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  1. Madstacks

    Show your stack.

    Some great stacks here and mr-deads is hands down incredible. A lot more gold stacking going on now it seems from some old stack topics.
  2. yep, been in and out of it alot, would have made more just holding though lol.
  3. im not currently stacking silver only gold, but if i was these sets would be amongst the first choice, why pay a premium if you can get at spot or under. when the silver gold ratio flips or the price is so high people want to either sell their silver or swap to gold - premiums are unlikely to be saved IMO. Hallmarked cutlery at spot is good to, no messing trying to sell - just sell to refiner.
  4. 925 sterling silver but Contains 4.336 oz pure Silver. condition is hard to tell as the caps dont open very easy so il sell cheap. £45 quid plus postage of choice/risk - I make that a few % under spot so grab a bargain.
  5. Madstacks

    Brexit 4 gold coin challenge

    Il stick with my gold jewellery.
  6. Retired set..Great for kids (big or small) open box but all contents still sealed. £60 plus postage of choice.
  7. Madstacks

    Today I Received

    Isle of Mann 1/10 gold cat coin from 1993, mint sealed ..appears to be proof but seems a strange presentation for a proof coin?
  8. Madstacks

    completed 3x 1/20th oz Gold Pandas @£55-£65 posted

    all three please mate Edit - bah to slow lol
  9. Madstacks

    Is it just me, or.....

    The trade section is crazy active, a great thing:)
  10. Madstacks


    great giveaway, thank you:)
  11. Madstacks

    for sale Silver one ounce coins for sale.

    one last bump before ebay tonight.
  12. Madstacks

    withdrawn Millennium silver proof set with Maundy money

    I have a £1 max selling fees on ebay so this will be posted there tonight, if anyone wants can cancel if no bids once posted.
  13. Madstacks

    Gold Brits vs Gold Sovs

    I think this comes down to the SAS being given 20 sovereigns on operation to buy/barter their way out of bad situations/ acquire a vehicle ect. Sovs are more known the world over.