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  1. I buy and resell things from charity shops and carboot sales and have done so since 2002 ish. I have made a new youtube channel and will be sharing what I do there:) https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCh3OsUFGSk8BxeO48XwFBhQ
  2. the top right hand corner one is plain gold, it weighs 5.78 grams, and is £83.50 plus postage of choice/risk. (£2.50 signed for no cover or £6.50 special delivery covered)
  3. Gold band ring bottom left sold, any last orders ?:)
  4. Onyx signet ring top sold. lion head ring sold.
  5. its free with orders of two or more items😂
  6. all for sale at spot price +5% for tonight only. (£14.46 per gram) Postage at cost/choice/risk. If you see anything you might be interested let me know and i will get you a weight and price plus ring size if needed:)
  7. Lets see if we can get this gone today.. £460 without box £480 with! No further reductions - already an insane price.
  8. Ok this is not something I would usually sell here but lets see if anyone wants to treat someone special this Christmas (safe in the knowledge that this has some serious gold content unlike some designer jeweler!) size Q1/2 button ring, fully UK hallmarked and made by Theo Fennell (Chelsea maker with pieces ranging from expensive to the price of a small flat!) Weight is 15.73 grams so it has some serious gold content for a designer ring, complete with box. £500 with the box, or £480 without the box This has £433.33 in gold content as of today so extremly competitive, it must sell by tomorrow or it is withdrawn. - Free special delivery postage included.
  9. Well my trusty smart weight sws100 scales that cost me 7.99 back in 2012 have had a very hard life and are now missing the lid so I am looking to replace with something - I used the original link i bought from amazon and whilst listed as smart weight I have been sent unbranded tat so they are going strait back. Any recommendations? I dont mind spending a bit more if needs be but needs to be fairly cheap and yet pretty accurate.
  10. I will be voting conservative, look at what bojo has got done in a very short space of time, things are finally happening and we would be out of the EU if not for the shambles that is UK parliament. I think Farage is incredible - and Id like a clean break no deal brexit , but voting brexit party will only split the vote and no matter what Corbyn cannot get in or this country is well and truly screwed.