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  1. The Britania that you either love or hate, but a must for a collection. £22 + postage. Will get some photos to up tomorrow when I visit bullion dealer tomorrow. They are in sheets of 10. Cheers Jason.
  2. Hello mate ill take two with capsules, if you have any left. Cheers Jason.
  3. Crypto payment's accepted. Bitcoin / bitcoin cash / XRP. Revolut as payment. Cheers Jason
  4. 1/10 2014 gold pandas £130 inc postage or bitcoin / bitcoin cash . 2 for sale Bought from Atkinson. Cheers Jason.
  5. 2012 sovereigns in mint sealed. 2 for sale £270 Inc postage next day each. Cheers Jason.
  6. 2010sovereigns in mint sealed. 2 for sale £240 Inc postage next day each. Cheers Jason.
  7. 2008 sovereign proof. £300 Inc postage. Or bitcoin /bitcoin cash/XRP Cheers Jason.
  8. For sale 1 oz gold bull x 2 Bought from Atkinson. £1010 IN POSTAGE INSURED TO £1000 each Bank transfer only. Cheers Jason.
  9. £1100 for each coin Inc delivery. Bought from Atkinson. Need cash for new van. PayPal ff or bank transfer. Cheers Jason
  10. All sold4 opm bars £980 Inc delivery for 1 1 Perth mint sold 1 pamp sold All bought from Atkinson, going back to them on Monday /Tuesday as need cash for new van. PM me. Cheers Jason
  11. Have a good selection of gold sovereigns for sale. They will be going to Atkinsons on Monday /Tuesday as need cash for new van. 10x 2010 £230 each 2012 £260 each 2002 £265 each 4 leftover Victoria shields £300 each all sold Bank transfer payment please or PayPal F/F. You choose your postage but will send next day for £7.00 or 1st class signed for £3.00. PM me. Cheers Jason.
  12. The last time i spoke to them they were all mint sealed,as i was looking at buying some,they had over a 100.
  13. Hi guys just got back from Atkinson bullion,spent a good time with Paul and spent some money as well. He told me that they have got gold libertads on order and should be here in about weeks time . There will be all different sizes,so keep a look out for them.also web site design 3 is in the making as well for them.
  14. Cheers mate i look forward to receiving them for me birthday.