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  1. So is anyone bootsale buying this year? I have had some nice bits and bobs but as predicted nothing quite like the 4 sovs.
  2. In case anyone is looking for a bargain Swiss self winding watch:)
  3. Beautiful Swiss made watch, ETA 2824 movement with a nicely decorated rotor, a sapphire crystal and deployant clasp. Its a heck of a lot of watch for £200 plus postage of choice. Comes boxed. - Any interest and i can get more photos or answer any questions you have.
  4. Im glad to have Bojo at the helm, more seems to be getting done than has done for a long time! He might be a bit eccentric but at least hes taking a tougher stance with our European overlords. Its an improvement on TM and god forbid if someone like JC got in.
  5. Looks very slick, I like the way they have kept the hands white or else it would just be to hard to read. They seem to use the ETA 2824 so a good solid movement. One thing to bare in mind the black coating will wear of in time on the case crown and bezel.
  6. £50 plus postage of choice/risk. All links on bracelet stamped so thats a nice touch. very nice weight of 98.5 grams.
  7. H77755133 is the exact model code, It is possible to find these things quite discounted though, i was able to get it for £470 with dealer sales and vouchers.
  8. So many to choose from! You seem to be able to get exibition backs on all styles of watches through most to all price points too. This is my current daily watch i seem to have been wearing by far the most recently, its a big watch at 45mm I read your son is a pilot, this watch has a highly unique feature in that you can calculate cross winds with it.
  9. I should excersise more self restraint with watches - i tell myself its an investment so its ok 😂 This bulova Lunar pilot set arrived today (not my photo credit goes to its original owner)
  10. If i were to sell what little i have left now it would probably go strait to HGM or whoever was paying the most. Its tough to buy after rises like this, if i was to buy it would only be proofs at similar prices they were fetching before the price rise.
  11. Loving the Hamilton X - Wind, the chapter ring spins to calculate wind speed - not something I will ever need to do but why not! dont worry im not painting with it on😂 the Raymond Weil was returned as the bezel did not line up perfectly and a watch at that price point i expect it to - otherwise it was stunning.
  12. The interest in lunar series 1 and 2 has really gone down hill ( well mainly series 2 i guess im not that up on series one) - i wonder if this will revitalize it.
  13. Another watch ordered - Damned ernest jones sales!.. still, at least i can now predict crosswinds 😂
  14. Does the job better of telling the time than most of not all automatics. i bought this one a couple of weeks ago for 20 quid, I love its retro style, bracelet keep snagging hairs on my arms though so thats annoying.
  15. Just bought this watch today, i looked at a lot of divers but kept coming back to this one. I just love everything from the colour blue used to the shape of the hands. The bracelet and clasp quality seems amazing for the price point too. Bought in a sale for just over half or retail price.
  16. As far as i know its not ok, i also have the same link.
  17. Selling for 210 posted brand new if anyones interested:)
  18. Brand new and boxed, currently 349.99 at john lewis and 279.99 at first class watches. 210 posted.
  19. agreed, Again without full UK hallmarks i wont touch it - with the exception of other recognized marks like CAO Cypress assay office.
  20. That will be per gram. They are not scrap so thats a fair price - but if buying i would always recommend to buy only ones with full UK hallmarks. Some will just be stamped 9ct and if over 1 gram can not "legally" be sold as gold, as any unhallmarked modern item over a gram is classed as "yellow metal" Its a technicality and anything can be tested but still...
  21. Going on ebay tomorrow but available until it sells there - free postage now offered.
  22. Unworn in the box with outer box included, stunning watch - £100 plus postage of choice.
  23. Wedge tail and ASE sold, other coins reduced.