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  1. craig12

    now im confused

    how can you test it and then get a refund surely youd damage the item testing it , its not like 2 coins when you can hear the silver ching
  2. craig12

    now im confused

    bottom line is , im not sure wether to return it or keep it , if I know its silver then ill keep it but pay more attention to images next time
  3. craig12

    now im confused

    the seller says you can see the silver under the gold on the edge of the bar , apmex have release this sort of stuff in the past $199 but not this date
  4. craig12

    now im confused

    sorry its a $1 bill not $100
  5. craig12

    now im confused

    looks like there were gold plated versions of $100 4 oz notes through apmex my item was 233117985548 looked silver in photo , im trying to find a reference to it being genuine , I e apmex or similar
  6. craig12

    now im confused

    received my 4 oz silver 100$ bill today , well in a sort of gold colour , stamped as 999 silver on it as I understand there were some gold covered copper notes , contacted seller straight away , it isn't toning im sure its the colour of a £2 coin on the bi metal of a £2 coin , im gutted , ahh well probably a return , it looks silver in the photos , like they should , mirror silver finish
  7. can anyone tell me please why the max keiser 1 oz coin/round is so expensive ? im scratching my head I think they go for between £30-£99
  8. a one dollar bill 4 troy ounces , this sadly went against my maximum price per oz of £16 but try as I might all sellers wouldn't let these go cheap , so I do love em so had to pay £80 posted , ahh well its put the average cost average up but whats it doing in the bank zilch...…..
  9. ive recently tried to compare what I think is a good buying price per oz for silver as a good deal , and I don't think this is a bad comparison , at akinsons if you go to their 1kg bars and look at the very most bars to purchase you get a price currently of £15.80 , so if you can pick up the odd coin or two ,at the price you would have to buy 50 + 1kg bars to get the same price , not rocket science I know , but I sort of think its a good gauge on a good deal
  10. nothing earth shattering there , dosent the £6.50 delivery sort of bump it back up
  11. can anyone think of a better way of storage for my silver , I currently have around 60 oz in 10 oz bars and 110 oz in coins /rounds , I have them at the moment in what was a mens after shave set from a chrismas present a sort of large steel tin , where inside I have a couple of tubes with coins in and the rest are just in flip wallets , I realise I can store all my coins in tubes to reduce the size , but ive experienced milking/oxidisation doing this , so prefer the flip wallets , so obviously when I open the tin the coins are all over the place , any ideas how I can get a bit more organised ?
  12. just noticed lots of silver out of stock at atkinsons especially 10 oz bars , also premiums seem to be a tad higher
  13. craig12


    im teetering on wether to go gold numismatics on , but can anyone tell me please is there anywhere , such thing as a list of coins that are indeed gold numismatics , I have a german 20 mark gold coin , and a restrike 1 Austrian ducat , are they classed as numismatics , cant seem to find much info on what coins are numismatics ,regards
  14. a john f kennedy reverse proof 1 oz , pobjoy mint , 50,000 mintage £16.99 landed //i think theyre still for sale at pobjoy mint uk but £21.99