New Premium Membership Tier - Established Member - WIN serial number 1 of 3oz TSF round


Established Membership

A new membership tier has been released and to celebrate this we are giving away the first ever 3oz TSF round, serial number 01! 

Established Membership is only available for members to purchase if they have been Gold Premium members for a minimum of 6 months without a break in payments or if they have been Premium Members for 1 year without a break in paid membership. To check eligibility or to purchase please PM ChrisSilver.

Remaining days of your Gold Premium or Premium membership that you have prepaid for will be refunded against your upgrade purchase of Established Membership. Clarification on your exact cost to upgrade will be told to you when you private message ChrisSilver, the upgrade cost for the first month is likely to be very small ,e.g.. only £1 if you have just paid your Gold Premium Membership renewal, or only 50p if you have half a month remaining until renewal.

Established Members get all of the benefits of Gold Premium Membership + added benefits: 

  • Established Member badge, shows other members that you are an Established Member.
  • Established Member Prefix on topics in the buy & sell trade section (Makes their topic more prominent to attract buyers) 
  • (ability to bookmark topics) {still in development. Feature will be released in near future}
  • Ability to automatically hide spam content (If 2 or more Established Members report a topic as spam to be hidden then the comment will be automatically hidden for review by moderators) [note that this feature is in test mode, and depending on the success of the use of this feature we may decide to adjust the number of established members required to hide a topic, keep this feature or remove it entirely]
  • New Hidden Forum In the staff section for Established members and moderators to discuss ways to improve the forum etc, + be the first to find out about upcoming releases and improvements on the forum, given a chance to discuss some ideas before they are made live.
  • New reaction Super Like (Counts as double the reputation points) 
  • member can use reactions to posts an unlimited amount of times (Gold Premium Membership limit is 40 per day)

    The Established Premium Membership option will be £9.99 per month
    The Established Premium Membership option will be £7.50 per month or a yearly subscription saving £15 per year
    To check eligibility or to purchase please PM ChrisSilver.


To view more details of the Established Member package view the link below: