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    Recent forum down time

    The forum has had to be restored to a backup from Sunday due to issues with the database caused by Tapatalk. The Tapatalk module is being removed and will no longer be supported. Hopefully everything will be sorted within the next 24 hours.
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    Recent forum down time

    Thanks Morezone. I will send out a full email update to everyone on the newsletter and also post in this topic once I can confirm that the issue has been 100% rectified and won't happen again. For the moment be aware any topics / replies posted now may be deleted as we may (but hopefully won't) have to do another restore.
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    Noh ,s Fooking Ark , We get enough Fooking rain in the North East of England to Float several of these Fooker,s !!! Sorry had a Few Vodka,s today, celebrating spending all me Fooking wages on Coins. However " I Love Coins Me !!!! "
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    Today I Received.....

    Unknowingly taking advantage of the lowest spot price for gold this week...just received two lucky dip Gold Sovereigns! A rather well worn 1907 Edward VII Gold Sovereign. Didn’t have this one yet... And adding to my other two, another 1957 QE2 Gold Sovereign...
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    Today I Received.....

    Picked up an ms69 Chinese Panda. Except it has a big red spot on it (and a few smaller ones not easily visible). Very disappointed as was hoping to collect these for my own enjoyment rather than as a strictly investment reason. Might have a rethink on the whole idea now. I see @mickd has similar problems...
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    Perhaps I should have phrased it more like, "when you order silver and the number of Oz's is a date from the 20th century!" Next group order I predict we will venture into the future!
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    I saw this in a pawnshops window yesterday and fell in love with it. There is one downside when 'stacking' is that you look at everything on it's silver value. This only weighs around 20g and I thought that the £34 tag was a little expensive... but I got it anyway!
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    We are done That means.......
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    Silver coins you don't like.

    The RM Churn out lots of Crappy Silver one ounce Sh--e coins every year, too many to single out apart from that Fooking Dog, made in Gold and Silver, Fooking Terrible design, who designed it ???? piece of Sh--e !! Only saying Like !!
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    Silver coins you don't like.

    Agree 100%. The older portrait they had looked great, the new one looks like dame Edna Everage! I have been put off buying these coins until they change the portrait again, which sadly probably won't happen until queenie pops her clogs
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    No worries, and welcome to the forum 😊
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    Today I Received.....

    This is for @caloundracats , this also arrived today, the wife bought me as a present to read while I am incapacitated, I am really pleased with it, to say its this years, A4 sized, 220 pages and full of photographs and all this for only £7 from Amazon ( think its worth more than double this) , infact it says in the back 'published by Amazon' which I wasnt aware they did, it shows many coins and their mintage if known some older ones too, he goes into all aspects of collecting and stacking, he briefly covers silver bars but this is more coin orientated, he talks about all the naughtys that JP Morgan have done and others names connected with silver. It might not be for the more advanced collecter/stackers out there, but is superb reading for the new to experienced stackers like me. Wonder if the author is on this forum I really hope he writes more books, one on silver bars would be great. Pictured below is one of the first ever automatic pistols designed and made, the Belgian FN Browning model 1900, in .32 ACP / 7.65mm, this gun the 1st pattern and made in 1906 (later guns just had FN on the grips). Another one of John Brownings designs it was his first ever automatic pistol that he designed and sold to Fabrique National, he also designed the .32 ACP cartridge to go with this gun and this was the first to use it. The gun had some quite unique features for its time and still today, despite being a large gun the ammo capacity is only 7 rounds, this is due to the recoil spring being on top of the barrel instead of below or around the barrel itself, also worthy of note is the sights, unless the gun is cocked and ready to fire a small bar pops up blocking your ability to aim, this can also be felt in the dark as an indication of whether or not your gun was ready to fire. The gun was used by many countrys by their police and later by the military as trench sweepers during WW1, females were catered for again, being able to defend themselves when travelling the wild areas of the world like Africa and Australia was important, there was two grades of purse holsters available, one was sequinned and the other (shown here) which I think was made of nubuck. A woman called Fanny Kaplin used one of these guns to try and assasinate Lenin, one of the bullets remained lodged in his body and it wasnt possible to remove it and it was said that this was what made him increasingly ill until his death. The gun was produced from 1900 - 1911.
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    1.74 million gold piece! WOW!

    That’s pretty close to Atkinsons price over spot.
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    Grading Beasts

    • Uncirculated (MS-60, 61, 62): An uncirculated coin with noticeable deficiencies, generally either an overabundance of bagmarks, a poor strike, or poor luster. Although most price guides will give a price for coins in MS-60 condition, in many cases this is a very unusual grade, with typical uncirculated pieces often grading somewhere in the MS-62 to MS-64 range depending on the series. • Select Uncirculated (MS-63): An uncirculated coin with fewer deficiencies than coins in lower uncirculated grades. In general, this will be an uncirculated coin with relatively ordinary eye appeal. Select Uncirculated is sometimes used to refer to a coin grading MS-62. • Choice Uncirculated (MS-64): An uncirculated coin with moderate distracting marks or deficiencies. These coins generally have average to above average eye appeal. Choice Uncirculated is sometimes used to refer to a coin grading MS-63. • Gem Uncirculated (MS-65, 66): An uncirculated coin with only minor distracting marks or imperfections. At this point, mint luster is expected to be full, although toning is quite acceptable. • Superb Gem Uncirculated (MS-67, 68, 69): An uncirculated coin with only the slightest distracting marks or imperfections. Toning is still quite acceptable and in these grades will usually be pleasing. Many circulating coins even of relatively recent dates are quite rare in such lofty grades, although modern bullion coins and commemoratives are often found in grades as high as MS-69. • Perfect Uncirculated (MS-70): An utterly flawless coin.
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    UK pensions

    Hi guys, I’m a Diploma qualified financial adviser and all of the great tax relief is “true” but it all boils down to the Govt in charge at any one time. I did a YouTube Video probably 3 years ago about Hungary. It was in January I think. Anyway, the mainstream media didn’t report it, only Euronews on Sky! So, in Hungary they bailed-in everyone’s Private pension schemes because there was a state pension crisis and the Govt was struggling to pay State pensions. This article is a little out of date but most governments are “at it” - https://www.rosaltmann.com/Polishpensionconfiscation22Feb2014docx/ Hungary did it again years later! The UK government could pull this stroke at any time! I’m enrolled in my company pension an have done so in the past but property and gold are my main retirement investments. It’s harder to confiscate but still not impossible I suppose. There is a good reason I’m not advising on Pensions and Investments anymore guys. I only help people save money on mortgages and protect their familie nowadays, I can’t continue the B.S!!! I’ve woken up. Companies are over valued and bonds are too. The whole system is a Ponzi scheme. It’s debt based and we need to have assets outside in case things go belly up! So I’m not saying don’t have a pension or an ISA etc but know it’s all traceable and could be nationalised without notice. If they did it to you what would / could you do???? If Corbyn gets in power I can see this happening in the first 4 years. By the way, I’ve been taking and re-taking Chartered Insurance Institute exams since 1999 and at no point do they mention gold and real money. I feel I was professionally brainwashed by the financial institutions behind the CII. These are the financial advisers telling you about the tax relief on pensions. If it sounds too good to be true it usually is!!!! The fact that all central banks hold gold, it proves its value and at the best of the day it’s how a currency is valued no matter what they tell you. Look at Venezuela looking to put some gold behind their currency again to stabilise it. Mark Twain said something like. You should be more concerned about the return OF your capital rather than the return ON your capital. Paper investments are exactly that. It looks good on paper.
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    A proper silver bar

    Forget your 10oz Gairsoppa shipwreck bars, this is the real deal. 1041.1 oz (32.38kg) https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/SS-Gairsoppa-Silver-Ingot-Shipwreck-Silver-Very-Rare/263864592096?ssPageName=STRK%3AMEBIDX%3AIT&_trksid=p2060353.m1438.l2649 If I had a little more tinder I would consider this. Dont forget to get your £50 off with the current ebay code
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    Today I Received.....

    Also, received two Gold Sovereigns from @TheCoinConnection, to add to my 2018 collection! Excellent service and superb condition Sovereigns! A 2018 Celebration Gold Sovereign Struck on the Day HRH Prince George 5th Birthday plus COA having the printed “650” mintage error. Photos taken from two vantages to show off details. And an awesome 2018 Piedfort Gold Sovereign Proof with an extremely low numbered COA. Photos taken from two vantages to show off details.
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    Today I Received.....

    Received a diverse little bit of gold over the past couple of days...Two 1950 Saudi Arabia Gold One Guinea (AU/BU). And a beautiful 2017 Mexico 1/2 oz Proof Gold Libertad with limited mintage of 700. Photos taken from two vantages to show off details.
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    Today I Received.....

    Couldn't wait for postie to arrive today, I did a wee bit of spending over the last couple of days, here's the spoils ... Big thanks to Goldmick for the 1/10oz Britannia Proof, I love it, so crisp, clean and cute. I also couldn't resist another HGM bullion lucky dip, it's kind of addictive not knowing what you're going to get, very pleased with the delivery.
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    End game / why stack / why collect

    Why do people stack. My story is a bit sad but I am happy to share. It comes from my lowest moment in life, I was trying to learn a trade so I volunteered 4 days a week with the local council as a Plumbing Volunteer on a government "switch program" where you work for free and the business pays your college for your qualifications. I worked the remaining 3 days at Asda stacking shelves living alone in a 1 bedroom flat struggling to keep my head above water financially. I remember it being Wednesday 2 days before my Asda payday and I was on the bus home and I noticed I had £5 in my back pocket and became overcome with glee as I realised I could treat myself! I got myself Fish Chips peas and Gravy walked home looking forwards to a rare treat. I got into my flat hit the light switch and it didn't come on. This is when I suddenly realised that £5 was for electric. I remember eating it in the window using the streetlight to see what I was eating as I cried as a 27 year old man. I never felt so low and disappointed in my life and wondered if it was even worth all this effort I was putting in. It was in that moment I decided I would do something when I got my career to secure my future financially. Today I am a Gas engineer for Britain's biggest Gas industry. I will carry that moment with me forever.
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    Dear members, it has come to my attention that the banned member @shamriKisob had sent some members suspicious private messages about a fantastic business opportunity, I suspect that opportunity was likely less than fantastic. If you get any suspicious private messages from new members please do not reply, but instead hit the report button, all private messages that are reported allow the moderators to see the conversation (otherwise PMs remain private and we can't see) this will bring any suspicious new members onto our radar and we will keep an eye out on them, or possibly disable their private messaging abilities. Please note that having premium or gold premium membership does not necessarily guarantee a members honesty, please also pay attention to the members join date and how active they have been on the forums. I am considering a new membership tier for premium or gold premium members to upgrade to which will only be available for long standing premium and gold premium members who have shown credibility and dedication to the community over the years. I am just trying to think about what other benefits such a membership level could also include to make it worthwhile, any suggestions please PM me. Many thanks to all members who make this forum great, both premium and gold premium members as well as all of our standard members, and hopefully we can keep all scammers well away from our community.
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    Today I bought.....

    1/4 oz gold QB Griffin.
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    Today I bought.....

    During the week, I bought two more gold sovs from HGM. 1906 and 1981. I think I 've got over 50 sovs now.
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    Today I bought.....

    New to the panda family , thanks @Numistacker for bringing them across the pond
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    Hi @Blockhead, just got back on myself. My NGC slabs aren't nearly as bad but some have bad milk spots (but to be fair to sellers some of them were mentioned). Canadian coins are bad but also philharmonics and Somalian elephants. Certainly changed my strategy going forwards. Added 0 minutes later... Aye, see it, just like my eagles.