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  1. Cheers Dan, had not considered Ketosis ...Will look into it and see what it does to immune system as i really want to keep that as good as possible atm.
  2. The UK trade section has grown to the point that new listing are buried very quickly by more new listings. Maybe we could have two different sections, one for gold one for silver? This would also make buying easier I think too.
  3. Thanks Kman will have a look into those, am going to try and do some posture correction as well my shoulders slump forwards terribly. All this virus stuff has really made me consider how badly i have neglected my body.
  4. Thats great well done! Will have a look at that ap! im pretty tempted to go for a large calorie deficit but in these times dont want to lower immune system to much. I have like 7 and a half stone to lose to its going to take a loooooong time. No time like the present to start though:)
  5. @Goldhooked Thank you:) Congrats on reaching your target weight! did it take you long?
  6. Update- Weekly weigh in was yesterday - lost exactly 2 lbs. In these circumstances and because obesity is dangerous for this virus i would like to lose faster - but i have been weight lifting so even if i gained a 1/4 - of a pound of muscle that would be helpful longer term. Start weight - 22 stone 1 lb Current weight - 21 stone 7 .3/4 lbs
  7. Stunning medal with beautiful artwork on each side, hallmarked on the rim. Weight is a substantial 8oz and mintage a mere 500. I have 2 is the only reason im selling. Compared to what you get for your pennies from the RM these days this is an absolute steal. 220 plus postage of choice.
  8. Quite an unusual thing and nice to find in OMP. £165 plus postage of choice.
  9. Sold as bullion. All prices excluding postage, postage at choice/risk royal mail only. Payment via paypal F&F, postage will be somewhat delayed as I will only make a trip to post office once a few bits have sold. 2016 wedge tail eagle (some scratches on cap back) - £21 2 x 2015 Kooks, - £19.50 each 2005 Kookaburra - £30 SOLD 2 x 2016 monkey privy frosted maples - £20 each (one remaining) SOLD Royal arms 2019 (some toning) - £20 2019 Valiant - £20 10 x 2015 howling wolf 3/4 - £17 each SOLD
  10. Queen 2oz proof - 500 mintage sold out within the hour, check ebay prices..latest went for £300+ Auction has a end time of 9pm tomorrow. Start bid £200 - Postage is on top and at choice/risk (but UK only and royal mail only please) Payment via PP F&F
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