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  1. Sorry, the coin has sold, many thanks for the interest though
  2. 10 oz 2011 Kookaburra £165 each 2 available now only 1 SOLD 2 oz 2008 Kookaburra £45 each 2 available 2 oz 2004 Kookaburra £45 SOLD 2009 Koala £18 each 3 available 2018 Koala £17 2008 Kangaroo RAM £45 2014 Brit £17 2010 Brit poor condition, handled £17 SOLD 1989 Panda Toned £30 each 2 available Lunar series 1 Goat £39 Lunar series 1 Monkey £39 Funnel web spider, god awful coin £15 SOLD Plus post of your choice and risk, uk only Payment Bank Transfer or PayPal Gift (F and F) please.
  3. Everyone who has purchased so far, all posted today. I will remove listing tomorrow evening re Christmas Post and put back up in the New Year, so if anyone else wants anything soon, please drop me a line. Cheers
  4. Yes no problem, I do have a few of these available
  5. With the exception of the 2000 (the version which has a completely mirrored back) the fakes are easy to tell to the keen eye, honestly research is the key here, rather than weights and measures. The 2000 mirrored is however best treated as fake since the completely mirrored genuine one is so rare and the fakes are not! The tells on this one however are it usually has a black mark on the nose, is in an incorrectly designed plastic pouch and a few other mistakes that can be seen close up or with a very good photo. Have a look on completed listings on ebay for the 2000, some fakes have sold for good money, I suspect that most sellers don’t even know they have a fake.
  6. For sale S2 Perth... Mouse, Ox, Dragon, Snake, Horse £25 Each S2 Rabbit £28 2007 Britannia £26 Kooks 2009 Onwards £23 All in capsules All prices include delivery to the UK (For sale UK only please) Some years I have a few examples of... PP Gift or Bank Transfer please
  7. ..., and all gone, many thanks 😀😀