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  1. https://goldsilver.be/en/coins/3190-uk-2-oz-silver-queen-s-beast-2020-the-white-horse-of-hanover-5.html
  2. I have dealt with paul for over 7 years and can say i have received outstanding service and prices.
  3. If want to save on postage i have them on order . Postage paid but i order more which are to be stored until all shipment is ready to ship. Cheers Jason.
  4. https://goldsilver.be/en/coins/3190-uk-2-oz-silver-queen-s-beast-2020-the-white-horse-of-hanover-5.html The premiums are still low on these. As they were on pre order before the premiums went up.
  5. Will bullion dealers be able to sell VAT free if we get a VAT holiday.
  6. Been watching the prices like a hawk. Goldsilver. Be premiums have jump by £1 to £1.50 a coin. Now silver to go is cheaper on some coins,. And has stock. Not for long. Cheers Jason
  7. Are you selling at 20 euros each. 20 for 400 euros. Cheers Jason
  8. I have some mate £14 +pp
  9. When i offer you a gift,.. Dont haggle on a very good price because you will miss out. Cheers Jason
  10. Now sold,.. Bob hope legend... No hope well if you dont believe. Cheers Jason
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