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  1. Loving the Hamilton X - Wind, the chapter ring spins to calculate wind speed - not something I will ever need to do but why not! dont worry im not painting with it on😂 the Raymond Weil was returned as the bezel did not line up perfectly and a watch at that price point i expect it to - otherwise it was stunning.
  2. The interest in lunar series 1 and 2 has really gone down hill ( well mainly series 2 i guess im not that up on series one) - i wonder if this will revitalize it.
  3. Another watch ordered - Damned ernest jones sales!.. still, at least i can now predict crosswinds 😂
  4. Does the job better of telling the time than most of not all automatics. i bought this one a couple of weeks ago for 20 quid, I love its retro style, bracelet keep snagging hairs on my arms though so thats annoying.
  5. Just bought this watch today, i looked at a lot of divers but kept coming back to this one. I just love everything from the colour blue used to the shape of the hands. The bracelet and clasp quality seems amazing for the price point too. Bought in a sale for just over half or retail price.
  6. As far as i know its not ok, i also have the same link.
  7. Selling for 210 posted brand new if anyones interested:)
  8. Brand new and boxed, currently 349.99 at john lewis and 279.99 at first class watches. 210 posted.
  9. agreed, Again without full UK hallmarks i wont touch it - with the exception of other recognized marks like CAO Cypress assay office.
  10. That will be per gram. They are not scrap so thats a fair price - but if buying i would always recommend to buy only ones with full UK hallmarks. Some will just be stamped 9ct and if over 1 gram can not "legally" be sold as gold, as any unhallmarked modern item over a gram is classed as "yellow metal" Its a technicality and anything can be tested but still...
  11. Going on ebay tomorrow but available until it sells there - free postage now offered.
  12. Unworn in the box with outer box included, stunning watch - £100 plus postage of choice.
  13. Wedge tail and ASE sold, other coins reduced.
  14. Just a few little bits and bobs for sale, all prices are plus postage of your choice/risk. 2014 wedge tail eagle in cracked case - £16 2 x 1/4 oz noahs arks in caps £10 the pair 2016 ASE toned - £14 Sunshine Minting 1 oz bar toned - £15