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Money created from thin air

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Find attached PDF from the bank of england explaining how money is magicked from thin air when someone takes out a loan.I know most people on here will be familiar with the process.

Anyway the next time someone calls you a bullshitter when you try to explain how our money is created and dont believe you when you say it comes from nothing!

You can refer them to this document from the horses mouth.Enjoy!


If you think deeply enough about it you will see that this method is inherrently deflationary and the only way to pay back these loans is the fofeiture of assets to the lender.ie.slavery.

Bankers not politicians or governments truly do rule the world.

The hand that gives is above the hand that takes.Napoleon.

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I particularly like the bit on the BOE website where it says that its pays a 25% dividend to the treasury once a year out of profits.Where does the other 75% go then?I thought it was supposed to be "nationalised" under Churchill?!

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Most of the currency is created when so-called 'loans' are created. 

The people think the bank loans them the money. The bank has nothing - they keep claiming they need bailing out so how can they have anything?

The man creates the credit by promising to stand surety for his legal fiction NAME. The vast majority of worth is the labour of the people. A gold mine, for example, has no value if the gold cannot be extracted. The labour of the people does this and unlocks the value.

The banks have nothing and create nothing other than deception. The bank is the debtor. The man's signature creates the credit so he must be the creditor, promising surety and his labour for fraudulent BoE promissory notes. 

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