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  1. ChrisSIlver

    Gold Sovereign's

    Thanks for the useful info DogSoilder I have never bought any gold sovereigns, they sound so small. I would be afraid to loose it. I didn't realise they had such low premiums! This looks nice: http://www.coininvest.com/en/gold-coins/sovereign/full-sovereign-elizabeth-gold-2014/ is this a good price for a sovereign? Based on that price I make it £852.80 per ounce. Spot is at £805. 1oz kangaroo nugget is only £847.88 from coininvest at the moment
  2. ChrisSIlver

    Gold Sovereign's

    What was the average cost per sovereign coin? Can't be £30 surely. If so, total spend on coins would have been £3600 for 120 coins weighting 7.98805g each. a total of 958.56g. At todays spot prices, gold about 25.89 per gram. Todays valuation would be about £24,817. (if average buy £30 per coin: average yearly profit 68.93%) Jan 1 2012 spot price per gram $51.99 (at 1st jan 2012 exchange rate) £33.5288 per gram. 1st jan 2012 valuation £32,139. (if average buy £30 per coin: average yearly profit 89.28%) Those % increases sound awesome. But I think that's because the assumed average in my calculations is incorrect. I could work it out properly from here: http://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/File:Gold_Spot_Price_per_Gram_from_Jan_1971_to_Jan_2012.svg and also take into account the exchange rates at the time, but I don't have spare time to do. The cost of 1gram in 2002 was only $8.97. Crazy!. Maybe todays prices will seem ridiculously cheap in 10+ years time!
  3. ChrisSIlver

    Hello from Doogs

    Hi Doogs, Thank you for finding the time to join The Silver Forum, and I am glad it brought you out of hiding. The more UK members we can get together here the more beneficial it will be for all. I really hope to get the UK forum trade section to see a lot of trade like the other forums in Australia and the US. Welcome aboard.
  4. ChrisSIlver

    Hello from the USA!

    Hello PMRealWealth, You have a smart daughter, and that's a really great story, sounds like you have found something really great to share together. A very warm welcome to the community here, and I hope you enjoy your stay
  5. ChrisSIlver

    1/2 oz lunar 1 proof set.

    See I am the opposite guys. Stacker first (Though I try to stack semi numismatic rather than plain old bullion) and a collector second. I do like this set! My first set that I want to collect is the 2nd series Lunar 1oz, then maybe kooks, but that will take a while, and maybe eventually the lunar 1st series (but I am guessing they are pretty expensive)
  6. ChrisSIlver

    Lets see your 2ozers

    Nice motorbikz. To be honest I don't have a single 2oz coin, I prefer to collect the 1oz sizes. for proof coins I recon 2oz are nicer sizes though, as I assume it shows more detail in the coins?
  7. ChrisSIlver

    My Silver Wish List

    2013 1kg Kook 2014 1kg Kook 2014 1kg koala (I was planning on collecting 1kg from 2013 onwards, but this 2014 koala is so damm ugly I might give it a miss) 1x 2014 10oz koala (Hopefully Shamatti has one for me ) Rolls of older recent 1oz kooks with prices <£18 Older older 1x 1oz kooks for <£21 Older Pandas <£18 3x 1oz 2014 Pandas 5x 1ox 2013 Pandas (If can find them cheap) 3x 1oz 2014 kooks (This is because I want to have a full row in my tray of my soon to be ordered lighthouse case)
  8. ChrisSIlver

    Fiji Taku

    Cool. So no real big rush. Do older year coins go for much of a premium? I know the earlier years of these have low mintages but what about ASE's for example, are older years worth slightly more? I don't understand why people decided to collect each year. I think it's a bit boring to look at. Panda and kooks on the other hand. Those are exciting collections to look through. I am looking forward to seeing your full date run of kooks when it's put together Danny. You should prioritise those over a full date run of taku's
  9. ChrisSIlver

    Colorized Coins are they worth it!!

    To be honest I absolutely hate colourized coins. I think it ruins the natural aesthetics of the silver.
  10. ChrisSIlver

    Fiji Taku

    I like this coin. It's one to add to the list of future purchases IF I can get one for a reasonable price, haven't really seen any around any of the usual dealers in Europe, the design is the same each year right?
  11. ChrisSIlver

    The Horse Mule is on eBay!!!!

    Interesting tactic, but won't they will still have to pay 10% in eBay commissions, otherwise it won't show as a completed listing?
  12. ChrisSIlver

    Today I bought.....

    ESB prices are a bit expensive in my opinion. If ordering 1 or 2 coins at a time then its ok. They have a good range, and a lot of different coins. But ordering larger amounts it's a little bit expensive. I made an order with them recently, for some privy kooks and then regretted it a bit when I realised that I could have got a slightly better deal from APMEX even if would have got hit with import tax.
  13. ChrisSIlver

    Today I bought.....

    That's not bad. Where did you order from?
  14. ChrisSIlver

    Today I bought.....

    from the 3, definitely the best choice.
  15. ChrisSIlver

    Australian Stock Horse

    Don't worry. Should be fine to get an extra for you and Shamatti. Though I am hearing rumours that the release might be towards the beginning of April. Keep an eye out dan and let me know if any come into the market, I don't want to miss these. Last year I was one of the first to jump on the boat with this coin.
  16. ChrisSIlver

    Today I bought.....

    I only have 1 of those falcons. I don't like this milk spot issue. But maybe they will do very well and people won't care about milk spots.
  17. ChrisSIlver

    Today I bought.....

    Same, although my bullion purchases will take priority over expensive old kooks, so will probably take me a log time. I recon I could pick up a few old kooks here and there for ok prices over the next few years or so. I bet Danny aces a full date set in next to no time.
  18. ChrisSIlver

    Today I bought.....

    +1 for the disklike of coloured coins
  19. ChrisSIlver

    Shout out from Silverfish VT on youtube

    Silverfish is the YouTube silver king when it comes to youtube videos and silver. And he certainly knows what he is talking about, his videos are always very informative. For The Silver Forum it's celebrity endorsement. There are loads of great silver guys on YT, and there are already quite a few on the forum here, which is very nice. We haven't been going long and have already got quite a nice little community here
  20. ChrisSIlver

    Hi everyone, just joined

    Welcome to the forum Cyber Curtain Twitcher. I think I remember watching one of your videos about a fake horsey, but aren't the fake horses completely incorrect, wrong size. Or are they making good copies now? And are there any fake kooks in the market that one should be aware of?
  21. ChrisSIlver

    Today I bought.....

    It's the unit cost before shipping and bank charges. Shipping starts at £15.
  22. ChrisSIlver

    The Horse Mule is on eBay!!!!

    £800 for an incorrectly struck 1oz UK lunar coin. Are they mad?! I personally think anyone paying over £100 is mad. But £800 would just be silly.
  23. ChrisSIlver

    The Horse Mule is on eBay!!!!

    £800 for an incorrectly struck 1oz UK lunar coin. Are they mad?! I personally think anyone paying over £100 is mad. But £800 would just be silly.
  24. ChrisSIlver

    Today I bought.....

    Purchased some libertads from silver to go, I normally prefer semi numi purchases but these were around £15.50 an ounce. Couldn't resist the low prices.
  25. ChrisSIlver

    Hello From K

    Welcome to the forum Keithoil