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  1. ChrisSIlver

    Milk Spots

    Isn't baking soda supposed to be good for removing tarnishing? Mix up a warm solution of hot water and dissolved baking powder or bicarbonate of soda, (not too sure what the difference is) and just dip the coin into the solution then pat try with some kitchen cloth. Not sure if it would do anything to treat milk spots, and I wouldn't risk it, the solution could end up being quite abrasive depending on how much you use. BigstackMcgee used a whole lot of powder in that YouTube vid. I wouldn't clean a coin like this if I was planning on selling it. So be careful. The best solution is to just not buy RCM coins, which is a shame, I like the designs and if it wasn't for this ugly spotted rises I would have bought a few of those falcons.
  2. ChrisSIlver

    Check your UK 2014 Britannias and Lunar Horses

    Do you think there is a chance that if any of us ordered some UK Lunar horses from europe that their might be mules in the heard? Or are they all long gone by now?
  3. ChrisSIlver

    What's going to be the next hit coin , flipping wise,

    Perth Mint Lunar or UK Lunar? If Perth Mint you know I am definitely interested
  4. ChrisSIlver

    What's going to be the next hit coin , flipping wise,

    Anyone know if these UK Lunar Horse coins come in sheets or tubes? It is a shame they don't come in capsules like Perth Mint coins, if they did, I would definitely be buying a few.
  5. ChrisSIlver

    What's going to be the next hit coin , flipping wise,

    http://www.anlagegold24.de/1-oz-Silber-Lunar-Year-of-the-Horse-UK-2014.html €22.70 per coin (excluding transaction costs / shipping) I think shipping is a €8.70 Might be worth buying a few more to reduce the total cost per coin, and selling a few in the trade section. We should all arrange for a group buy some time. (Though currently I seem to have spent all my savings on silver already )
  6. ChrisSIlver

    Hello from Norway

    Welcome to the forum Silverhair Norse, It seems like the majority of us stackers from Europe realise that semi-numismatic coins are the way to stack
  7. ChrisSIlver

    tapatalk now fully integrated

    I don't know why it appeared on every page. It should only appear on The Silver Forum, and should be easily disabled by a click of the cross. Haven't a clue why your iPad went haywire. I am glad you managed to fix it with a factory reset. By the way if you ever experience any issues with an Apple IOS device there is not necessarily a need to restore the settings completely back to default. If you hold the home button and the off button at the top down at the same time for able 10 seconds until the screen goes white and the apple logo appears you device will reset itself. I find this fixes a lot of issues with my iPhone.
  8. I have full integrated the forum with tapatalk. Those of you who don't know what tapatalk is, it is an app available for smart phones and the great thing is that you can have push notifications. If someone posts to a topic I am subscribed to on any of the forums I am a member of, the tapatalk app sends a little notification to my iPhone and I can reply to all messages from any forum directly in the tapatalk app. I have also disabled tapatalk ads within The Silver Forum on tapatalk, so there won't be any annoying ads between forum messages.
  9. ChrisSIlver

    What's going to be the next hit coin , flipping wise,

    ^^^^^ Don; Don't forget to factor in the transactions cost. usually around £10 for an international bank transfer or 3.5% for PayPal transfers depending where you shop and who you bank with.
  10. ChrisSIlver

    Where to buy silver bullion & coins in the EU

    Thanks very much for sharing that site ArthGoch, I had a quick check and it doesn't check every site or every coin, but it does check a lot, and it's a really useful tool for checking to see if the order you are about to make is fair priced or over priced. I think this comparison site will help a lot of members.
  11. ChrisSIlver

    What's going to be the next hit coin , flipping wise,

    I ordered one from europesilverbullion.com just for my collection, I would have got more but their prices seemed expensive. With delivery it worked out at £23.94. I also ordered a roll and a bit of 2014 kookaburras with horse privy, but that was a big mistake. After checking apmex I realised that even with 20% import VAT, I could have got a slightly cheaper price on those, so I am feeling a bit gutted. But I should have done my research. I think if you can get those UK Lunar Horses for around £18 they are a good investment. I also think the 2014 kookaburra with horse privy are an OK investment, if you can get for <£20 per ounce landed in the UK. And not >£22 like me, but out of the two the UK Lunar Horse has probably more flipping potential if you can get them laded for a nice price.
  12. ChrisSIlver

    tapatalk now fully integrated

    not to sure why it kept reappearing on every page. Are you browsing in "private" mode? And did you manage to stop it from appearing after factory settings reset?
  13. ChrisSIlver

    Hi Everyone :)

    Welcome to the forum SPECOPS! I definitely agree with you in that semi numismatic coins are the way to stack!
  14. ChrisSIlver

    tapatalk now fully integrated

    Dave, you just need to click the cross on the top left on the tapatalk banner and it will close it. When you visit the forum for the first time (you will also view this screen if you clear your safari cookies and data in settings and revisit the forum) you will see a screen similar to this: This is a screen shot from an iPhone, users can skip this and also tick the box that says "don't show this again" If you are getting the header on the top of every page just click the cross on the left side of the banner and it will close it. Tapatalk is a free app, and extremely useful for smartphone and tablet users who have multiple forums that they want to keep all in one place and with handy notifications. Dan and I use it, but I understand that not all users want to use it as they prefer just browsing the mobile site. Sorry if you found the banners annoying, they are there so that other tapatalk users can add the forum in their tapatalk app. You can disable the header banner quite easily so shouldn't be a problem
  15. ChrisSIlver

    Hello from the blizzards of the MidWest

    Welcome to the forum SilverSiren, good to see some good people from YouTube here
  16. ChrisSIlver

    Hi Everyone

    Those are awesome!
  17. ChrisSIlver

    Keep track of your purchases and totals - Excel file included

    Just need to give it time. The forum has only been live for about 72hours ? lol
  18. ChrisSIlver

    Greetings from Saudi (via south Wales)

    Welcome to the forum ArthGoch, I have a feeling that you be a very welcomed member and I look forward to your insightful knowledge being shared amongst the community.
  19. ChrisSIlver

    Keep track of your purchases and totals - Excel file included

    Very helpful information ArthGoch and a big welcome to the forum! Hopefully we can get a lot of UK & Europe members here and get the trading section really active
  20. ChrisSIlver

    Hi Everyone

    Would be awesome if you stumbled upon an ancient treasure chest of silver. Surely the land owner is allowed to keep it, or do you sign some agreement that the if you find someone you are the entitled to it? Or is the state entitled to anything found. How does the system work?
  21. ChrisSIlver

    Perth Mint Gold Horses

    What year is your panda?
  22. ChrisSIlver

    Hi Everyone

    Thanks for your support DogSoilder it's greatly appreciated! Where are the best sites for metal detecting silver, or is that top secret?
  23. ChrisSIlver

    Keep track of your purchases and totals - Excel file included

    I definitely agree! Thanks for joining dog solider, why not introduce yourself in the New Members section: http://thesilverforum.com/index.php?/forum/10-welcome-new-members/ and also let people know about your youtube channel if you wish
  24. ChrisSIlver

    Stack size

    You MUST share some photos. Some of the tiffany coins are amazingly beautifully detailed. Please share!
  25. ChrisSIlver

    Hello, from Utah.

    Hi Bluehorseshoe, Welcome to the forum.