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  1. gold under spot never hangs around:)
  2. Donated, good luck mate and great cause.
  3. Amazing, can only guess how much that was! wow
  4. No idea how or if it would effect the rental/property market - but Scotland leaving the union seems on the cards.
  5. I would think there is a reason these are so cheap, if they were good investments the big landlords with large portfolios would be snapping them up left right and center pushing up prices from sub 30k Seems to good to be true. and the odds of hassle free rent paid monthly is probably slim to none.
  6. Here is a link to the watch - a quality Swiss timepiece , purchased in September 2019 so has warranty left, 40mm , H-10 movement with an awesome 80 hour power reserve - in immaculate condition, boxed with Warranty card. If interested can provide pictures of the acctual watch. £325 with free SD postage.
  7. got mine yesterday too:) I like it ..nice thick card. Selling for like 50 on ebay as well.
  8. Madstacks

    .925 scrap wanted

    I could also probably find some if you need more than 5 ounces, depending what you are currently offering, payment upfront would be required.
  9. lost my last youtube channel, new channel for side hussle here! https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCxv7hTEmBR0aTalMD259MJw
  10. It was a grey area, banks probably wont take them, i did try at hsbc years ago and they said no - yet i know some people have used them to pay for goods at tescos! Im just selling them on behalf of my mother who dosent really mind and just wants some cash.
  11. Yes thats completely normal for bullion. Certificates are generally included with proof coins.