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    First 30 days of stacking 😁 quite proud that I didn't spend the money on drink drugs and women lol.
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    Hi guys I’m super excited after stacking gold and silver for a few years I’ve decided to step up my game and purchase my first house.being as I’m 35 and believe the worst of the generations to be born as in the U.K. it’s nearly impossible to purchase a house without a lifetime ridiculously high mortgage which is why I started looking abroad.for the measly sum of £4000 or 4 ounces of gold 😜 I’ve purchased this with the idea of probably spending that amount again and renting it out:
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    Today I bought.....

    Picked up this beauty today in Japan
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    How not to do a 1kg gold pour

    the kind of thing that keeps @BackyardBullion awake at night :) Seems to be a complete lack of any PPE too
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    Today I Received.....

    Completed my 1989 Gold Sovereign collection thanks to an excellent pick up from @Quicksand005...a 1989 Half Sovereign graded PF 69 Ultra Cameo. Quite a beauty!
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    Today I Received.....

    This years Panda Lunar pair arrived. I think mine were first in Europe and are being sent for grading. I have toned down my China buys but i have a soft spot for the Panda Lunar.
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    Yes will definitely keep this updated with costs,pictures etc.only sent back the signed paperwork on Friday and hoping to have keys end of March at the latest.
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    20 Francs Advice Please

    @KevinFlynn Allow me to try and make up your mind as what to collect next.... Am I helping at all 😀😀😀 lol!
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    An older series of coins by CHAUTAUQUA SILVER WORKS in New York. A small mint known for their "Different" designs. Limited series for collectors interested in their styles. Import charges may apply dependent on where you live. This is the T.I.M.E. series, Also amongst their offerings are the CRYPTIC series, TOXICITY series (2 series now available) Chautauqua Silver Works (2016 - present). 1oz Silver Proof like. (Approx. US$ 32 + shipping + applicable import charges, at time of posting). Available through the following link, or on ebay. As far as I know there is no direct link to the company https://www.phelimint.com/collections/all-products/products/t-i-m-e-e-m-i-t-t-i-m-e-series-by-chautauqua-silver-works-1oz-999-fine-silver-round
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    Gillete advert

    I am Indian and I find these things stupid. Reverse racism which just makes people take notice for the wrong reason. I understand diversity is important, but if it’s that important, go and recruit properly. I don’t care what race or gender the officer that helps me is, just help when I need it is enough.
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    Congrats. Future silverforum holiday rental - sovereign a week rent will get those 4 oz's back in no time
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    Panda Photo thread...

    My 2016 Panda Commemorative Gold Coin 50g
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    Bars Photo Thread...

    My 5kg bar
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    Today I Received.....

    @BackyardBullion turned silver into gold!?! 😮
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    20 Francs Advice Please

    Oh, I forgot my 1891 20 Lire overstrike (1 over 1)
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    The problem is when you factor in inflation from 1973 to current date that £43 equates to £510 now. So basically you have doubled your intitial investment over 46 years which doesnt sound so impressive.
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    20 Francs Advice Please

    Hi @augur You have some very interesting coins on display. I especially like the 20 Korona coin which would sit very well with my collection of angels...The MS66 grade for your 1914 rooster is very high, NGC have only ever graded one MS67 (for 1914) and nothing higher, so we’ll done on that pick up! I have yet to have any of my coins graded..The thought of being denied ‘access’ to any of my coins doesn’t sit well with my psyche...just my luck one day I will catch the kids playing tiddlywinks with them lol!😂 Having looked at my roosters, the restrikes (post 1906 I think) are certainly in better condition as you would expect, and if I ever do get one graded I think I would test the water with my 1914 as well...not sure it would compare well to your MS66 but I was very happy with it when it arrived..although it did cost way over spot! (£193) I have no idea what the dark area to the right of the roosters head is, but I guess it adds to the authenticity and charm of the coin.. Happy hunting to all ...I have just added a Gruffalo to my wanted list, but they are not released by the Royal Mint until March me thinks!
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    Research was key for me checking the area house prices and rental prices.the thing that you have to ask yourself is what you want to do with it.if it’s only to be used as a holiday home and isn’t lived in for 9-10 months things start to degrade quickly when empty.for me renting long term Is the best option.i’ll probably buy another if this goes well and so on....
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    NGC Grading Submissions Open

    Eight coins in this bunch, all MS grades and not one details! Either I am getting better in this or just being lucky this time. 🤓
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    Nice buy. Im 35 too and consider myself the last of the ( relatively ) lucky lot with housing. I bought our 1st house at age 21.
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    Correct. However I don’t see pms as an investment unless trading etfs on the exchanges. I use them as a hedge against inflation, and an alternative saving mechanism. As such Gold hits the spot for me, I suck at saving and speculative investments are not an area I like playing with.
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    Reminds me of that famous reply by the late George Best, when he was asked what had happened to all the money he had accrued during his years playing football - "Well, most of it went on fast cars, birds, and booze...….and the rest I just squandered"
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    Gold Kookaburra

    Are gold Kookaburras hard to come by, a quick internet search suggests that they maybe?? Newbie question so be gentle! 😉
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    Hello from Swindon, UK!

    Hello All! Just a brief introduction! My name is Adrian, I'm 38 and I intend to spend a bit of time of this forum so it felt like a good move to introduce myself! I've been interesting in starting a collection of bullion for some time but have only just recently made the leap into doing so. I've just placed my second order and hope to take advantage of buying silver from the EU for a while before Brexit kills our VAT-Free route to buy. I have a relatively small stack going, at the moment. My strategy going forward will likely bore most of you: I intend to keep UK minted, legal tender with minimal premiums. The reason being to: A) Move my not-real-money into something tangible. B) Insulate against inflation. C) Measure of last resort if things go badly wrong. When I receive my second order, I will have a small, 100oz stack of Silver in the form of Britannias. I hope to keep a small amount of platinum and gold also - though in the case of Pt this is purely because I like the metal, it's more scarce than gold and has more applications. Once I have a fairly decent base to start from, I may start looking to diversify and get some bars and non-British, non-legal tender coins. But for now I want to get started building up a good base of CGT-free bullion. I'll stop there, I'm sure you guys see plenty of these! But thank you for the forum and the advice I've seen thus far. Kindest Regards, Adrian.
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    Silver goblet??

    It could be a goblet for use when you're not thirsty.
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    Hello from Swindon, UK!

    Hi Adrian, welcome to TSF.
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    2019 Silver Una & The Lion Series

    I've ordered five and can't wait to get them. The design looks great. If they meet expectations then I'll buy more.
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    Lets talk watches!

    @AuricGoldfinger Thank you, I think I will go and have a chat with them, see if there is any past service history as once a service is factored in that could make the newer models look not so bad..I rather like the wave dial, but you can get a brand new "non wave" for just under 3 grand right now and if they wont budge on price and its due a service then it already comes in at more like £2700, some movement on price movement in price might be needed but whilst im very experienced in haggling over low value items at the carboot sale haggling over higher value items is new to me! Its a whole lot of money but like you say an iconic watch that is always going to be in demand.
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    Pretty much fluent French as I spent quite a bit of my life there from 5-18 years old.funny enough all the communication with the notaries is in english..
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    I would suggest that the real problem is all this “paper” gold (and silver) that is bought and sold on the financial markets. Only a fraction of the paper gold and silver is backed by physical gold and silver. I’ve seen it stated that there are over 200 ounces of paper gold to every one ounce of physical gold (and this rises to nearly 300 ounces when derivative trading is taken into account) – and the paper to physical silver ratio appears to be even higher than this. This would seem to be an amazing game of musical chairs – who is going to be left holding thin air when SHTF? I suppose the other way of looking at it is to question whether this activity of buying and selling paper gold and silver is almost fraudulent. Also, this extra supply of paper gold and silver must be holding down the price of physical gold and silver (the greater the supply then generally the lower the price). However, the governments that are busy accumulating gold for their reserves are probably happy with this situation. Anyway, tomorrow I’m off to the local stationery office to buy some gold paper - watch out for my sales offers on the Forum!
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    Is there a coin worse than this ?

    Not a coin, but a propaganda medal
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    I’ve been searching on and off for 2 years and to be honest when I offered less than half the asking pricing I wasn’t really expecting it to be accepted.i used the notaries search to find it: https://www.immobilier.notaires.fr/en
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    How long had you been researching/planning to do something like this? Cool to see someone trying something different, hope it goes well for you
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    Lets talk watches!

    Well it looks great. Identical to the model i had except this is an automatic mine was quartz. Very comfortable watch to wear. Its the model with the waves on the face, for some reason they dropped the waves for a few years and now have gone back to them! As for price in all honesty I couldn’t tell you what a good price was (you can tell by how out of touch i was on some previous pricing). Looks like all the box and papers are there and condition looks good so it will certainly drop less in price than a brand new model. Also although you may find a quartz cheaper, automatic movement is the way to go anyway in my opinion, its what your paying for really. Prices tend to creep up and buying used, mint condition, and from a reputable dealer is just about as much as you can do to take the sting out of any initial depreciation. To me thats an iconic omega and i dont think you would regret the purchase.
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    Today I bought.....

    Beautiful coin, I was looking at a few lots in that sale but decided to save the funds I have left for Goldberg at the end of the month!
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    World War I Coins

    Very nice collection of coins with a history to match, would make a great NGC Custom Registry Set!
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    World War I Coins

    After the British Empire had entered the First World War on the 4th of August, Montenegro decided to join on the 9th of August against the central powers. Just recently formed and internationally recognised, the Kingdom tried to come to aid to Serbia (Peter I of Serbia was himself Montenegrin) and received supplies by the French and Italian allies. 1914 Montenegro 2 Perpera (MS61) – there is also a 5 Perpera piece but right now I find £650 a bit dear...
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    World War I Coins

    Loving the idea of this thread. Keep up the good work.
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    Ends up, the projection of gold prices, firstly not everyone gets the timing right for a projected duration, secondly price is a reflection of a nation’s currency against gold’s value, unless a synchronised global gold market & various nation currency moving in tendem, gold price projection in one nation does not necessary represent another nation gold price projection, thirdly supply and demand varies across nations holdings, access & economic policies. Anyway the video gold price projection of $65,000 per troy ounce is US centric and if the money supply is back by gold scenario. Everyone is entitled to make their own of educated beliefs base on perspective & access to information.
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    20 Francs Advice Please

    Okay ... I SUBMIT!. ..you win..I can’t beat that !😀😀😀😀😀👍 Makes me wonder what else you got tucked away.... Keep the twenty francs coming...
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    Don't recognize what the future buying force may be, I expect it will develop throughout the following a very long time as Gold motivates increasingly hard to discover. As of now 10.000 ounces of gold for being rich and ca 200 for being well off. On the off chance that you need general numbers. In any case, everything relies upon your conditions.
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    World War I Coins

    Newfoundland also enlisted about 10% of its population or over 1/3 of its male population of military eligible age to the war. They further sent in 1917 skilled forrest workers to produce the lumber required for the war effort clearing some 1,200 acres of timberland up in Scotland in the last few year of the war. (Actually only after being almost deforestated after WW I Britain started to manage her forrests preventing a similar fate as the Mediterranean Maritime Empires) Newfoundland 1912 20C (MS61) from the Heaton Mint in Birmingham. Largest recent circulation coin at point of entry since the 50C wasn't minted again until 1917.
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    I was speaking to an investor friend of mine and this subject came up. From what some of the analyst circles say, the gold stacked by those 2 countries is with a view to safeguard against dollar inflation. They both have a lot of dollar reserves...
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    My mother told me stories from my grandmother that back then she used to get her full month worth of pocket money at the beginning of the month to better spend within that day...
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    Brexit status ...

    And as if on time, Farage has, today, set up a new Brexit Party.....he will be ready to set up in case a snap election is called....smart guy.
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    Brexit status ...

    No deal is her only chance of keeping her political career alive (and the party in with even half a chance at the next election although there are a bunch of ministers who betrayed the will of their constitutions and will reap the wind come election time), and it is the will of the people, democratically voted on and signed off on by the Head of State...The Queen......which part of any of that dont people get......?
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    https://www.onfireguy.com I just went through the process of ordering capsules. They have the same price as air-tites.com for the 25 pack but they had free shipping. https://www.airtiteholders.com/store/c1/Featured_Products.html They are the actual manufacturer of air-tite capsules. If you order over $50 of stuff from them, they ship free.
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    Best quality silver

    MintShield does not prevent spotting, though it may reduce it. I have a 2018 incuse maple that has started to spot.
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    69 Sovs

    There seems to be a lot of 50th moon landing collectables being issued on various PM's websites. Only problem is the release dates are end of February+