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Chinese Panda small set?

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Hi guys

Need a bit of expert advice from all your experienced brains please if you don't mind?

Ive made up a small set of 1oz Chinese Pandas from 2004-2017. There are 15 in total as I have x2 2009's, one is a anniversary 2009. I also brought a nice case to put them in but I want to move them on now for something else I am doing.

I don't have a clue what to advertise them for?

Not trying to sell them on here underhand I really don't have a clue?

I know the best way is to sell them off individually but I can't be bothered with all the transactions, postage and stuff.

Thinking it's a cool starter set for someone I want to sell them as a whole unit.

What are your ideas on pricing?

I know there are some Panda experts here.



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9 hours ago, rebnah said:

Thanks for the info guys

Ive been offered £500 so far I will see what happens?

£500 is just about ok, but on the lower side IMHO. Push them up to £550 at least, but try for £600 if you can.

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Ill be interested in watching this, IMHO worth circa £450, however with anything in life it is always only worth what someone will pay,,

I will break it down...

2004,5 6 and 7 all £45 (£180)

08 £35

09s £30 (£60)

10 £28

11, 12 £25 (£50)

13 14 15 £22 (£66)

16 17 £20 (£40)

My valuation £459... I dont value the box but obviously others might!


I speak from experience when I say people wont value the time and effort it takes to put the collection together, in fact collections as you point out, sell for less than individual coins.

Good luck (I mean that genuinely!) getting the price




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