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  1. For sale 2oz snakes £47 Inc postage. Lovely condition. Cheers Jason
  2. For sale 1964 Kennedy half dollars. £6 plus postage of your choice. Cheers Jason.
  3. For sale 1875 German 1 marks, lovely condition. £7 plus postage of your choice. Cheers Jason
  4. For sale 1/2 oz 1 oz 2 oz £100 inc signed postage. Cheers Jason
  5. Some other colours Black and red Blue and white plus 1x yellow. Cheers Jason
  6. May split if there is a lot of interest. Or make a decent offer. Cheers Jason
  7. Hi stackers, Going to be placing an order with goldsilver. be as there cheaper than euromint. Any advice with this company on delivery. Anyone interested in having anything ordered let me know. Cheers Jason
  8. Lovely set with some toning. £140 inc signed postage. Cheers Jason
  9. Proof set lovely condition. £100 INC signed postage. Cheers Jason
  10. Nice proof set, some toning on the smaller coins. £130 inc signed postage. Cheers Jason
  11. Royal Mint 2007 Britannia 20th Anniversary Silver Proof One Pound Collection lovely condition. £125 inc signed for postage. Cheers Jason
  12. PANAMA 1975 9 COIN PROOF SET WITH 20 BALBOA 5.7 OZ SILVER - complete Lovely condition inc sign for delivery. Cheers Jason