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  1. craig12

    atkinsons have you noticed

    just noticed lots of silver out of stock at atkinsons especially 10 oz bars , also premiums seem to be a tad higher
  2. craig12


    im teetering on wether to go gold numismatics on , but can anyone tell me please is there anywhere , such thing as a list of coins that are indeed gold numismatics , I have a german 20 mark gold coin , and a restrike 1 Austrian ducat , are they classed as numismatics , cant seem to find much info on what coins are numismatics ,regards
  3. craig12

    Silver Monitoring Thread £ only.

    will it break $14.99
  4. craig12

    Today I bought.....

    a john f kennedy reverse proof 1 oz , pobjoy mint , 50,000 mintage £16.99 landed //i think theyre still for sale at pobjoy mint uk but £21.99
  5. craig12

    stack total

    not been buying as much of late as lost a bit of interest with the manipulation , but trying to keep the motivation going , keep telling mysself what the isa rate is on my savings ....ah well stack total to date 155 oz , i wish i,d have bought less variation and stuck to 10 oz bars only
  6. craig12

    dubai sales down

    apparently gold sales are down in dubai 40-50% since the introduction of 5% vat , christ they wanna come over here and try our rip off ststem on silver at 20% , theres no wonder i only offer £12-£13 per oz on silver
  7. craig12

    oh dear this guy says down lower

    just flipped onto you tube and kitco news at a conference and the womans interviewing some expert (yohan beebee ) or sounded like that who claims he sees no buulish rise for silver this year possibly $18 and change , she then says what about all the pundits that are predicting $130 silver she asks ,, he replies we don't see that at all ..............wa wa wa whaaarrrrrrrrrrrrrrr start the car ......................... ps I forgot to tell the headline of the you tube article ........are we on the verge of a silver crunch .............
  8. craig12

    Where Do you buy your Bullion?

    I wouldn't pay more than £16 posted unless it was very nice I gave £35 for a 2 oz silver shield round , £35 for a 2 oz lunar horse , £90 for a pamp 5 oz bar,, £80 for 5 mike Maloney rounds , but then on the flip side I paid £145 for a 10 oz twin towers bars in original seal , £65 for a 5 oz Scottsdale loaf , I try and average £13-£15 for the whole stack , as an ultimate goal I try for spot plus sellers postage the main thing for me is postage so I always bring postage into the price I'm prepared to pay per oz ((£13 per oz is my goal))so for example if I want to buy a 10 oz bar and the item item is £170 plus p and p ill offer £130 all in and the seller to pay postage , (((my view on this silver game in the uk is simply try to do what the americans do , they get deals at cents over spot or a dollar or two and get free shipping )))), why would anyone buy 4 silver items with certificates for £200
  9. craig12

    Where Do you buy your Bullion?

    no I offer spot price plus a bit whatever the move so spot £11.60 id give £12-£12.50 spot £14 id give £14.50 ish
  10. craig12

    Where Do you buy your Bullion?

    e bay mainly never give more than £13-£14 per oz
  11. craig12

    silver salvers

    there sems to be some good deals on non standard silver items ie silver salver /trays, but when you buy them where would you sell one if you didn't do e bay regards craig
  12. craig12

    Today I bought.....

    I'm collecting 10 oz bars and letting my coins go to get 10 oz bars
  13. craig12

    Today I bought.....

    yes I think it is as well , its the loaf style bar was up at £89 plus p and p I think £3 , I messaged the seller to say id be prepared to do spot price plus p and p , turned down £62 but accepted £65 all in , ive said this until I'm blue in the face try an offer , this seller was happy to accept my offer , and I thank the lady or gentleman for that , I pay within 30 secs of winning , you never know what a seller will accept , yes they will say 99% of the time that its a rude offer but I hate paying vat and premiums , this bar at atkinsons is £95 +
  14. craig12

    Today I bought.....

    a 5 oz Scottsdale bar £13 oz inc postage
  15. craig12

    Silver Monitoring Thread £ only.

    1 year low I think this price is could be 18 months since it was this low