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  1. ChrisSIlver

    Money clip with Sovereign

    Maybe is a nice gift for someone who is an avid sovereign collector, although personally I don't think the design is that pleasing. (I would prefer the sovereign without the clip :D) Also silver really isn't a great metal for money clips, put too much money in and it will bend, then you will find when you put a lesser amount of notes in the clip, they will fall out. Titanium is a much better metal for a money clip if you are going to fill it up with notes.
  2. @boon I have reissued the invoice, and charged it to your current card on file. So your premium membership is active again. If you need anything else please just send me a PM and I will be happy to help.
  3. ChrisSIlver

    Just starting

    Welcome to The Silver Forum
  4. ChrisSIlver

    Hello there everybody

    Welcome to The Silver Forum
  5. ChrisSIlver

    Shrewsbury Town, England.

    Welcome to The Silver Forum!
  6. @Trumar looks good, just don't forget to leave the link to your sale topic. If you could edit your post above with a link to your sales topic as well it would be great! Thanks.
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  8. You can leave feedback, or be left feedback; either for items you have purchase via the forum, items you have sold via the forum, items you have exchanged for other items vis the forum. Both parties in a transactions can leave feedback for the other member.
  9. p.s. All premium member groups feel free to add to the wiki page, you should be able to add definitions for PM related words there, submitted definitions just need to be approved by a moderator or admin before showing live. Any issues with adding content there please let me know.
  10. ChrisSIlver

    Fiat (or Fiat Currency)

    Fiat currency is legal tender whose value is backed by the government that issued it. The U.S. dollar is fiat money, as are the euro and many other major world currencies. This approach differs from money whose value is underpinned by some physical good such as gold or silver, called commodity money...which we would just term here as PM or Precious Metal. Definition by @CadmiumGreen
  11. @Mondo Also see the wiki page here: https://thesilverforum.com/wiki/ I will add in "fiat" and use @CadmiumGreen description
  12. ChrisSIlver

    withdrawn 1891 Indian Head Penny

    Hi, is this current topic for an auction or a for sale topic? If it is supposed to be a 'for sale' topic, please can you hit the edit button and change the prefix to 'for sale' or just let us know by commenting in this topic and we can do that for you until you get the hang of the forum. If it is supposed to be an auction please can you put up some conditions and rules etc of the auction, if you need any help let us know.
  13. Will allow multiple entries as I didn't specifically state before that multiple entries weren't allowed. But will set a generous cap of a maximum of 10 entries per member in this draw.
  14. ChrisSIlver

    New member, silver stacker and sovereign collector

    Welcome to The Silver Forum
  15. ChrisSIlver

    New Bullion Series Austria

    @Coolsmp thanks for sharing a photo, it is a nice looking coin,