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  1. Haha
    Madstacks reacted to danmc82 in Did I see?   
    I've only seen adverts by the RM advertising 1/4, 1/2 and full Sovs for 100,000% above spot.
    Normally celebratory coins, like when Prince George first used a spork, or when Prince Harry wore his first pair of Nike Air Max.
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    Madstacks reacted to AuricGoldfinger in Lets talk watches!   
    I got quoted between £500 and £600 depending on steel or gold model. Although the guy i spoke to basically said if its still keeping good time then dont bother! Although it would be more a cosmetic thing when i do service as they come back looking brand new. 
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    Madstacks got a reaction from AuricGoldfinger in Lets talk Whiskey   
    jw is nice but blended whisky isnt as in demand as good single malt whisky i dont think for the most part. 
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    Madstacks got a reaction from AuricGoldfinger in Lets talk Whiskey   
    jw is nice but blended whisky isnt as in demand as good single malt whisky i dont think for the most part. 
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    Madstacks got a reaction from AuricGoldfinger in Lets talk Whiskey   
    lidl and aldi christmas specials can be amazing and that is where those came from, always worth keeping some cash aside for them:) 
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    Madstacks got a reaction from AuricGoldfinger in Lets talk Whiskey   
    I think they make them every year so i would be looking for something more exclusive, these were a good buy not sure on auction prices but they cost £100 on amazon at retail - i just grabbed one at the time. 
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    Madstacks reacted to OllieClem in Lets talk Whiskey   
    Some of my collection, need to make myself a cabinet for all of it soon as im running out of space. All are empty boxs (other than the yamazaki 12 and hibiki 12), i do have the bottles somewhere in my room. Either near empty or full.

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    Madstacks reacted to AuricGoldfinger in Lets talk Whiskey   
    Also this is my collection- its mostly rum and cognac. My taste moved from rum, to cognac but has now drifted towards whisky. Still enjoy rum and cognac but I feel i know what i like now. I want to start to invest/collect aswel as drink so any tips would be really appreciated. where would you sell a bottle? How would you price it? How would you pick it? I’ve always thought the dated single barrel bottles would be good investments as theres a limited amount and they soon become unavailable. Thanks in advance.

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    Madstacks reacted to AuricGoldfinger in Lets talk Whiskey   
    Picked up a 15 year Redbreast from the Whisky Exchange in London a couple weeks ago. The bottle is now long gone but it was exceptional. Was great being in the shop you could easily spend a fortune!

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    Madstacks got a reaction from SilverPanFan in Sovereign Photo Thread...   
    a year 2000 proof Sovereign vs a year 2007 proof sovereign - particularly highlights the difference in quality in some years.

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    Madstacks got a reaction from Scuzzle in Lets talk watches!   
    Not at all Scuzzle, Cheaper watches can be very enjoyable too - infact i just made a youtube video of my cheapo casio watch lol. That watch winder is pretty damn cool! I totaly get the Japanese watch thing, love them too. 
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    Madstacks got a reaction from BackyardBullion in Bullion - Queen's Beasts 1oz Gold Coins   
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    Madstacks got a reaction from BackyardBullion in Bullion - Queen's Beasts 1oz Gold Coins   
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    Madstacks reacted to sg86 in Today I Received.....   
    What a coin.... 🤗😍
    1853 Proof, nothing much more to say but wow! 
    I suspect many don't even know this rarity even exists, very very few in existence now. 
    Pictures (especially from phone) don't do it any justice, so I will do a 4k video at some point so others can enjoy it


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    Madstacks reacted to StackerNoob in Where to hide your stack   
    Alright mate no need to brag about how big your house is! Jeeze!
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    Madstacks reacted to SilverPanFan in Hello Everyone   
    Hi guys,
    I know I'm a month late and I'm not sure if I all ready introduced myself here on the forum; if I did let me do it again. My user name is SilverPanFan. I consider myself to be more of a collect and numismatic guy then a pure bullion stacker who only cares about spot price. As my name suggests, I love the silver pandas but I have a real interest in ancients, classic American coinage, some world coins, old currency notes, and odd denomination.  I began seriously collecting coins about two years ago when a friend of mine told she collects coins. I started out my collecting journey with the three cent nickel. Yes, I loved the fact that the US need coin worth three cents to be used for converting foreign money that was in circulation and something to help pay for stamps when they where worth three cents.
    I got into ancients because the same friend also collects ancients. I prefer to collect the coins of the Bible because it helps bring the stories to life in a new and interesting perspective. You don't really understand the angry towards the money exchangers until you see the temple currency that was required to pay for animals to sacrifice. Biblical money also helps you understand the meaning behind give to Ceaser what is Ceasers.
    Last, I a belive banknote currency is art in your pocket. If you take a look at some the older currency notes in history, they posses rich artistic details that you will never be able to find on a coin. Take a look at some of the older notes from the 19th and early 20th century. You'll find beautiful renditions of elegantly posed women, angels, figure heads of the day, city landscapes in the background, and full color unlike our coinage of today.
    So with that I would like to thank @Numistacker and @BackyardBullion for letting me know about the forum. Have a great day.
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    Madstacks got a reaction from kimchi in Is the UK housing bubble about to Burst?   
    One thing to bear in mind with caravans is they depreciate like crazy and most leak - they are built to be lightweight yet large and built in factories with a lack of quality control. Most are built with the idea of being used a few weeks a year at most and just wont stand daily living. 
    There is one brand however that goes against this trend, they are extremely well built and hold their value extremely well - there is examples of these from the 70s still being used today, have a solid steel tubular skeleton - These will fare MUCH better - but they are small, its minimalist living for sure. 

    the massive white box ones can be really nice inside, but they will leak and be worth very little within a few years

    There is a lot of compromises to make it viable for full time, but for us its worth it for as much a lifestyle change as money saving.
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    Madstacks reacted to Kman in Atkinsons deal of the century?   
    That's stingy, if that had been teen me working there id have let you have it lol
    I worked at Somerfield for a couple years 17-19 on the till and some fruit you weigh, some you put an amount, lemons and limes I always forgot you have to put the amount not weigh them
    The local Chinese resteraunt had a guy buy about 10 lemons, I only charged him for one, he came back in 2 minutes later to his credit and said hey I only paid for one? I said yes, my mistake all yours 
    I was very generous with Somerfields produce 
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    Madstacks reacted to sovereignsteve in Help valuing original box for 2oz Lunar Proof Set   
    If someone wants/needs one they'll pay £50 + shipping I'm sure. I bought a spare one (might have been Madstacks' actually😀) to put the 2oz BU set in, and very nice they look too😊
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    Madstacks reacted to blackadder in Today I Received.....   
    Afew bits an bobs 😆

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    Madstacks reacted to Scuzzle in Lets talk watches!   
    Not so much a watch but I just treated myself to a cheap Chinese watch winder which seems to be doing the job fine 

    I'm into my Japanese watches myself, love Sekios and Orients in particular, just find them to be straight honest watches at a reasonable price, I have really scrawny wrists so the 37mm of the Seiko is ideal.  That Longines Hydroconquest is a really nice watch and is affordable and I  might treat myself to that one as well, I'm a little disappointed that Swatch seems to have decided to reduce Longines down a tier though, I bought the Grand Classique for something dressy and it's not value for money.
    Funnily enough the watch that's getting the most wrist time with me at the moment is a cheap but not nasty Chinese job as well, a Parnis Daytona homage.

    I like it though, only £60 and it has sapphire glass, nice mechaquartz movement and fully stainless 316L case and bracelet with ceramic bezel and the bracelet has solid end links and a machined clasp which is something I would not get with most Seikos even though I put in on a leather strap, looks good and wears well.
    Sorry to lower the tone with "shitters" as Archie Luxury would say.
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    Madstacks got a reaction from mr-dead in New Watch Channel   
    I have been making some watch videos on my main youtube account but i have decided to start a new channel from scratch for the watch videos exclusively - Mainly to keep my madstacsk channel just about silver and investment . I have actually put quite a bit of effort into this first vid and had my first attempts at macro video and video editing. Currently limited with no autofocus so i have work to do but opinions welcome, does the macro video add much as it does take some time to do. 
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    Madstacks got a reaction from Uksilverstackers in Lets talk watches!   
    Ended up going for this for now, the new ceramic bezel Longines Hydroconquest in the new 43mm size. I have big wrists and like big watches - £981 after code with francis gaye, im sure could be sorced on the grey market cheaper but im happy, appart from the fact i have to wait a month as orders are backed up😕
    I do want to get an omega one day, but this fits my price bracket a bit better right now. I could have got a black one cheaper at around £926.50 but for me it has to be blue. Stunning dial can be seen in this video at 4.10 seconds. 
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    Madstacks got a reaction from mr-dead in Lets talk watches!   
    Cheers Mr Dead - I do think I have made the right choice on this one. 
    I first wanted the Omega Seamaster 300, but i tend to like my watches bigger than 41mm so id probably looking at a planet ocean and they are even more. 
    The Longines seems to offer most of the quality at a fraction of the price - official servicing seems to be about half the price, and is still from a prestigious watch company with a strong history, they seem to be somewhat underappreciated and undervalued and being a serial bargain hunter that calls to me too! But to be honest I was sold on it as soon as i saw it, the price is a bonus. 
    I still would like an omega one day in the future, but now I will have a nice diver i think it would have to be the moonwatch. 
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    Madstacks reacted to mr-dead in Lets talk watches!   
    Longines make great watches and at a more wallet friendly price, not that £981 is exactly cheap for a watch and defo a bit of a self indulgent splurge.
    A watch that if looked after can be passed on down the family with a timeless design.