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  1. ChrisSIlver

    Hello from Australia

    Hi Strenue, thanks for joining the forum, and I hope you become an active member of the community here. I am a big fan of Perth Mint coins, maybe your able to get some Carded 2014 Stock Horse coins when they come out? As there are only 1000 of the carded ones, and they will be for Australian market only. I for one will be buying a few regularly un-carded ones when they are realised in europe, and a carded one or two might be a nice investment depending on shipping costs etc.
  2. ChrisSIlver

    What's going to be the next hit coin , flipping wise,

    Yea I think carded coins could get messy to stack, an annoying piece of card taking up space. And that case of yours is pretty sweet, would be annoying to just get a carded coin and through the card somewhere. Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
  3. ChrisSIlver

    Anybody into the Rwanda Wildlife Series??

    They probably look very nice up close, just not on camera. The problem is that there is too much silver to collect, need to stick to something specific otherwise turns into an expensive hobby. Once you get one coin in a series you can't not buy the future releases of that coin. It's just rude not to lol
  4. ChrisSIlver

    Anybody into the Rwanda Wildlife Series??

    From a distance those coins look very similar. No need to pay $250 an ounce, just double up on one of the same and no one would know
  5. ChrisSIlver

    Check your UK 2014 Britannias and Lunar Horses

    Sell sell sell. Is my opinion
  6. ChrisSIlver

    Canada 1.5oz Coins

    I just googled it, it's a pretty nice looking coin. What's the mintage on them?
  7. ChrisSIlver

    Canada 1.5oz Coins

    The 1.5oz polar bear coins are nice. I was going to purchase one when I started collecting, but decided against it as I wanted to keep things simple and stick to the 1oz coins, as I am also collecting 10oz Perth Mint coins as well as Kilos. Adding 1.5oz coins to start collecting would have been too much. I also don't like too much variety in terms of size in my collection. Some people like to collect all sizes of 1 design of coin. For me for some reason my brain dislikes the look of different sized coins placed next to each other. I prefer a series of coins all with the same dimensions. The falcon is a real shame, it has a limited mintage and its the first in a new series, and it looks pretty nice. But its the whole milk spot issue, if there wasn't think issue I would have quite happily of bought a tube. I did manage to get one though, didn't want to miss out completely. Maybe I made the wrong mistake and a tube would of been a good investment, even with the milk spot issue. One of the 1.5oz is a polar bear, what is the other one?
  8. ChrisSIlver

    Perth Mint 2014 Updated Mintage Figures

    Thanks, this is very useful info for members. The previous 2014 1oz kooks have all sold out, including last years, so I think the 2014 1oz kookaburra is a great investment, and still chance to buy some. I bought a few ASE's in a recent purchase and now wish I stacked up on more kookaburras instead.
  9. ChrisSIlver

    Perth Mint Gold Horses

    Nice horses, I have a gold lunar horse as well, but this years one. I prefer silver though, personally I think it looks nice, is currently undervalued, and you get more coins for your money
  10. ChrisSIlver

    Site Contribution

    Danny-boy, don't worry about any monetary contributions. Just any contribution in terms of getting the word out there would be greatly welcomed. Maybe need to get onto as many other forums (however small they might be) and get the word out about TheSilverForum I don't think we necessarily need to throw money at it, we just need people to dedicate some time searching the internet for related sites and posting some info on there about TheSilverForum, the more links we have to our forum on other sites, and the more great silver related content we have on here the higher we will appear in google searches.
  11. ChrisSIlver

    Member Ranks

    Member rankings have now been changed, so that the do not reflect a military ranking. The following is the new member rank system. I think the should be fine. memberranks.tiff memberranks2.tiff
  12. ChrisSIlver

    Member Ranks

    Guys, after some thought, I think it is just going to get too confusing an messy like that. I want to keep things simple. I will change the ranking system to the following..... New Member Member Member+ ​Member++ ​Member+++ ​Member++++ Stacker Stacker+ Stacker++ Stacker+++ Stacker++++ Super Stacker Super Stacker+ Super Stacker++ Super Stacker+++ Super Stacker++++ King Stacker King Stacker+
  13. ChrisSIlver

    Member Ranks

    New member 1oz Koala 1.5oz Polar Bear 2oz Lunar 5oz blank 10oz Kookaburra 500g Lady Fortuna bar 20oz blank bar 1kg PAMP Suisse bar 100oz Perth Mint Bar 5 kg Heraeus Bar 15kg blank 10oz Gold Kangaroo 33kg Good Delivery Silver Bar 1kg Gold Kangaroo 10 kg Gold Kangaroo 12.5kg Good Delivery Gold Bar 1 tone Gold Kangaroo coin Feel free to copy the above and edit to what you think it should look like.....
  14. ChrisSIlver

    Member Ranks

    Ok, I will change it to coins. A much better idea to have a coin based theme for the ranks. I will compile a list later and then see what you guys think of it, feel free to add suggestions of what coins you want me to include and how high up the ranks it should be.
  15. ChrisSIlver

    Pics of your stack (or parts thereof)

    Your phone tags the photos with a location tag. On my iPhone under location services I have camera unticked, not sure if this completely disables tagging. I would have thought it would.
  16. ChrisSIlver

    Info for new stackers,

    I regard myself as a bullion collector, I buy mostly what I like as long as the premium isn't too much. I would never buy coins or bars that I think are ugly even if they do have the lowest premiums. I am stacking and collecting from 2013 and only buying current years as the premiums are low and I can justify. I like the Perth mint coins and want to get 1oz, 10oz and 1kg of the kookaburra, koala, and lunar coins all from 2013 onwards. Though I am missing a few already. Don't have a 1oz lunar horse or 1oz 2014 koala. The koala won't be hard to find but I think the price tag on the lunar horse will be too much. I am also missing a couple of kilo coins. I also like the semi numismatic horse series coins from Perth mint, I have a few 1oz Stock Horse coins, and I think they have appreciated nicely in value, mintage is only 10,000. Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
  17. ChrisSIlver

    Member Ranks

    Yes, if you wish. Any one wishing to opt out can let me know and I will change their "rank" to 'member' The pips will still show though I hope that's ok?
  18. ChrisSIlver

    Where to buy silver bullion & coins in the EU

    Thanks for taking the time to join the forum Sam. If you could please create a signature so that everyone is aware of your job role and that you are representing BullionRock rock, would be great, you can also include a link to the BullionRock website in your signature if you wish. To edit your signature click on your name at the top right, then click 'My Profile' then click 'Edit profile' on the top right. Thanks
  19. ChrisSIlver

    Stack size

    I think for collecting, 1oz is the perfect size. Each coin is quite affordable at these prices. Even if silver were to double in price wouldn't be so bad per coin, unless your collecting 1oz tiffany coins.
  20. ChrisSIlver

    Stack size

    Do you collect just 1oz coins Dan?
  21. ChrisSIlver

    Pics of your stack (or parts thereof)

    Thanks for the recommendation, I will have to look him up at a later date. Currently just spent pretty much all of my savings on silver. I managed to get a nice handful of 2014 1oz kooks, so hopefully will be able to find someone who is willing to trade a 2014 koala for one of my kooks. I don't see why not, the kookaburra coin has a mintage limit whereas the koala doesn't.
  22. ChrisSIlver

    Today I bought.....

    6kg of gold would definitely need a big wallet. I can only imagine how much space you would have had needed to bring back that value in silver. I am with you on the lady Fortuna, they are really nice bars. I have a 500g one. Would love a 1kg though.
  23. ChrisSIlver


    I like the idea of collecting sets. But I can justify buying back issue coins. I would much rather buy multiple of the current years. Maybe in the future when I have spare cash I won't mind paying higher prices to collect specific coins. I am also hoping that if I buy enough current issue coins, in the future I will be able to trade those certain coins for others to try to start collecting sets.
  24. ChrisSIlver


    I am persoanlly not a fan of apolocolypse stuff, for rounds the premiums are crazy. I prefer the real coins. Out of the coins above the real ASE is my most favourite.