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  1. Crypto payment's accepted. Bitcoin / bitcoin cash / XRP. Revolut as payment. Cheers Jason
  2. 1/10 2014 gold pandas £130 inc postage or bitcoin / bitcoin cash . 2 for sale Bought from Atkinson. Cheers Jason.
  3. 2012 sovereigns in mint sealed. 2 for sale £270 Inc postage next day each. Cheers Jason.
  4. 2010sovereigns in mint sealed. 2 for sale £240 Inc postage next day each. Cheers Jason.
  5. 2008 sovereign proof. £300 Inc postage. Or bitcoin /bitcoin cash/XRP Cheers Jason.
  6. For sale 1 oz gold bull x 2 Bought from Atkinson. £1010 IN POSTAGE INSURED TO £1000 each Bank transfer only. Cheers Jason.
  7. £1100 for each coin Inc delivery. Bought from Atkinson. Need cash for new van. PayPal ff or bank transfer. Cheers Jason
  8. All sold4 opm bars £980 Inc delivery for 1 1 Perth mint sold 1 pamp sold All bought from Atkinson, going back to them on Monday /Tuesday as need cash for new van. PM me. Cheers Jason
  9. Have a good selection of gold sovereigns for sale. They will be going to Atkinsons on Monday /Tuesday as need cash for new van. 10x 2010 £230 each 2012 £260 each 2002 £265 each 4 leftover Victoria shields £300 each all sold Bank transfer payment please or PayPal F/F. You choose your postage but will send next day for £7.00 or 1st class signed for £3.00. PM me. Cheers Jason.
  10. The last time i spoke to them they were all mint sealed,as i was looking at buying some,they had over a 100.
  11. Hi guys just got back from Atkinson bullion,spent a good time with Paul and spent some money as well. He told me that they have got gold libertads on order and should be here in about weeks time . There will be all different sizes,so keep a look out for them.also web site design 3 is in the making as well for them.
  12. Cheers mate i look forward to receiving them for me birthday.
  13. Nice coins.where did you buy them from ?
  14. Cheer guys for the replies ,very strange not sure what was going on with paypal.