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  2. yep, been in and out of it alot, would have made more just holding though lol.
  3. Have....you....seen...the....price...of XRP over the last 12+hours wow!
  4. Another Guardian article. https://www.theguardian.com/technology/2018/sep/19/time-to-regulate-bitcoin-says-treasury-committee-report Thanks Deputydog
  5. Hi, another Guardian article https://www.theguardian.com/technology/2018/sep/11/stable-coins-bitcoin-cryptocurrencies-tether Thanks Deputydog
  6. Hi, some more Guardian articles. https://www.theguardian.com/changingmediasummit/video/2018/aug/09/the-perfect-storm-building-a-crypto-utopia-in-puerto-rico-video https://www.theguardian.com/technology/audio/2018/aug/24/blockchains-chips-with-everything-podcast Thanks Deputydog
  7. on Reddit r/BitcoinUK it was remarked that they intend to get all UK activated on GBP by end of September.
  8. My GBP deposit button is grey and unclickable. If I click GBP withdraw it says that it will convert to Euros before they send to my bank.
  9. Coinbase GBP came available for me on Thursday. They have a Barclays account, so im hopeful banks wont start blocking it and is useful info if they do. UK banks really need to sort out their unofficial embargo on crypto, when so many related companies are set up in the UK.
  10. Has anybody got the option to deposit/withdraw £GBP with coinbase yet? The portal suggests it's available to all but I've still only got SEPA Euro as an option. https://support.coinbase.com/customer/portal/articles/2949612-payment-methods-for-uk-customers
  11. So, this morning I traded all my Bitcoin in favor of Digibyte. I only had about 0.12 of a Bitcoin and it was very underwhelming to say the least. I heard some good things about Digibyte, and so thought what the hell. Im pretty pleased with my decision and don’t have any regrets so far. Apart from the fact i traded them using ShapeShift, which took about 10 mins to process and in that time bitcoin dropped about £20 . I’m in it for the long haul, and i don’t see Digibyte ever going boom like Bitcoin did. But even if it takes years and only gets to a $ I’ll be a very happy Chappy indeed. Anyway just wanted to share with you guys and get your opinions. Has anyone else invested in Digibyte. I never like to predict prices but I have a good feeling like many others about this one.
  12. Hi, here is a video from the Guardian newspaper. https://www.theguardian.com/changingmediasummit/video/2018/aug/09/the-perfect-storm-building-a-crypto-utopia-in-puerto-rico-video Thanks Deputydog
  13. It should be available to all UK users soon.
  14. Is that the quarterly announcement they will add or an announcement they actually have added £. I do hope so as exiting is likely to be a pain with the mobile apps that provide currency transfers.
  15. https://www.coindesk.com/coinbase-adds-british-pound-for-uk-crypto-users/
  16. Hi, another Guardian article. https://www.theguardian.com/technology/2018/jul/16/uk-strong-position-leader-crypto-economy-global-hub-blockchain-technology-report-says Thanks Deputydog
  17. Sure - basic stuff like in any asset class. This is nothing to do with emotion - its based on confidence in the potential of blockchain technology and technical analysis of the cyclical nature of the crypto bull and bear runs. We have had a correction essentially of the same magnitude as previous years, so its a reasonable expectation that we will swing up again.
  18. Today i bought 0.03BTC trying to accumulate again just now
  19. Don’t chase the bottom it rarely works. Buy low sell high as long as you make a profit that’s all that matters. Don’t let your emotions trade. I’m sure you’ll do great.
  20. So far so good, but atill not convinced this is not a “dead cat bounce”. HH - i usually buy on Kraken or GDAX and then store on a Ledger Nano S. Also on KuCoin, Bittrex and OKex for some of the more exotic Alts ( ie the ones that i have lost 90% on ?). Still HODLing through with an altfolio i bought last summer / fall. Optimistic for the coming months- but smarter about my exit points this time.
  21. I hope your timing is good. What sort of wallet are you using (or are you trading)?
  22. Brave, time will tell if its stupid. Enjoy the ride.
  23. Well - a couple of days ago, as i was bravely / stupidly trying to time the bottom, 1 BTC and 15 LTC. Wish me luck! I am hoping that we see a nice late summer rally like in 2017 but i have absolutely no real data on which to base that hope. We need volume, Big institutional / pension fund money and finally FOMO all to kick in (in that order!) lindeman
  24. I'm from Quebec, where the amount of electricity given to that industry is around 6o times the amount of megawatt it takes for a metallica concert. What the others mentioned above here is almost valid here as well, and although I did look into this as a way to just sit back and enjoy the dividends, after some quick calculations I took step backs instead. There are a few mining hives here in Montreal and other big cities( as mentioned here in these articles) https://www.cbc.ca/news/canada/montreal/sherbrooke-mayor-welcomes-quebec-owned-cryptocurrency-miner-set-to-create-up-to-250-jobs-1.4569969 and another was released by bloomberg canada recently. Even with dirt cheap electricity cost, I don't think it'd be a sound decision (for me at least) because I did some evaluation with charts and spoke with some pool owners and I could hardly break even if I was trying to make such a run. Here are websites for reference, one that has a chart comparing cost and efficiency( not exactly new and neither is the next link where a prospector tells his tale and how he ended ...unless his wife told him so, we'll never know) https://www.buybitcoinworldwide.com/mining/profitability/ https://www.quora.com/Is-anyone-making-money-in-bitcoin-mining-anymore He ends up in the red after years of investment and building to have a decent at home rig. Still, I guess, how can one small end-user make it big with a miner maybe two, even if buying used&not hosting this in their garage?
  25. Even the Comex has acknowledged that there is manipulation going on. They´ve offered awards for information about it so it´s not a conspiracy theory.
  26. This is usually people trying to make sense of loses and rationalise irrational market movements. They overlook the simple concept there may not be many buyers in the market. The general price decline has been accompanied with lowering volume. Pop analysis using mining costs as a floor is naive because most production occurred in the past when cost were lower, so miners remain in profit over longer term. They can also run operations at a loss for a period rather than nothing, because -10,% 20% is better than -100%.