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  2. Reduced 2019 Rectangle dragons (5) by £1
  3. Today
  4. cheers but my offer is firm as well
  5. here is what i have from those you need : 1890 s x 1 1878 x 1 1879 x 2 1879 s x 1 1891 o x 2 let me know what you offer for those , im not particularly collecting morgan dollars just silver in general so if you have other silver pieces to offer it would be better for me
  6. @LawrenceChard, thanks very much for clarifying the confusion which some forum members have between official restrikes and forgeries. There’s no real reason why official restrikes should be looked down upon judged by the sheer popularity of my Marianne Rooster restrike.
  7. was considering if i should get a set my self , then i see your comment
  8. opting to sell then buy, as advised, the easier option.
  9. It’s ok just looked at pics I take it 3 x1964 lol you wrote 3 x 1965 in post lol
  10. 1st & only bump up for rare Griffin, if not sold today I'll withdraw it 1st thing tomorrow morning. Quite happy to keep it for another time or future QB trade. Anyone from outside the UK I will hold it for a small deposit £10 until this Corona situation is sorted.
  11. 😂 😂 Potential ingestion problem in years gone by- particularly at Christmas when stirred into the Christmas Pudding.
  12. Yesterday
  13. What have you got left please? Looking to buy both gold and silver.
  14. Which ones are left please? Zooming on the pic is a little blurry (or am I blurry...?) plus not sure what's sold. Thank you 👍
  15. Hi whuamai, Great collection you have! Can you send pictures of 100 Kurush Ottoman Empire 1x 1293/23 und 1277/4- Im interested in 1, possibly both. Kind Regards, John
  16. Last week
  17. I'll take you up on that if still available, PM me with cheapest post option + payment details
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