Receiver Date Comment Sender  
StackSellRepeat StackSellRepeat 21/10/18 Excellent service from start to finish A* coppernut coppernut
prophet800 prophet800 21/10/18 Nice communication, & great deal on a Zanzibar coin h103efa h103efa
arshimo2012 arshimo2012 21/10/18 Perfect deal, nice communication, fast shipping and very good packaging! :) h103efa h103efa
Sparrowlegs4 Sparrowlegs4 21/10/18 Great to deal with, super service. h103efa h103efa
Quicksand005 Quicksand005 21/10/18 3 gold coins arrived well packed, very easy dealing thanks very much. Marc Marc
Abyss Abyss 20/10/18 As always, nice easy trade and lightning fast payment thank you richatthecroft richatthecroft
zeusss4 zeusss4 20/10/18 A+ Thanks Josh Josh
Abyss Abyss 20/10/18 Prompt payment and very helpful A+ Josh Josh
richatthecroft richatthecroft 20/10/18 Thank you very well packaged. Appreciate you selling me your spare 1 oz Proof Queens Beast coins. Abyss Abyss
Josh Josh 20/10/18 Very fast delivery of a platinum Britannia. Good seller, would happily buy again zeusss4 zeusss4
Gordon Gordon 19/10/18 Thank you for selling these wonderful amazing coins. Love them. Abyss Abyss
Abyss Abyss 19/10/18 I sold this member 5 1oz gold queens beast coins. A very nice guy Not a problem Gordon Gordon
silversurf silversurf 19/10/18 Silver Brits great condition and received promptly. Many thanks Piggybank Piggybank Piggybank
Pete Pete 19/10/18 A+++++ thank you arshimo2012 arshimo2012
Willike Willike 18/10/18 A+++++ thank you arshimo2012 arshimo2012
Kritika Kritika 18/10/18 Great seller, fast delivery. lubi29 lubi29
lubi29 lubi29 18/10/18 Great to do business with, fast payment AAA+++ Kritika Kritika
Willike Willike 18/10/18 STERLING CHAP A OUTSTANDING ADDITION TO THE SILVER FORUM 👍 StackSellRepeat StackSellRepeat
arshimo2012 arshimo2012 18/10/18 Terrific as usual - many thanks Pete Pete
Josh Josh 18/10/18 Thank you for the coins fast delivery. Abyss Abyss
sixgun sixgun 18/10/18 BRILLIANT TRANSACTION AS ALWAYS MANY THANKS 👍👍👍 StackSellRepeat StackSellRepeat
Kritika Kritika 17/10/18 All good, thanks. MickD MickD
MickD MickD 17/10/18 Brilliant to deal with fast payment AAA+++ Kritika Kritika
mikeiones32 mikeiones32 17/10/18 A+++++ thank you arshimo2012 arshimo2012
richatthecroft richatthecroft 17/10/18 A+++++ thank you arshimo2012 arshimo2012