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  2. Had the stream in the background and phased out so if it was mentioned I missed it.. But if this site is legit
  3. I only found this group by chance, I hold crypto but wish I had invested in Gold 😂 However i’m in it for the long term, at least there are now signs of mainstream adoption.
  4. We should find out after 7pm tomorrow. If it was a false rumour then this recent run will probably reverse. The price will probably let us know before the event does. https://www.samsung.com/uk/unpacked/
  5. A Nano/Ledger is like having funds in safe, nice a secure but not to hand. Mobile wallet app having funds in your wallet. It will help adoption, tech media will talk about, some people will try it who wouldn't otherwise.
  6. A little bit for general spend would be alright. A pre-installed wallet for the masses would be great if it's true.
  7. I've been following this. It looks good but im not sure i'd want to keep my crypto in a software wallet on my phone. im going Nano X.
  8. What do you think of this? Could it be photoshopped or maybe even a photo on the phone instead of an app. The Galaxy S10 launch is Feb 20th so we'll know then. https://twitter.com/GregiPfister89/status/1087607305301045248/photo/1?ref_src=twsrc^tfw|twcamp^tweetembed|twterm^1087607305301045248&ref_url=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.ccn.com%2Fsamsung-galaxy-s10-bitcoin-wallet-leaked-by-insider-is-it-official
  9. HH - I certainly agree that averaging in over the next few months may be the sensible approach, as timing the bottom is a big ask ....and as the action since Sunday showed, prices could still drop off this base ! My issue is still BTC or alts.... i know what you mean about alts sometimes being swept aside by newer trendier rivals. My approach has been to hedge with some BTC and use some to convert into alts. Got to have some BTcc
  10. The ETF pull had no impact on the market so that looks like a huge positive sign. To me this dip from $6000 feels quite similar to the drop to $150 in Jan 2015. That bounced quickly but climbing out of this hole seems to be in slow motion but the market had a lot more steam to let off. You could draw a big downward wedge on the chart and suggest $2800-$2500 might be hit but at this stage it seems neither here or there to me. In fact it seems to have walked though the downtrend line which goes all the way back to 20k. I think we are going to have a bit of an accumulation stage but with events coming later in the year such as the litecoin halving, traders will start to front run this. I can see the whole crypto market aiming higher by May. I did sell some to fiat higher up but Ive traded alts into btc throughout this whole downturn. My advice will always be the same that alt coins should only be used for trading to grow your bitcoin. Yes they can outperform bitcoin at times when we have a bull run but even then you should sell back to btc and look for the next alt to get in to. In a bear market you see what happens to alts - And when the bull market comes they may be replaced by better new alts. Have a look at the historical lists on coinmarketcap from a few years back and see how many kept their ranking. So if you are just going to buy and hold then it's safer to just buy bitcoin. If you're going to trade then don't expect to get any sleep. It's squeaky-bum time for me at the minute with GRIN. It looks like somehow I bought the bottom in the $2 range but I'm up at 3am watching the screen. I've been mentioning crypto to a few people I know again and suggesting the best way to go is buy a little bit each month. An amount you won't miss like you're paying a utility bill. I think it's a good time to start because people hate it at the moment and that's been the best time to buy in the past. A warning video below from 2015. As true now as ever.................................................................. .................apart from the Cryptsy exchange bit since they exit scammed.
  11. I'm expecting btc to hit around $1800 sometime between May and August, so i'm sitting out of everything right now, considering that Vaneck pulled their ETF application more poo will be hitting the fan sooner or later and the wild west should continue until 2020
  12. To me this is a key question ( as I failed to take enough gains back in Jan 2018) .....but in fact there is only one choice I can impact now, and thats whether I should be buying loads of CC right now. After thinking about this a lot (as us HODLErs have had plenty time in the bear market to think about it😥) I realize that while its difficult to erase the past, or the prices paid for current positions, my intuition (will not call it skill because its effectively gambling) is too buy big this Spring when sentiment is still rock bottom and prices low. Of course - fewer coins will survivve and rise in the next bull run , and are we really at the bottom? For what its worth, looking at the alts down over 80% those I may be tempted to dip back into include SUB, NANO, OMG, ADA. XRP and XLM did not drop quite so much...and may even have a use-case 😉. Ones that I think will never recover include DENT, NAV, CVC, MCO... For me - jury ia out on ETH and LTC ....so for a base play its still BTC thoughts on your current strategies? I am not rushing back in get , but I hope I dont regret that if a bull season opens ! Lindeman
  13. Hi, another Guardian article. https://www.theguardian.com/commentisfree/2019/jan/17/bitcoin-big-oil-environment-energy Deputydog
  14. Hi, another Guardian article. https://www.theguardian.com/technology/2019/jan/11/experience-i-lost-1m-on-bitcoin Thanks Deputydog
  15. Hi, another Guardian article. https://www.theguardian.com/technology/2019/jan/04/bitcoin-after-10-wild-years-what-next-for-cryptocurrencies Thanks Deputydog
  16. Getting back on topic, today I bought a stack of AMB. Not a massive fan from a FA perspective but I think it'll do well in the short to medium term.
  17. I'm not much of a trader but I run a crypto mining operation on the side and have been involved in the space for quite a few years. I have some ETH that I mined shortly after release but it's in the HODL pile till we see if they get any real traction. Our project is actually looking to compete toe to toe with tech' platforms like ETH. Only we have a much larger infrastructure network and already have privacy features that open up a host of different options for creating utility. Our first mainstream product will be out in the next month or 2, a dVPN built on top of our node network. Not here to shill so I'll leave it at that. I'm a total noob when it comes to PM's but I'm here to learn and in return, I'll do my best to help answer questions about blockchain, DLT and cryptocurrencies whenever I can.
  18. I'm out of ETH (for now at least). I don't want to give back any profit if I can help it so will only look for quick trades now. The block reward reduction makes this ETH fork a bit different to the BCH split fork but you are correct that it's usually more profitable to try to front run the market. Any large btc moves over the next week would add an extra moving part to contend with.
  19. We could be seeing a bit of a bull trap on ETH atm. BCH peaked around 7 days prior to the fork, suspect we'll see similar with ETH.
  20. Another Guardian article. https://www.theguardian.com/commentisfree/2019/jan/03/10th-birthday-bitcoin-cryptocurrency Thanks Deputydog
  21. Anybody who bought ETH at the above prices might want to think about a pull back here and maybe rebuy lower... current eth/ btc price 0.036 I am looking for it to return to the base around 0.053 at some point before Constantinople. Maybe a peak being around a week before.
  22. Hi, another Guardian article. https://www.theguardian.com/technology/2018/dec/20/bitcoin-may-be-overseen-by-uks-financial-regulator Thanks Deputydog
  23. Not much to add from me but So tempted to add another hundred NEO today.