Receiver Date Comment Sender  
oliversw5 oliversw5 18/06/18 Superb buyer, instant payment - friendly emails - great guy. happily deal with him again A+ Paul Paul
boon boon 18/06/18 Always a pleasure! ilovesilverireallydo ilovesilverireallydo
PolarPanda PolarPanda 17/06/18 Lovely coin, great price. Top seller :) Thank you. Harry Harry
oliversw5 oliversw5 17/06/18 Super nice chap to deal with, good to his word, ultra-fast instant payer no messing. Would happily deal again A++++++++++++++++ Paul Paul
JunkBond JunkBond 17/06/18 INSTANT payment for his item. Super quick and nice and friendly emails A+ item posting out 17/06 for delivery 18/06 Paul Paul
Cornishfarmer Cornishfarmer 17/06/18 Instant payment and friendly emails - nice to deal with a forum regular - top bloke - hope you like your items A+ Paul Paul
ilovesilverireallydo ilovesilverireallydo 17/06/18 Great guy to deal with again- will continue to trade with him :) thanks! boon boon
Pete Pete 17/06/18 Wonderful buyer - instant payment - no hassles. Nice communications & long established forum member - Super Reliable A+ Paul Paul
MancunianStacker MancunianStacker 17/06/18 A+++++ thank you arshimo2012 arshimo2012
MancunianStacker MancunianStacker 16/06/18 Super fast and efficient sale. Payment transferred immediately. Pleasure doing business. Thank you zeusss4 zeusss4
zeusss4 zeusss4 16/06/18 Bought a lovely old Sovereign at weekend! Arrived on the Tuesday. Fantastic. Thanks! MancunianStacker MancunianStacker
arshimo2012 arshimo2012 16/06/18 Bought two lovely old coins from Arshimo worth £750 at weekend. Arrived on the Tuesday. Thanks Ash!! MancunianStacker MancunianStacker
mondy41 mondy41 16/06/18 A+++++ thank you arshimo2012 arshimo2012
Pete Pete 16/06/18 A+++++ thank you arshimo2012 arshimo2012
smithy117 smithy117 15/06/18 Nice and easy trade. Done how it should be. Would definitely deal with again. Thank you zeusss4 zeusss4
arshimo2012 arshimo2012 15/06/18 Super as usual Pete Pete
arshimo2012 arshimo2012 15/06/18 Excellent as always - Thank you! mondy41 mondy41
Pete Pete 13/06/18 A+++++ thank you arshimo2012 arshimo2012
screamingeagle screamingeagle 13/06/18 10oz Perth silver, great transaction, delivery and price. augur augur
arshimo2012 arshimo2012 13/06/18 Superb seller Pete Pete
PansPurse PansPurse 13/06/18 Fast payment, good communication. +++++ seXes seXes
Sovereign Sovereign 11/06/18 Lovely item, no problems here. Shinus73 Shinus73
kneehow2018 kneehow2018 11/06/18 Lovely item, no problems here. Shinus73 Shinus73
boon boon 10/06/18 Another positive experience trading @boon. Thank you. richatthecroft richatthecroft
richatthecroft richatthecroft 10/06/18 Superb guy to deal with. Looking forward to next time :) boon boon