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  1. No problem, and already wiped from my short term memory. Almost did the same with my own screenshot, just spotted it the last second. Yes, seems a bit redundant to pick a figure of 300 as the point of change. Especially when initiating the storage option for multiple orders to come. But i'm not even the smallest bit tempted to email and ask about it 😅
  2. Best hide your partial address from that screenshot!
  3. Think i see why you didn't notice any change from €40. I did some messing about with order values. Was your order under €300? Above that, the €35 option is available.
  4. Yep, that figures. Apmex are never eager to let go of a cash-cow. "subject to change" means - whenever it stops being a runaway success.
  5. Tried just now. This isn't what comes up for you?
  6. Drops back to €35 with storage/multiple order option.
  7. Was always stated by Apmex to be 3 year release. I do hope so, as it would be for the best. But as you say, it's their commission and they aren't tied to that. Will they want to wave byebye to it just because of a loose promise. Time will tell.
  8. Be prepared for the customs charge (plus domestic carrier charge for C.O.D. deliveries) when it arrives, too. You may get lucky and the inbound carrier will only have listed a partial list of content value for customs (they very occasionally make this mistake when there is a number of individual coins on the order).
  9. Not sure why you would assume accuracy, basing on bad info would hurt business. In theory yes you should be able to hold that confidence. But dealers info can differ, the buyer needs to do own research too. For instance, LPM also state (for the moment) that the 2019 is extra desirable as it's the first issue to have a single year design. That was 2018, they just pasted last years text. As for if it's being sold they already know the mintage, the 2018 has been available and selling for the last 12 months and i can think of at least 4 big dealers who are still evenly split on the mintage status on their sites. That was why i will wait for Perth to issue the end of year info.
  10. Not convinced just yet about accuracy of some stating mintage limit being 50k again, as with last year. May be right, may not. A lot of confusion around this since last year. Half the dealers saying it was back to being limited, others saying it wasn't as per '15,'16.'17. Guess we'll have confirmed soon once Perth declare the 2018, one way or the other.
  11. Series may continue with the second set of four in the landmarks/portraits - White cliffs of Dover, Giants Causeway, Snowdonia, The lake district
  12. Take the parcels as they come and film the complete unboxing of coins, first taking extra care to show all shipping labels, and that all areas of the box are intact and all tape unbroken before starting. Anything missing, you can go back to them with proof it was never packed. Hopefully it won't be needed. GS say they also film the packing on their end.
  13. Yes -Don Bailey sadly passed away recently. But given time, i'm sure his wife or son-in-law will keep Don's site updated. http://news.coinupdate.com/don-bailey-dean-of-mexican-numismatics-has-passed-away/ With the randomness of libertad mintages - the Mint apparently has to strictly keep to Mexican legislation which allows them only to use Mexican mined silver. They cannot import. Ironically, one of the largest silver producing countries and the majority of their mines are either foreign or privately owned and the silver exported, so the mint juggle each year when sourcing their silver. Sometimes word leaks out that they are having a harder time sourcing. As it did in 2014. A lot of collectors beelined for the 2oz & 5oz proofs as soon as they appeared. Just 500 & 550 singles respectively.
  14. swAgger

    Nazi Silver

    I would ask that you not misunderstand my meaning. Or if you did understand my meaning, not to twist it. This topic has not been all harmless and innocent discussion, so don’t try to imply different. The topic is fine. I even liked a post that gave good info on the coinage of the period, and have no objection to anyone having an interest in the coinage (or the period). They’re historical artifacts. And yes, it’s a dark era and needs to be understood and learned from, as someone else said. You have taken my quote and ran with it as a general disapproval of any discussion of the period. In fact i was referring to some things within such discussions that nobody has a right to put up for debate or question. “some”. And yes i stand by that. Specifically, debating the finer points of whether statistically the holocaust was really all that it was made out to be. Or after all, were they so bad really when you compare and contrast to these other guys. Because it comes across as attempted revisionist. Topics then cease to be about respectful discussion, and instead dive into deliberate baiting. People ask why does this era invoke such emotion and can’t be discussed rationally. It’s because it may begin rationally, but always ends up straying down that distasteful path by some. There is no discussion that should be worth your efforts defending which has within it suggestions to entertain or muse whether a regime got handed an unfair rap, for "discussion" sake. The weight of generations of scholars and historians and most importantly the survivors, is there, and that's the imperative.
  15. swAgger

    Nazi Silver

    Whatever. Have at it and enjoy yourselves.