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    • Thanks for posting - He makes some good points. I was at a family & friends Christmas get together just yesterday, around half dozen families, married with their children.  All the kids are under 16 are on smartphones, the parents not seeing this anything at all bad wrong or just damn bad manners  They are so so perfect and wonderful parents with their wonder children.   I try to be polite interact, question & ask each of them, about school, things & stuff . I get one word replies and responses, while they return for their next dopamine fix from the glowing distract device in their hand. Social skills from every child there was just awful I just keep my mouth shut, enjoy my little bit food and remember this sketch by legend George Carlin on "Children" Back when i was a kid i remembered chatting with my old granddad for hours as he would tell me tales and stories of his travels and the world.  Learning me about gardening, flowers, bird types amongst other things  
    • I don't see what's wrong with doing exactly what they are doing. When someone does something bad , he must be punished until he apologises  I will stop acting this way when our elites and the big corporation who are pushing us into ideas I don't like formally apologize for labeling people with my ideas  nazis ,racists ,etc .I would accept their apologies , but they don't , until they do , i will use their tactics. I am very tolerant , I have never refused to debate anyone , and will always explain my vision. You just cannot accept that some parts of this vision is different.
    • This site is the biggest echo chamber there is!!  
    • I'm a not even left wing! I didn't vote for labour and I'm all for free speech. Actually I sympathise with you about censorship particularly on public platforms. There should be no place for it. Ideas should be exchanged and robustly challenged.  Your reaction is typical of someone in an echo chamber. I criticised the fact that you are all agreeing with each other without thought. You are doing exactly what you're accusing the left of.  If you criticize Judaism the way you do in this world you will rightly and correctly be labelled a racist. Zionism, fair enough, but you criticise the religion and believe Catholicism is the only true religion that had legitimacy. That's hardened intolerance. I don't mind you not agree with homosexuality but you talk about them as if deciding where to put your penis makes you dangerous. You are behaving and parroting nazi ideology, if you don't want to be called a nazi then don't act like one!
    • You could fill them....  if not I'll pay you £5 lol 😂