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    First 30 days of stacking 😁 quite proud that I didn't spend the money on drink drugs and women lol.
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    Today I Received.....

    1998 China 1oz Gold Panda 🐼
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    Today I Received.....

    Bought from Ebay raw and graded via Numi. Very pleased with the result. If anyone has any 2005 coins to sell then get in touch.
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    Better late than never, only just had a chance to get everything together. Full gold stack, been exactly 6months, im 2 sovs shy of aprox 30oz which is my short term target. Will continue to pick up the remaining beasts and also some sovs but slowing down a lot unless theres a major dip in prices as have other projects starting soon.
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    You can be upper class and poor, working class and rich. Whichever you are be proud of where you come from and understand money doesn’t buy class. Don’t worry about being considered rich. Work out what YOU need personally to feel well off and set about achieving it. I know people who earn £100k + a year with no assets and don’t own a stick of furniture. I also know people who earn around £20k who own their own home, eat out and holiday as much as they like. They aren’t travelling the world or living lavishly but they are happy and live within their means. Wealth is all subjective to a point.
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    Not as impressive as most of the stacks on here but feel I’m happy with my start. It’s all so shiny 😀...
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    Selling a 1925 sovereign, in gorgeous condition, much better than bullion. £245 For £3.00 I can add a HGM luxury box If you would like more pictures please ask.
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    Gold & Silver Weekend Offer

    UK based. Payment by bank transfer. Postal offer below limited to UK mainland. 1/4oz Gold Lion Queen's Beast @ £300 with the first two Dragon Dollars (would be selling at £63.00 the pair) at 50% off. To confirm £331.50 for the 1/4oz and 2oz Dragon Dollar - plus, post included.
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    20 Francs Advice Please

    Hi @augur You have some very interesting coins on display. I especially like the 20 Korona coin which would sit very well with my collection of angels...The MS66 grade for your 1914 rooster is very high, NGC have only ever graded one MS67 (for 1914) and nothing higher, so we’ll done on that pick up! I have yet to have any of my coins graded..The thought of being denied ‘access’ to any of my coins doesn’t sit well with my psyche...just my luck one day I will catch the kids playing tiddlywinks with them lol!😂 Having looked at my roosters, the restrikes (post 1906 I think) are certainly in better condition as you would expect, and if I ever do get one graded I think I would test the water with my 1914 as well...not sure it would compare well to your MS66 but I was very happy with it when it arrived..although it did cost way over spot! (£193) I have no idea what the dark area to the right of the roosters head is, but I guess it adds to the authenticity and charm of the coin.. Happy hunting to all ...I have just added a Gruffalo to my wanted list, but they are not released by the Royal Mint until March me thinks!
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    You'll know your rich when the wife says where's the letter opener and you reply, it's his day off.
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    Bars Photo Thread...

    My PAMP bar collection has grown thanks to @augur today and @StackSellRepeat a few weeks ago, so an up to date photo opportunity arises....enjoy!
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    Reminds me of that famous reply by the late George Best, when he was asked what had happened to all the money he had accrued during his years playing football - "Well, most of it went on fast cars, birds, and booze...….and the rest I just squandered"
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    https://aurinum.de/1-oz-Silver-Suedkorea-South-Korea-ZI-SIN-Scrofa-2019-1-Clay 3rd in the series, just saw it at aurinum.de.
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    69 Sovs

    Or buy 69 sovs.
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    20 Francs Advice Please

    After reading through the list, I realised that I have more Francs than I assumed. The obvious ones: 1914 MS66 1914 MS64 (before grading) and the less obvious ones 1914 MS61 (before grading) 1912 PF68UC (restrike)
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    My partner and I own our home out right since 2002. For us it has been a blessing. Since my heath took a very drastic turn for the worst in 2012 Having no mortgage payments to make and known we had always have a roof over our head made us feel more secure in unknown territories Moving forward both of us now has now got private pensions and also have small home businesses. For me it is an asset and always will be. My mother always said " make sure you have a house that you have paid for and your troubles will at least be halved " IMOH she was right
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    20 Francs Advice Please

    20 lita from hgm arrived today. It’s better than I was expecting. Cleaned maybe but its only for a type set.
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    Gillete advert

    Some possible context to this, for thought...I definitely prescribe by the principles of unbiased (yes, I know each of us has our own subconscious biases that we need to at least be aware of) job hiring and recruitment in the workplace. Bottom line is are you skilled, have the right experience, competent, work well with others...all factors irrespective of an individual’s race, color, religious preference, all the other “equal employment opportunity” factors. But to a degree, I think in certain lines of work there needs to be a diversity of workforce. There may be a lack of women on the police force and they would be needed for direct interaction with women during arrests or processing. More minority ethnics for improved operational capabilities patrolling, serving, interaction with the public in certain communities. An analogy that comes to mind is the integration of women soldiers, or cultural advisors, serving with the majority male soldiers in Afghanistan. For interacting with the Afghan tribes, I think it proved highly valuable to have women soldiers talk with the tribal women and children to gain other perspectives and information, probably not able to be gained by meetings with the men and tribal leaders. Just some thoughts, and I don’t necessarily prescribe to selective job recruitment.
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    Gold is the money of kings, silver is the money of gentlemen, barter is the money of peasants – but debt is the money of slaves
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    Rich and upper class are two completely different things . doesn't matter how much gold I'll have I'll still be working class and proud of it
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    Today I bought.....

    I fell in love.........😔
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    Today I bought.....

    An addition to one of my peculiar collections: 5 oz silver proof Concorde from Westminster (bringing it up to three so far).
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    Is there a coin worse than this ?

    OK, I've just come to the conclusion that the coin designers in Belarus are all on acid....!!
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    This type of garbage is rife. Utter rubbish.