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  1. I don't know anything about these coins. So what is the series? Do they just mint the same design as the gold 1oz coin but on a proof high relief silver coin? When did the series start? Are there only 4 in the series so far?
  2. I just found it on the Perth Mint site. Mintage is 19,000. This looks interesting: http://www.perthmint.com.au/catalogue/2013-australian-1oz-silver-proof-high-relief-collection.aspx
  3. Thanks for the photo Strenue. I have never seen a high relief coin in person. Primarily stacking bullion, but I might have to start collecting some 1oz high relief coins in the future. I think if I were to start collecting numismatic sets etc, I would look into what the Perth Mint produces, as their bullion coins are fantastic quality. What is the mintage on these high relief coins?
  4. I am also a big fan of the Perth Mint lunar series, as well as the Kookaburra and Koala coins. Welcome to The Silver Forum Paruwka
  5. Yea, I was referring to modern silver Britannias. Not sure about the 2014 one. But I have a 2013, and have to be honest, it's the worst looking coin I own.
  6. If accessing the site just by the standard website on a computer then all you need to do is press the quote button.
  7. Yea but these coinarmour bags actively naturalise the gases in the air that cause tarnishing. I expect they would be a better solution to just using a vacuumed bag, as the vacuumed bag will never be a true vacuum.
  8. I have an account with hifx.com though I have never used it, comparing rates and fees currencyfair.com seems like a much better option. I tam going to open an account to use for all my purchases in EUR from Germany / the occasional Australian purchase. Thanks for the recommendation
  9. I dislike the silver britannias a lot, the quality is terrible. So I am staying well away from the gold coin. Gold kangaroos look like a much nicer coin in my opinion, and Perth Mint's quality is excellent.
  10. It is an emotional thing. You get 2 bidders who don't want to loose. Clearly they are illogical but It is a bit like gambling/gaming, why does someone waste their money when they know they will loose, because they like the feeling when they win. I once sold 1 pack of AAA batteries for something crazy like £7.20, when I was offering the same thing buy it now for something like £3. I felt so bad for the guy that I sent him another packet for free.
  11. Thanks! I will have to get some in the future. I have a couple of the red air-tite tubes, it's a bit annoying that they don't take a full roll of Perth Mint coins. But my plan is to use the coinarmour bags to keep the rolls in, so they stay nice and shiny for longer. And the tubes just for odd single coins, and then will probably put a tube a coinarmour bag, just to be extra safe I have a few coins that I only bought 1 of that are purely because I wanted to collect a few different coins, I will have to find out which air-tite capsules I need for them so I can display them all in a nice case.
  12. Someone might have 1000, just not 1001. Tapatalk is a free app available for iPhone, iPad, Android smartphones & tablets etc, which allows you to manage multiple forums from the same app.
  13. The only thing I dislike about this plan is converting cash to UK equities. Given the fact we are overdue for a depression, if we were to go into a deep recession or depression within the next 6 years, the portfolio would loose a lot of it's value.
  14. Welcome to the forum Cointreau!
  15. Welcome to the forum Pushingtin! And thanks for sharing those photos, awesome coins. If you get a chance you should upload some to the Gallery: http://thesilverforum.com/gallery/
  16. Welcome to The Silver Forum PhilDaSilva!
  17. Same. Depending on price though. If they are good bullion prices then yeah, but I have a feeling the premiums will be high. Premiums on 1/2 coins always seem to be high.
  18. Apmex has a video, briefly shows the coin at the end.
  19. He now probably used to work for Perth Mint. lol
  20. excuse the poor photo, its a screen shot from Apmex's video, and the coin is only briefly showed in a brief glimmer, I tried several times but couldn't get the timing any better. These are supposed to be released by Apmex on the 31st of March 2014, This is a Apmex "exclusive" according to the Apmex sales lady Somehow someone has made a youtube video of one: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ybDip_aaLsI These coins come in square tubes, and not in capsules. Apmex was unable to tell me the mintage, only that it is "limited" and that there will be a 1/2 coin only. However, the tubes that they come in are big enough externally to hold 1oz coins (the 1/2 coin tubes have moulded plastic inside to keep the 1/2 coins centred. So there is a possibility they could make a 1oz coin of some sort for these tubes as well. Shame they won't have a 1ounce coin out at the same time. I would have definitely bought some 1ounce ones. Not so sure about 1/2 ounce, I don't know what the premium is going to be like. It's supposed to be a bullion coin. And I am not sure if tubes without capsules are a good thing or a bad thing.
  21. Not sure if you know, but when using tapatalk you can press the top right button in a thread and then press 'web view', it's pretty quick to flip to the mobile version this way.
  22. Keith, if you press "More Reply Options" at the bottom right underneath the text box when making a post, then it will allow you to attach photos (The Attach files button will be displayed at the bottom left under the text box when you have clicked "More Reply options") If you get stuck PM me.
  23. Cheapest place to purchase from (if buying coins) would either be a dealer in Germany or Estonia. Depends how much you are planning to order, but it might be better value ordering from somewhere like Liberty Silver, and arranging your own courier to collect. If just ordering a few coins at a time though, this might be a hassle. I use this site for comparing prices of some dealers in germany: http://www.gold.de/silbermuenzen.html I haven't shipped anything outside of the EU so not sure on there pricing. in the US Apmex ships worldwide, there shipping charge is something like $50, and then they charge a small amount (I think about $0.44) for every ounce or every coin in your order, not sure which.