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    ChrisSIlver got a reaction from RogerBelmar in 2016 Somali Elephant is out   
    These coins are always beautiful, seem to have a collectors premium on previous years as well. A good investment coin in my opinion.
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    ChrisSIlver got a reaction from gsimpson in Not able to leave feedback   
    I have added some info in the lines below each section on the add feedback page so that when members go to add feedback there isn't any confusion on how to do it.

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    ChrisSIlver reacted to gsimpson in Not able to leave feedback   
    Got it! lol it was after the title of the topic 🤣
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    ChrisSIlver reacted to JunkBond in Not able to leave feedback   
    Don't use the @

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    ChrisSIlver got a reaction from RogerBelmar in Anonymously report a bad member   
    I would firstly like to say that when sending out an email to some members, one person replied and said that they are no longer an active member of the forum. I asked them why, and he said he didn't want to get personal but he found one member to be extremely antagonising. He didn't wish to name the member in question. I fear that the forum could lose members if the atmosphere here became negative. Some people will not wish to post if they believe that a certain member may try to put them down. And many would simply leave without saying anything about it.

    Therefore I hope to remedy this, by finding out out if any other members think a specific member is damaging to the overall atmosphere here.

    If you believe there is a member who is damaging the friendly atmosphere here and wish to anonymously bring it to me attention. Please do so here.

    To post anonymously here please sign out, you will then be able to post here as a guest. All posts will remain hidden from view. Please share as much information as you wish.

    If I deem there to be enough reports about a specific member and I also agree with the points raised I will take appropriate action either by putting temporary/permanent restrictions on the members account or by other means.

    Members are strongly encouraged to use this feature if applicable, as If the majority of members have an issue with someone and I agree that their points are valid then I must take action with the consensus to protect the interests of the majority and of The Silver Forum.

    Any posts below that are not repots will be deleted. Please remember to sign out before posting, otherwise your post will be visible to all.

    This post will be updated if any actions are taken against a specific member. And the member will be publicly named and shamed.
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    ChrisSIlver got a reaction from jonrms in Reactions to my posts from BYB not showing   
    No you didn’t, don’t worry. Previous member was just showing a screen shot of an error they believe they found in the superlike feature, just so happened that the example they showed was one of your posts.
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    ChrisSIlver got a reaction from Bullionaire in Reactions to my posts from BYB not showing   
    I will check the settings, might be something in the extension that allows for the custom superlike or that extension may need updating or may be a bug in it. I will try to have a quick look tonight after work, if I can’t find anything then I will try to contact the developer of that extension to see if they can have a look. 
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    ChrisSIlver got a reaction from jonrms in Reactions to my posts from BYB not showing   
    No you didn’t, don’t worry. Previous member was just showing a screen shot of an error they believe they found in the superlike feature, just so happened that the example they showed was one of your posts.
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    ChrisSIlver reacted to Oldun in 🎅 Christmas Prize Draw 🎅   
    The Noah's ark. 1oz. 

    And the 2015 (1990-2015) Kookaburra with privy.
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    ChrisSIlver got a reaction from Bullionbilly in 🎅 Christmas Prize Draw 🎅   
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    ChrisSIlver got a reaction from spanit in Hello from Bangkok, Thailand   
    Hello and welcome to The Silver Forum
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    ChrisSIlver got a reaction from youngmetalstacker in Kangaroo photo thread...   
    Same coin, different background.
    1oz 2010 Kangaroo.

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    ChrisSIlver got a reaction from youngmetalstacker in Kangaroo photo thread...   
    Same coin, different background.
    1oz 2010 Kangaroo.

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    ChrisSIlver got a reaction from NumisNewbie in Please read: Rules, Guidelines and Warning Points system   
    Rule 1. At all times be polite.
    This is a forum for civilised discussion. When posting, always try to make sure you are adding value to the conversation. Debate is encouraged, and disagreements will be common. If you don't agree with something that has been posted, you should respond in a logical way, without attacking the intelligence of the poster. Unfriendly, snide or cynical remarks are not welcome. Be polite and courteous at all times.

    We do not allow personal attacks of any kind against anyone. Offensive, insulting, profane or vulgar remarks are prohibited, as is telling someone to "get a life" or that they or their comments are "stupid" "Crap" or "Bullshit". Ad hominem attacks are not permitted. Nor is intolerance or hate speech of any kind.

    Rule 2. No defamatory comments.
    TheSilverForum is not a platform for defamatory posts about any person or company. Nor should it be used for promoting any particular group, agency or party by putting down another one. Although it is acceptable to relay personal experiences about companies in order to help other users, criticism of any organisation or company without good reason is not permitted.

    Rule 3. Trading.
    Please use the specific Buy, Sell & Trade forum if you wish to sell or trade.

    Excessive listings by commercial businesses may result in removal of listings and/or account suspension, so please consider becoming an official site sponsor if you wish to predominately use the site for commercial purposes.
    Members are not allowed to sell fake, counterfeit  or replica coins on this site anyone doing so will get a warning or be banned.
    Rule 4. One TheSilverForum account per member.
    Members are only allowed to have one account. Any member found to have multiple accounts may risk, at the discretion of the site Administrator, to have all accounts including future accounts permanently banned.

    Rule 5. No false calling of victimisation. Moderators can have opinions too.
    The Silver Forum strongly encourages debate and discussion. And everyone is welcome to have an opinion, including moderators. We suggest but do not request you to back up your argument with relevant reliable sources. (note that quoting other members is not exactly reliable sources ) If you are going to express your opinion(s) with such conviction and argue your opinion(s) very strongly then expect strong replies. Although I believe that all moderators try to remain as professional as possible, they are still members with an active interest in Precious Metals and have a right to express their own opinions. Their opinions are not endorsed by myself or The Silver Forum. Therefore calling out a moderator because their opinion differs to yours is not only illogical (illogical because you couldn't accuse a member of abusing their power as a member because they were counter arguing your strong opinion(s) with their strong opinion(s)) but is also against the rules. If you believe that a moderator has acted/posted in bad faith please report the content by clicking report and/or send me a PM with the link to the post in question and I will investigate. 

    Rule 6. What should I do if I see a post or topic that is violating the guidelines?
    Under no circumstances should you ever attempt to "mini-mod". Actions considered to be mini-modding are:
    "Calling out" the user Publicly stating that the post or topic is in violation of the Rules & Guidelines. Referencing the Rules & Guidelines to embarrass or annoy the user. Referencing the Rules & Guidelines in general. Sending the user a harassing Private Message or profile post. Instead, Simply report the post, reference the rule being violated (if applicable), and leave it at that. 
    If someone breaks the rules:
    If you think someone has broken a rule, please report it to a moderator. Attacking someone whom you think has broken the rules will only result in you breaking the rules! Every post has a 'Report' link on it in the bottom right hand corner. Please see rule 6 above.

    If someone breaks the rules they may, at the discretion of forum staff, be awarded one or more warning points. These points are displayed under a users avatar on every post they makePoints will stay on a users account for 90 days before being removed. Once a user has accrued 5 warning points their account may be temporarily suspended for up to 14 days. Any member whose account is suspended 3 times in any 6 month period will be permanently banned.
    Please use the search feature before you post.
    Please try to use titles which will help people understand the nature of the post. Generic titles like “Help” or “A Quick Question” are to be avoided.
    Please don't post in all capital letters. The standard rules of etiquette still apply!

    Free Speech:
    TheSilverForum fully supports freedom of speech. However, we will remove or edit posts we consider to contain personal attacks, break the law and/or are obscene, racist, sexist, ablist, ageist, homophobic, or which include or incite religious hatred or intolerance.

    End word:
    The site Administrators decision on all rules is final and binding. The Silver Forum itself does not have to operate within the rules above and can change or amend any of the rules without any notice or announcement. We want the forum to be a nice and enjoyable place, users who we feel continually make targeted comments at another member(s) will be weeded out and terminated. We are all here because we share the same common interest, please use this forum to help one another and to debate without personal comments about other members.
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    ChrisSIlver got a reaction from LinkGaetz in Hello Everyone   
    Welcome to The Silver Forum
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    ChrisSIlver reacted to h103efa in Today I Received.....   
    So after selling 4 of my gold coins here last week, this is what I had my eye on and purchased! I really really like it (i dunno why, maybe just me)!
    2018 Dragon & Phoenix 1 oz Gold coin (to go alongside my Silver Dragon and Phoenix). I did try to price match to a European dealer i had used before, but in the end went with gold-silber-muenzen with no issues whatsoever and with big thanks to google translate and transferwise!

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    ChrisSIlver reacted to mr1030 in Today I Received.....   
    Arrived the other day.  A 2018 1 oz gold kangaroo.  And thanks to Alun for sending me a Queens Beast box and 3 Privateer series boxes, one for myself and two for friends at work who are delighted with theirs.  Alun is a genuine craftman.

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    ChrisSIlver reacted to morezone in How to leave feedback - detailed with pics   
    On a PC browser, if you hover over your profile icon it will bring up a box and you will be able to see your feedback score.
    You can view the comment left by going into your profile and then selecting the "feedback" tab.

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    ChrisSIlver reacted to HelpingHands in Can't receive feedback   
    A guide if they need it 
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    ChrisSIlver got a reaction from Abyss in Change the video section?   
    I am thinking of changing the video section from a forum based topic style as is currently, to a system which which be a dedicated page, accessed via a tab on the forum menu.

    This would be set to allow members to add videos to the database, and probably just premium members which should stop any potential junk/spam from being posted. I was thinking 3 categories, Gold, Silver, and a General Precious Metals category, with ultimately maybe a Trading the markets section.

    A tag system could also be implemented so videos could be tagged as "full stack video" "unboxing" etc, so it could be easier to browse specific themes of video.

    I personally think it would make videos easier and nicer to browse, as at a glance could see multiple videos and their thumbnails, which out having to first click a topic title and then see.

    Please let me know your thoughts on this below and if you would like me to introduce this to replace the current in topic forums type of video section we have now. Please vote on the poll, yes, if you would like this change.

    An example:

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    ChrisSIlver got a reaction from jonrms in Win a 1oz Silver Coin for selling an Item on The Silver Forum   
    Yes that counts
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    ChrisSIlver got a reaction from Marc in Please read: Commenting in sales topics - no unsolicited posts   
    If you are not a prospective member to a trade please do not post in someone's sales topics.
    These sorts of comments add no value to the sale and you are discouraging sellers to list items. If an item is priced too high and doesn't sell, the buyer will understand themselves that the item was priced too high, there is no need to comment in their sales topic.

    You may think an item is priced too high, this is the sellers choice to choose their asking price, please do not make unwanted posts in the sellers sales topic. It is up to the buyer to decide if the item is being sold at a fair price (they can even make a separate question in the other forum sections to ask what the fair price of such an item would be if they have concerns) 

    Also, if you notice any mistakes in someones listing or genuinely wish to help the seller, there is no harm to send them a private message.

    To sellers: Please report unwanted or related posts in your sales topics and they can be removed.
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    ChrisSIlver got a reaction from youngmetalstacker in Hello & Namaste From India :)   
    Welcome to The Silver Forum 
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    ChrisSIlver got a reaction from kart19 in Hello!   
    Welcome to The Silver Forum 
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    ChrisSIlver reacted to sixgun in Lets talk watches!   
    i got a Rolex about 14 years ago when i was flush - i haven't worn it for a long time. This isn't my watch but this is my model - mine is in a safe.