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No comments. Just beautiful photos shared by our members for your viewing pleasure. 

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Use the topics below to upload your photos in the relevant section. The Photo Only Topics are for photos only, a description with your photo upload is allowed but please do not use the Photo Only Topics for discussion. This is so that these topics are optimised for viewing pleasure :) 

There is a Photo Only Discussion Topic found here to discuss uploads: https://thesilverforum.com/topic/4720-photo-only-topics-discussion-thread/

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    • Make sure you don't cough or sneeze when the coin is out of its box...
    • They talk about the Mediterranean diet for good health but I believe sunlight is possibly more of a benefit than olive oil and sardines. Nowadays few of us have the time in our busy schedules to get outdoors and if we do especially in winter it is dark. More and more people seem to be suffering from heartburn and indigestion relying on Gaviscon and similar anti-acids. There are over the counter remedies involving a pill in the morning that stops excess stomach acid being produced so avoiding the need to reach for the Rennies or Gaviscon in the middle of the night. I know more and more people being prescribed Omeprazole which seems to be extremely effective and can be purchased in pharmacies in the USA in giant tubs. If you suffer from regular heartburn then Omeprazole is definitely a long term solution BUT this drug prevents adequate absorption of vitamin B12 which you already know is essential for healthy red blood cells etc and lack of B12 will definitely make you feel tired and lethargic. The solution is to take a B12 supplement. Reading about this further it is a problem for vegans and they also need to take this vitamin, some by injection apparently. Everything points back to a varied diet as nature intended and if humans were meant to graze we would have had 2 stomachs and no canine or incisor teeth.
    • This! Check out Michael Pollen's book "in defence of food". Really eye opening how the FDA really don't know what the hell they are talking about, as it compares diets all around the world to the western diet and the effects it has on our body. Vitamins A D E K are ALL fat soluble, which means you need to take in fats with your diet order to absorb them fully. Vitamins B and C are water soluble, which means the same as above but only with water.  If your struggling to get your vitamin b12 in, I would recommend looking at growing your own vegetables and not washing the dirt off (obviously take the lumps etc off with your hands) soil contains natural sources of b12. Also if you like marmite then also a winner. I'm trying to find the details of vitamins & minerals from my course on my laptop, if ill find it ill attach it as its super helpful.  
    • Thyroid size is normal, no swelling/ulcer on my tongue/mouth/throat. eyes are normal I guess, pretty handsome 33 years old guy 😛. But yea I am underweight and it happened all of a sudden. My vitamin D was 22"ml"  (can't remember the proper unit) when I last checked 6 month ago, took the vitamin D tablets course and that's it. But yea I used to have these half moons (Lunula) but they are gone now.  Any ideas what's wrong with me doctor 😋?