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  1. swAgger

    Nazi Silver

    I would ask that you not misunderstand my meaning. Or if you did understand my meaning, not to twist it. This topic has not been all harmless and innocent discussion, so don’t try to imply different. The topic is fine. I even liked a post that gave good info on the coinage of the period, and have no objection to anyone having an interest in the coinage (or the period). They’re historical artifacts. And yes, it’s a dark era and needs to be understood and learned from, as someone else said. You have taken my quote and ran with it as a general disapproval of any discussion of the period. In fact i was referring to some things within such discussions that nobody has a right to put up for debate or question. “some”. And yes i stand by that. Specifically, debating the finer points of whether statistically the holocaust was really all that it was made out to be. Or after all, were they so bad really when you compare and contrast to these other guys. Because it comes across as attempted revisionist. Topics then cease to be about respectful discussion, and instead dive into deliberate baiting. People ask why does this era invoke such emotion and can’t be discussed rationally. It’s because it may begin rationally, but always ends up straying down that distasteful path by some. There is no discussion that should be worth your efforts defending which has within it suggestions to entertain or muse whether a regime got handed an unfair rap, for "discussion" sake. The weight of generations of scholars and historians and most importantly the survivors, is there, and that's the imperative.
  2. swAgger

    Nazi Silver

    Whatever. Have at it and enjoy yourselves.
  3. swAgger

    Nazi Silver

  4. swAgger

    Nazi Silver

    I heard about that too, wasn't there also an acclaimed documentary "Iron Sky"?
  5. swAgger

    Nazi Silver

    lolll and, simultaneously conflicted, oh dear. I wouldn't use the word comparison and....quick check...whew... i didn't. 😓 As your politicians are very fond of saying over the past year - let me be absolutely clear.....
  6. swAgger

    Nazi Silver

    I'm a bit surprised the thread has gone this far. Discussion and debate are all well and good, but there are some things i strongly feel people do not have any rights whatsoever to debate or question, no matter how educated, entitled, or enlightened we think we are. So on a lighter tongue-in-cheek note - could someone maybe, out of the blue, find some reason to complain about Chards, and have the hammer finally brought down?
  7. swAgger


    Glad you both had good experiences, @StackerNoob & @PansPurse. Good, solid, no-fuss dealer. Oh, and StackerNoob, now you're off the QB 10oz starting blocks, don't wait until the premium goes up too much for the next one!
  8. swAgger

    Today I Received

    Eclectic mix
  9. swAgger

    **JUNE 2018** Group order from GoldSilver.be

    oh you're still about, byb. I was wondering - How much is demand for those capsules generally on the group orders when the newest 2oz release come out initially?
  10. swAgger

    **JUNE 2018** Group order from GoldSilver.be

    wow. didn't know these were 80p on GSbe. Still, ok if just getting a handful. How much is demand for those capsules generally on the group orders when the newest 2oz release come out initially? Anything as a group over 30++ capsules is worth getting in bulk elsewhere https://www.eldoradocoins.de/en/capsule-for-queens-beasts-2-oz-silver-coins
  11. You'll be back. Heheheh
  12. I liked this one as soon as i saw it. Two distinctly different dragons, the yin yang, a full design with some nice detailing. Plenty going for it that should help it do very well. I agree about the spotting too. I have more confidence lately certain coin ranges from the RM won't spot or stain. After the likes of the Landmarks, oriental britannia.
  13. swAgger


    None taken my friend. It's always a bit of an anxious time when trying out a new dealer. Especially when only one person has good things to say, so far. So, have you made an order, in the end?
  14. swAgger


    Nothing at all wrong with being wary, Dan. But an absence from the forum wasn't a problem to me. It seems they only came onto the forum, 6 months after the post warning people away, when they became aware there was this confusion with the domain address here on the forum. I can respect that.
  15. Nobody would dispute the need to provide self service terminals. But there has to be a balanced provision of both options available. It's the determined efforts to completely remove one option in favour of the other which is not good.