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  1. I’m left wing but this is way above politics. I will have my fingers crossed that he makes it. He is human and deserves the full support of the nation. Get well soon Mr Johnson!!
  2. That’s not good news for Boris. Let’s hope he is ok! A few things we have been noticing. Those who are male, hypertensive, diabetic and overweight seem to get a more severe disease. I am not saying Boris is any of these but these are things we are currently seeing.
  3. We were collectively hoping you would sir. You are a fountain of knowledge and it would be lovely to ask you some questions!
  4. I just send it straight back in the pre-paid envelop, gets me to walk the mile or so to the post box at least.
  5. Come payday this month I would be interested in a libertad, I am sure you would be able to shift most of that above spot at the moment!
  6. Also needs a bit of knowledge about what is hot and what is not. I have a small urban art collection. I will possibly sell a small % of it over the coming months to buy more gold.
  7. Part of the reason for buying PMs is a fear of economic collapse. I also have been prepping for the last year, seems my worries were not stupid as I was thinking they were last summer. If we have an economic collapse it will be disastrous but not as bad for me as if this had happened a year ago.
  8. Sorry its partly my fault. I will stop all this silly nonsense from my end. I am sorry for making this worse.
  9. I should listen to Mr Shuggy and not respond, so this is the last I will be saying to you. Sorry Shuggy for spoiling the train of comments here, I am trying to not respond to these people but they are getting to me and I am tired.
  10. Very true! We just need to be kind to one another. Sorry to hear about your neighbours.
  11. I hope it doesn’t last to long. It’s a tragedy and incredibly sad. People are really suffering and it breaks my heart to be honest.
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