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  1. DavePanda

    for sale Some Gold and Silver Pandas

    The second 1995 is now sold as is the 1/10 2010
  2. DavePanda

    for sale Some Gold and Silver Pandas

    The £65 1995 Gold Panda is sold
  3. Hi, For sale, 2009 1/20 Gold poor condition, scratch on temple side 3 oclock, rubs on front £55 2009 1/20 Good condition £65 1995 1/20 Sealed, red spots (regularly seen on this year) £55 SOLD 1995 capsuled, nicer coin, £65 SOLD 2 x coloured 5 yuan Silver Pandas 1997 and 1998 both toned, 1998 worse than 1997, hopefully a steal at £25 each, just purchased better replacements for these. 2010 1/10 gold very nice condition £115, couple of tiny red spots, camera makes them look bigger than they are SOLD UK only BT or PP F and F Post at cost your choice and risk Many thanks Dont know why the pics have come out in this order! Pretty obvious which is which though!
  4. DavePanda

    completed Gold 1/10 Krugerrands

    ....just to update, they all got sold! Many thanks everyone for your interest.
  5. DavePanda

    completed Gold 1/10 Krugerrands

    Maybe not, I am waiting on Willikie to get back to me, he has first refusal but he may not want them all...... I will update as soon as I know Many thanks for the interest
  6. DavePanda

    completed Gold 1/10 Krugerrands

    Hi, I dropped you a PM a few hours ago! Just for everyone else who has shown an interest, they are for sale since a swap I had been offered unfortunately did not come to fruition, however I would like to give Willike first refusal, since I promised I would Cheers Dave
  7. DavePanda

    completed Gold 1/10 Krugerrands

    Sure will, thank you for your interest, I am awaiting info regarding an exchange, please bear with me and I will update you directly with first refusal if the exchange does not happen. many thanks
  8. DavePanda

    completed Gold 1/10 Krugerrands

    On hold at the moment due to an enquiry thank you
  9. DavePanda

    completed Gold 1/10 Krugerrands

    As above. 1/10 Gold Bullion Krugs £105 each plus postage at buyers choice and risk. Uk only please, Paypal F and F or BT. Many thanks
  10. Something for the collectors.. £450 ono incl SD Uk only please Paypal F andF or BT
  11. DavePanda

    gold panda opinions

    Could well be "hazing" PCGS holders have in the past been implicated in this, if you look back at the for sale thread I have some PCGS 2011 1/2 oz MS70s with this issue. Cheers Dave
  12. DavePanda

    for sale 2011 1/2 oz ms70 Panda

    For sale 2 Pandas, these are graded ms70 by PCGS, however the coins do have hazing on them, PCGS holders sometimes cause this, allegedly! £570 each.. incl Special delivery to the UK UK only please (except Bosse!) Paypal F and F or BT
  13. DavePanda

    completed 1968 sovereign

    I will take it thank you
  14. DavePanda

    completed 1/10th gold pandas

    quoting a reply I did to your request a few months back when purchasing (That you never acknowledged)... Just thought I may try and help you out again "Obviously not sure if you know but the 1/10 was last made in 2015, the closest they have made since is a 3g, (just incase you had been searching for a 1/10) ? Cheers" People on here, if they dont know, may wonder where the extra .11g of Gold is on the 2016 and 2017
  15. DavePanda

    for sale 2007 Silver Britannias