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    • This is copied and pasted from Martin Lewis's site,   The problem with BBC/TVL's approach is that their letters/enquiries are non-statutory, so unlike many other "official" agencies, there is no obligation to respond, and they have no right to imply otherwise, or to base other enforcement actions on whether you have responded or not.

      Further: they don't say what happens if you respond to the letters, but then exercise your rights to prevent them entering your home - does that make matters worse, better or make no difference?

      If you do nothing, they keep sending them. Many legitimately unlicensed people report receiving one letter per month indefinitely. (Or as the BBC would say, about 43 million enforcement letters for the whole country in a year).

      To add insult to injury, doing what they want may or may not stop the letters - again, many people report having informed TVL multiple times that they do not need a Licence, but they are still receiving letters. Personally, I think Nick_C has a point, and there is little harm in filling in the online form. Using a fake name on that form is not illegal, and it will help you identify letters and callers from TVL in the future. Indeed, they may trip up on their own Data Protection policies when they ask for "Albert Arkwright" and you tell them that he doesn't live there, but they may catch him down at the cornershop.  

      If you want to take a principled stand, you have three main choices-

      - ignore the letters.

      - complain about the letters (or make an official complaint of any kind against TVL). This usually stops them - it has done for me.

      - use a "Cease and Desist" letter (text below).

        “ Dear TVL,

      Please Cease and Desist from sending your mass mailings regarding Licence enforcement to this address. I find these letters offensive and misleading.

    • I agree with you completely. In my case it's a secluded private property (unexpected visitors are rare and quite distressing tbh) with no need at all for a licence (there is no cable or satellite etc). I have friends who were so incensed by the Jimmy Savile cover-up that they wrote and said they would never pay a penny towards a Corporation that has institutionalised paedophilia as part of its continuing set-up. They've all been left alone since, but I'd rather not get into that argument with the BBC/Capita. I just want a way to tell them once and for all to eff off and never come back!
    • Many thanks for the frank advice BYB, it is not the course I will be pursuing but it's great to have input with different views  Also, I think it proves much of what @Paul has said, what a racket! My best friend's brother in law works for Capita (or an affiliate), in a very different division. Basically one that's contracted by the British government to sell arms (one of our biggest exports) as its agent. My best friend says that they are arming both sides in Syria for example (just as the US bankers funded all sides in both world wars - look at Prescott Bush for example to see how the Bush family got so rich) and that it's outsourced to a 'private company' like that so the government can claim 'plausible deniability'...I'm sorry I digress... I am 100% not paying to contract with this lot, I've politely told them that, the question is how to get them to sod off once and for all and stop them trespassing! I know there's lots on Youtube where folk film them at the door and even call the police against their intimidation but I'd like to send a letter that stops that even potentially happening, @Paul's addressed that with the letter of 'aggravated trespass'. That's what I'd heard and very much along the lines of what I was thinking, along with a schedule of fees just as he suggests. Does anyone have a template letter or shall I just wing it?    
    • We pay our TV licence, BUT I do not agree with it in any way shape or form, if we stopped paying SKY they would just cut it off, our water supply or anything else, yet we are told that we HAVE to pay this, which is wrong, I think if more people refused to pay this then there would have to be a major shakeup, I would be happy not to have any BBC content on my TV and be content in the knowledge that I am no longer paying money towards a company that paid millions towards the salarys of paedophiles, and of the covering up of their crimes.    
    • 3 half shields from HGM.  lady said 1892 and 2 1837’s but not sure if she meant 1887 will find out Wednesday