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    Today I Received.....

    In India on annual leave visited MMTC Pamp retail store and purchased some premium silver coins not available outside of India Each silver animal coin has unique almost proof like reverse that has the associated feature for that animal Missing some animals to complete the collection hoping to acquire before returning back to the UK.
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    Today I Received.....

    Received a 2015 Gold Sovereign BU from the kids for Christmas! And Santa brought me a Trial of the Pyx 2017 1/4 oz Gold Britannia Proof! Merry Christmas to all of The Silver Forum!!🎄
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    Today I Received.....

    Just received an Austrian 4 Ducat from the missus. 😀
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    2012 Diamond Jubilee Sovereign

    Suggestion, although It is simple and boring, but getting a 1oz gold coin of each of the major 'big name' gold coins in your stack. US eagle, Krugerrand, Britannia, Kangaroo, Maple Leaf, Philharmonic Get whatever is the best value at the time +1 to +3% over spot That should keep you busy for a few months at least Then continue with the "whatever is best value" at time of purchase, this may end up you are buying silver 1oz's one month, gold the next, 2 oz coins next month, a fairly price full date run of something else the next This "whatever is best value" has got my a very weird, mixed, varied stack of anything and everything but I know what I bought on the day was good value/best available. Also, point to note from a good few years stacking now, there is no harm in just keeping stacking your fiat debt tokens in the bank until the right "good deal" comes along on eBay/dealer or forum Keeping some fiat spare, landed me x100 (2007) 1oz silver UK Britannias from eBay at £15 each / £1,500 Happy to sit on them for years to come, but they sell in single units hundred of times for £30+ all day long on eBay. I have also had lots of good deals from on the forum from Arshimo2012 and DavePanda who always price keenly and fairly.
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    Today I Received.....

    Only chocolate coins for me!😔
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    Sunday metal chat why we stack

    Happy Sunday! As most of you have heard by now, we left everyone and everything but our 2 youngest boys, 2 cats and a dog 10 days ago. Thanks to our stacking and prepping plans we were able to purchase 2 acres in the country and we are taking the metal shop full time. It has been a busy time here since we arrived at noon on Friday the 30th to our "New to us" only seen in pictures Home on a leap of faith. We have been working to get the shop and household up and running. It is a big change to go from a county with a 2 million population to a 20,000 one. The road we live on is dirt and washed out during the storm Sunday, it also had a lighting strike that knocked down our dead tree but luckily missed our truck. The neighbors power line came down and had to be repaired. The previous owners did not empty the shop as agreed and that added about 2 days to shop set up, Monday was filled with carpentry work to sure up the walls, electrical work to get lighting, climate control and furnaces powered, meanwhile we are setting up our house, new washer and dryer and misc bad we all need when we move. We both grew up in very similar small towns so the change feels more like going home, but our kids have not lived like this and they seem very happy. We have Captain K registered at school and we now have a business PO Box, the internet guy arrived and informed us there are no cables so they will have to run one from the main road 1.5 miles away, so we may get internet some day(December 28th until the line is ran), for now our mobile hot spots are working. There are a lot of changes, like we forgot about mud and the need for lots of door mats, dealing with learning how our well pump really works,teaching the boys how to stack the cord of wood we had delivered, and how to get the wood stove running at its best and yesterday we used our new chainsaw and cut some more wood as cool weather comes and goes here. We are all tired and sore and really ready for some normal to happen, but with this large change in our lives we have to figure out what that will be. The miner and our teenager ran water lines(the teenager dug the trench) finalized the new light install and they fixed cabinets and installed a wood stove for the shop and a small entrance door. We did our first live pour 1 week after arriving, our neighbors even joined us for the show and we had a blast! Our boys are very happy, even our pets seem happier, the return to a simple life was definitely the best move for us. We feel that all the prepping and planning we have doing in the city for years has helped us be in a better position to make this life change and it affirmed our stacking plans! We will keep stacking, prepping and now homesteading! You can follow our journey on YouTube, our new address is: happiness in the south! We highly recommend if you are dreaming of doing something, start taking steps to make it happen! Thanks for reading and Happy stacking!
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    Bars Photo Thread...

    Chinese Silver bars. 50g and 100g. Picked up 5 x 100g. And 3 x 50g. Very cool sizes.
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    Today I bought.....

    Today I bought a very rare St. George and the dragon pamp silver pendant.
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    Today I Received.....

    2013 Silver Fiji Taku. I prefer the name Takus over the recent Turtles... 1838 Bronze Queen Victoria coronation medal. Gorgeous high relief medal, but could not afford the silver ones which look even better... Anyone know the mintage number for these bronze medal?
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    1 of only 118 minted selling with box and COA #4 free rooster made of copper i think, no PM anyway 450$ USD or best offer
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    I take a little bit every couple months so it doesnt add up too much 😉
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    🎅 Christmas Prize Draw 🎅

    Congratulations 🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗
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    Getting rid of assets to buy silver

    Very Sons of Anarchy (In a good way) Best dicker
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    This thread will be moved as it is not a transactional thread, it is not an expression of interest - an admin will do this i expect. You have included a good number of website where members buy. You might look at the price comparison site https://gold.de Some join fakebook groups to buy/sell. Uk Silver Stackers is one. Some used to be regulars here but frequent fakebook instead. Dodgy characters are shown the door on the silver forum so it is a safe place to be. i would tend to buy gold in the UK and silver coins in Europe. Backyard Bullion runs a monthly group order which may save you on postage. Buying from the US is problematic with higher shipping costs and VAT at customs. If you are buying in other than GBP i would use a site like transferwise.com or currencyfair.com. Credit card will generally be more expensive. There is CGT on other than UK legal tender for those who might pay CGT. So all European coins are included but how the pirates would know you are selling non-UK coins in private transactions is something of a mystery. The pirates cannot know you are selling coins privately. They can see a deposit would appears in your bank account. When you buy more than £10k in a year with a dealer or more than £5k in a single transaction, the dealer will ask for identification. Transactions may be reported by dealers to HMRC in these circumstances. What they do for sales i don't know but they may hand all those details over. Stackers stack things. They build up stacks. In this case a stack of silver. There are lots of threads where new people and not so new people ask what silver or gold to buy - i think it better you search around for these as they are many views and reasons for those views. The only proper way to learn is to read and read again posts on the forum. There are plenty of people here who are expert is aspects of this fascinating field. i have learnt much of what i know reading opinions posted here.
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    Welcome new member - I recommend you search this forum and invest an hour of your time reading great tips and advice. All your questions will be answered if you make the effort.
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    Drones at Gatwick

    no, it would have already been suggested in this thread
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    When will gold hit £1000

    £1000 an ounce in time for Christmas how nice I hope it drops before March and the next queens beast release though.
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    Today I Received.....

    Merry Christmas Silver Forum! Please forgive the cupro-nickel, but had to close out The Royal Mint’s 2018 Advent Calendar 🙄...The Christmas Nutcracker 2018 UK £5 Brilliant Uncirculated Coin for the 24th!! Now, here’s wishing Santa brings me some GOLD for Christmas, even though I haven’t been that good this year!!😁
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    Today I Received.....

    Nice one cant believe i got this today from rm looks lovely
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    I've carried a couple around for fun although not recently. Mostly slave queen/freedom girl. Momento mori is based on the original tokens people had reminding them of their mortality. I enjoyed getting out slave queen/freedom girl from the little jeans pocket to use as a flipper to make a decision. Go with the standard boring plan/stick with the contract/remain tied in? Or go with something daring and exciting/break the contract/open new horizons? Quite amusing to see other peoples reaction when slave queen/freedom girl comes out. Perhaps Gwen would be the perfect poker partner for @Paul
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    You like Kooks...I got Kooks... sorry they are not nicely stacked..I need to have a sort out. I can take some proper phots of any particular coin if anyone is ineterested. They are all 1oz coins with lots of Privies.
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    When will gold hit £1000

    Did someone say a cunning plan...