1 SOLD Toned Kooks 1998 original caps £20 each SOLD 2009 Koala £20 each 1 SOLD S1 Goat £30 s1 Monkey £30 2 oz 2008 Kook £49 SOLD Star Privy Kook £29 SOLD 2008 Kangaroo £45 (Withdrawn) S2 Snake (quite a few available) £25 s2 Horse (quite a few available) £23 Paypal F and F ‘Post your choice and risk UK Only please
  9. Sorry, the coin has sold, many thanks for the interest though
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