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  1. Ares


    Howdy buddy
  2. Ares

    stepping up a gear

    That's what I've been hearing a lot recently as well, you'd think they'd catch on and figure out some way to prevent this from happening.
  3. Ares

    Displaying silver collection in a glass cabinet

    Silver's more concerned about moisture I think rather than light so I don't think it'll be a big problem, however maybe someone who displays them in this manner might have more experience!
  4. Ares

    terrible customer service

    This thread is ridiculous. I've not seen people threatening social media abuse since I was in Secondary school, many moons ago.
  5. Could be worse, i've had my personal details be handed out to another buyer from a prominant UK bullion dealer!!! Fortunately, and bizarrely, the other party frequented here so it wasn't as though I didn't know who'd received them!
  6. Ares

    stepping up a gear

    I've not been buying PMs regularly, but i'm very much looking forward to putting another order in soon. My last pickup was a 1/4oz gold eagle, have to say I prefer it less than my sovereigns - very much one for the chop if/when we see a rise!
  7. Ares

    Silver kruggerands

    I'm waiting for a seismic shift to move the house closer to the postbox
  8. Ares

    Silver kruggerands

    With the 2017 one I picked up 2 through a newspaper at £35 a pop, come delivery day the package ended up having 3 in it with no extra costs.
  9. Ares

    2018 1oz Silver Proof New Zealand Sperm Whale

    Poor woman, that's not an attractive look! I just checked out the other side and the blue layer they added for the sea is the cherry on the cake - not my type of coin
  10. Ares


    Always open to new material As for the regime change comment, i'm not connecting the dots? I'm not commenting about the legitimacy or not of going in, which is why I wanted to create a parallel universe where that didn't happen, merely that the Talbian successfully canning opium production doesn't mean that it should be just as achievable by a foreign force with a different level of political acceptability
  11. Ares


    Yeah I totally understand, this is all from the view from my comfy armchair! It just feels like if you guys went in and torched it all, you'd find a more hostile response in the next village you went to than you otherwise would have.
  12. Ares


    It was framed in a religious way, to fail to uphold this law would open you up to strict punishment because the growing of Opium was unIslamic. The impacts were severe and the majority of the rural economy completely collapsed. It got so bad that you had the UN/US wanting to get involved in delivering aid to the farmers being impacted as starvation became a real risk. The Taliban used to collect tax on the Opium trade, when they banned it they replaced it with nothing. If the US hadn't gone in, in a parallel world, we'd have seen the country collapse entirely. Effectively it's a very complex issue, but ultimately I can understand the West's desire to ease in a new economic system gently rather than destroying it and building up from nothing.
  13. Nah it'll be a scam. It just goes to show that nobody, not even scammers working for pennies, can avoid the onward march of automation As a heads up to everyone actually, be VERY CAREFUL who you call after you get scammed like this. There has been cases of someone pretending to be the bank, you hang up but the scammer somehow keeps the line open. People have then instantly phoned their bank and the scammer pretends that you've got through them because your original call never terminated. They then proceed to walk through the steps getting your information because you think you've phoned the actual bank.
  14. Ares

    Origins of gold

    From memory, the current thinking is that the majority of elements like gold actually 'sunk' towards the core when the earth was more molten and that the existing deposits we know now are remenants of asteroid collisions with the planet.