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    Today I Received

    Hello, a very nice 1902 Brirtish proof sovereign arrived today to add to the collection of older proof coins.
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    Today I Received

    A lovely 1883-S shield, betters the one in my collection which is always nice!
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    Half sovereign Golden Finale

    *withdrawn for now. I was meant to be in the UK this weekend but postponed until July 11th (ish)*
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    Thats my mind made up. Next order will be with them.
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    100oz Johnson Matthey silver bar

    100oz Johnson Matthey silver bar £1470 posted special delivery
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    Today I made.....

    Today I made this
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    Today I made.....

    Made an mirrored heart for a forum member's special occasion! Love this one a lot - but not so much the blister on my finger ?
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    5 oz silver bars

    Just recieved my shiney new 5oz Scottsdale Bar from StackSellRepeat .... what a beauty
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    1998 5 Yuan 1/20oz Gold Panda MS69

    I have for sale a 1998 5 Yuan 1/20oz Gold Small Date Panda graded MS69 by NGC. Price is £650 + Postage Payment by bank transfer or PayPal F&F
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    1.13€/£ Which according to the Googles isn't too bad:
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    Silver Bars

    1kg Merkur Bank silver Bar £453 Sold 500 grams public silver bar £232 sold 500 grams Baird and co £230 Plus postage
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    If thats the case then thats awesome actually. Delivery for 6 euros and no transfer fee (besides the exchange rate premium). They may have just gained a customer in me.
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    Today I made.....

    SUPERB !
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    Thought i would give Eldorado a try recently. Received the order today, and everything was perfect. Ordered some capsule stock in different sizes, plus some coins. The coins i ordered, even though they don't come capsuled, Eldorado capsule them. Nice. Coins are competitively priced, especially when also taking account of the very reasonable shipping costs. Good simple ordering, fast shipping, quality products. Happy to go to again.
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    Only just got my last lot from the post office depot, but I'll be having a look tonight for sure... Is there a website that shows what www.goldsilver.be is selling? (now THAT'S sarcasm!)
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    They are a large organisation. Think of the layers of management, HR officials etc your request will have to filter through. They won't want to commit to paying you until they are sure you comply with the miriad of HR regulations; equality, diversity, H&S, dignity at work etc so they can't get sued. They may have to assign you some paid leave too!
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    Fractionals and fakes

    A very interesting question! I know @Oystonout likes his fractionals and will be interested in any answers as well as me
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    Today I bought.....

    Just bought six 2002 half sovereigns from HGM.
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    World coins & medals

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    Today I Received

    Got the 1941 on Saturday but my friend gave me my mail late Now I have the war years, at least P mint. There is also S & D. I was actually going to sell the two I already had but decided to complete this small sample instead. It is commonly called a Mercury Dime but it's actually a Winged Head Liberty Dime. 1946 starts with the Roosevelt Dimes. Dimes are 90% silver up to and including 1964.
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    Might get 1 as it looks pretty cool and there are different types of birds of paradise... "The 39 species of birds-of-paradise include tiny, starling-sized birds and big, crow-sized birds; birds in vivid blues, greens, and reds; birds with head plumes, tail plumes, back plumes, chest plumes, and no plumes; mountain birds and swamp birds; branch dancers, pole dancers, ballerina dancers." Looks like it will be a continuous series but think it will be more 'exciting' than seeing kookaburra, or emus in 'different poses'...?
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    Queen's Beasts ?

    The lion because it has shot up in price.
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    "Balance is incredibly important". Agreed. Putting 100% of your wealth or even leveraging >100% is not wise. But by the same token, people use these standard tropes as a first-line defense for their own ignorance. They'll justify buying at stupid prices touting "long term" and "diversification". So there is a a fine line that needs to be walked between ignorance and knowing how much risk is acceptable. Life is considerably more complex than the straight yes/no right/wrong polarisations that the media want to categorize everything. If you understand and apply that then you already have a considerable edge.
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    Today I bought.....

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    Icons of Route 66

    New novelty "round" from apmex. I think I'll get the series. It's cheap enough.