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  1. The tables are still available. Would anyone be interested in renting half of a table / case? (You may be sharing the case with another member) This would make the cost to rent a space much lower. Half table prices: £27.50 for Silver Premium Members £25 for Gold Premium Members £22.50 For Platinum Premium Members
  2. @ZatStackz I will allow your entry, providing there is at least other entries from other members
  3. Please take a look at the size of the t-shirt and compare it against a t-shirt that you already have. If you are still unsure please do contact tee spring's customer service. You may also find this sizing information useful: http://answers.teespring.com/customer/portal/articles/1712657-sizing-guide
  4. Type: Giveaway

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    Our forum sponsor: (Note that the above banner is from our forum sponsor and shows to all member groups on this prize draw page) If you are a Gold/Platinum member and you win this months prize draw you will win ALL of the items featured in the video above. To upgrade to Gold or Platinum and to have a chance of winning everything please send a private message to @ChrisSIlver Premium Member October 2019 Prize Draw. Entry closes end of October 2019 London time (As per forum time). This months prize: 2019 1oz Perth Mint Koala / Gold/Platinum Premium member Bonus Prize Pot: Should the winner of the prize draw be a Gold Premium Member or a Platinum Premium Member at the time of draw, you will also win: 2019 1oz ASE 2019 1oz Kookaburra coin 2019 The Valiant 1oz Silver Coin 2018 1oz Angle isle of Man Proof Silver Coin 2019 1 oz Nugget Welcome Stranger Silver Coin (Australia) 2019 1oz Silver South African Krugerrand 2019 1oz St Helena Spade Guinea Shield Silver Coin 2014 1/2 oz Perth Mint Koala Silver Coin 2015 1/2 oz Perth Mint Koala Silver Coin 2012 1oz Perth Mint Koala with Berlin Privy mark. To enter the draw you will need to first have premium membership, you will then need to take a ticket. To buy Premium Membership to enter the draw please visit the store: Click here to visit the store and buy premium membership New members purchasing Gold/Platinum Premium Membership, please purchase from the store using the link above. Existing Silver/Gold Premium members upgrading membership level, please PM ChrisSilver To be eligible to win the participant needs to be a Premium Member both at the time of taking a ticket and at the time of the winner being drawn.
  5. Prizes for this have been purchased. Prize draw extended to end of November 2019! And entry requirements adjusted slightly. ENTRY OPEN! So feel free to sell and enter
  6. WIN Both of these coins! 1oz St Helena 999 silver coin & a 1oz Perth Mint 2019 Dragon Rectangle coin/bar To Enter: To enter simple enter the next ticket number, e.g. first entrant would comment "ticket 1" next entrant "ticket 2" etc. Attend the London coin fair on the 2nd November 2019 and collect a TSF flyer from The Silver Forum Lounge in collaboration with Numistacker. Flyers subject to availability. More details about the LCF can be found here: https://thesilverforum.com/topic/25397-the-silver-forum-lounge-with-numistacker-london-coin-show/ The Flyer will look like this: Terms and condones If you are the winner you will need to send the flyer to The Silver Forum to be eligible to claim your prize. If you do not have a flyer then the prize draw will be re drawn and an alternative winner chosen, this will repeat until there is an eligible winner. Maximum of 1 entry per member. Multiple entries will be removed and you may be disqualified from taking part. Duplicate accounts on the forum is against forum rules and you risk permanently being banned, so please do not try to cheat the system. Good luck to everyone Entry closes November 30th 2019 at 23:59 UK London time. Entry now open! You can pre enter now. Remember you will need a flyer to be eligible to claim should you be the winner. As the draw is for people attending the show.
  7. Thank you for your purchase Be sure to wear it in a video 😜
  8. ⚠️ Members engage in political discussions at their own risk. Please note that likely other members may have strongly opposing views to yours. It is advisable to stay out of political discussions, if you wish to engage in debate please be respectful to other members. ⚠️ We advise members that it is best not to engage in political discussions and to keep in the main precious metals forums. However, should you wish to do so, members may discuss non PM related topics and political topics etc in this section. Please be respectful to members at all times. Please also refer to the forum rules: https://thesilverforum.com/guidelines/
  9. Thanks for your purchase. I have also updated the photo above to show the alternative low key design.
  10. We have started a limited time campaign, these items will be available for sale for the next 6 days. (Will end at 11pm UK London Time on Wednesday 16th October 2019) These are great for anyone who wants to wear one to the upcoming coin fair, and should be delivered in time (Hence the reason for such a short campaign time) The large logo t-shirt, with large logo on front, and extra large logo on back is great for coin fairs! Also great to wear around the house or just to buy to support The Silver Forum! So please feel free to purchase for yourself even if you aren't planning to attend this coin fair or any future fairs They are available to buyers worldwide, either fulfilled from the US or from the EU. You can find the store here: https://teespring.com/stores/the-silver-forum?page=1 (It may be a good idea to check the size of a t-shirt you already have by measuring it, and comparing against the size chart, so that way you can get the correct size) I have decided to go with a single price point for all members. However, platinum members get a 15% discount! (Platinum members please see here: https://thesilverforum.com/topic/23357-tsf-branded-t-shirts-to-raise-funds-for-marketing/?do=findComment&comment=297184) Here are the standard prices: Prices in the EU/UK: Classic T-shirt: £24.98 Premium Hoody: £44.99 + Shipping Prices in the US: Classic T-shirt: $31.99 Premium Hoody: £54.99 Die Cut Sticker: $7.99 (only available in US) Feel free to add a sticker to your order to support The Silver Forum + Shipping This promotion will end on 16th October 2019 at 11pm, so don't miss out, buy your t-shirt or hoody now by clicking this link: https://teespring.com/stores/the-silver-forum?page=1) All profits made from the sale of these items will go directly into marketing The Silver Forum and helping the forum grow.
  11. I will leave this topic up currently but note that it may be removed. Quoted message below taken from forum rules.
  12. Septembers Draw has ended, but we haven’t announced the winner yet. Likely sometime next week we will do a LIVE chat draw. Details to follow sometime next week most likely.
  13. London Coin Fair November 2019 The Silver Forum and @Numistacker are proud to announce The Silver Forum Lounge - In Association with Numistacker Rent a table at London Coin fair, 2nd November 2019. Become a mini dealer for the day and rent a table to display items for sale/trade. Table includes a locked table cabinet to put your precious metals items in. Numistacker will be at the lounge and also offering his grading services. We hope to also have on display for viewing purposes a few of the TSF branded products produced by @BackyardBullion Entry to the coin fair is £5 for visitors, payable at the entrance to the fair, but those who rent a space in The Silver Forum Lounge get a free entry pass. Everyone is welcome to come and view the lounge and hang out with TSF members. Spaces are available to rent to Premium Members only. If you do not already have premium membership please feel free to purchase. Prices for renting a space (full table and lockable case) are: £55 for Silver Premium Members £50 for Gold Premium Members £45 For Platinum Premium Members Half table prices (you may be sharing with another member) £27.50 for Silver Premium Members £25 for Gold Premium Members £22.50 For Platinum Premium Members There is a limit of only 4 spaces so to reserve a space please reply below in this thread, or PM @ChrisSIlver first come first. More information about the fair can be found here: https://www.coinfairs.co.uk/london-coin-fair/ I am also planning to organise a prize draw for those that attend the fair, details about this draw to come. Any additional questions please feel free to ask