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  1. 1 x 1oz 1979 Krugerrand in capsule £1200 including first-class signed for delivery - payment via bank transfer Cheers all
  2. SOLD pending payment
  3. 1 x 1974 and 2 x 2009 £300 a pop including first class signed for delivery (or £850 for the lot) - payment via bank transfer Cheers all.
  4. It does mention the below (emphasis theirs!), By the sounds of it though it might just be a continuous run of the same design. Either way, if it's the classic george/dragon then i'll be alllll over that. It'd look like a modern crown!
  5. Another Morgan fan eh? EXCELLENT!
  6. It just comes down to the stock they have at the time. If you're specifically after a certain type of sovereign it's worth trying to hunt for it specifically, this offer from Atkinsons is just what it says on the tin -> lucky dip.
  7. I've bought all bar one of my sovereigns from Atkinsons. The mixed date examples i've got from them range from the more modern 2009 Elizebeth IIs to a rather nice 1930 SA, so they do drop in some of the more interesting ones into the pot as well. 10/10 would buy again.
  8. Beautiful, i'm patiently waiting until payday to consider getting in on the tail-end of this
  9. If you're in a spot where CGT concerns on PM sales are a consideration, you've probably got the cash behind you to not need to sell more than your CGT allowance anyway most likely haha
  10. Each to their own I suppose, i've got favourite sovereigns I don't want to sell, but the ones i'm more ambivelent about (i'm looking at you 2009) will be going for the chop as/when
  11. I'd also consider your own personal enjoyment factor too. While it might be very useful to have a technically more efficient stack (depending on your goal), i'd hate to have that stack be something I'm not particularly keen on. That's just me though, it'd probably make it harder to sell when the time comes, but it'd be worth it for having something pleasurable to own.
  12. I should emphasise I do not blame the member here at all, as far as they were concerned they were venting about person whom they believed had stolen their package - they were not aware at the time they had been given someone elses legitimate order information. It all belongs to BBP!
  13. Mmm. I did get a phone call from them apologising, but only after I sent them a bit of a snotty email documenting this whole thing.
  14. Presumably they just got mixed up with the order numbers. So when person A said 'where's my stuff?', BBP entered the wrong order number (which was mine, person B ) and said 'well here's proof of delivery so you've definitely received it', the proof of delivery included names and locations (including a scan of the signature of the person who signed for it). Then person A comes on here and says 'thanks a bunch person B at X-town, county', which was my data. I get that it's not going to be a regular occurance (you'd hope), but I avoid them unless absolutely neccesary from now on, it does not give me any confidence in their data privary procedures.