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London Grenfell Tower Fire

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Having spent the afternoon in London chatting to strangers in some of the poorer parts of London, of all ethnic backgrounds and religions, I can say that sentiment among most who I talked to about this is 100% that of the videos, and these were people not directly involved (although some knew people local to the event - I do too but he lives on one of the most expensive roads in Chelsea). If I had gone to meet my friends in the City, the tourist spots etc no doubt things would have been completely different, but on the street even around central London and on the Tube of all places I felt a unity and saw simple acts of kindness I've never seen before, or probably rather are so long ago now I don't remember when it felt like that.

16 minutes ago, sovereignsteve said:

Why would they cover up the deaths of others over and above the numbers released? It makes no difference to how the government or the council would be regarded whether it's 50, 100 or 500 dead. Even if nobody lost their lives, the anti-goverment agitators will take the opportunity to criticise. There's more risk to the authorities being caught covering up extra deaths than the actual death toll being double that reported.



I think it makes a huge difference. I would say there would probably be riots, but the Muslims are too peaceful. They are planning marches, these would certainly be bigger. I think May would have to resign, and the country's leadership already hangs in the balance right now. She won't last that much longer, we all know that, but there will be a crisis if it happens now.

Whatever you think of the BBC, they will follow the official sources on such a tragedy. The legislation is already in place to keep people who know strictly in line under National Security (if required). Even if the local community get a proper list together between themselves and its loads more people it won't be broadcast later on by the media, will it? What are they going to say, the chiefs of police, the fire service, the local council and even the government lied to us and used us to lie to you? I can't see it somehow myself!

I hope the numbers are true, naturally, but it doesn't tally with the people known locally who lived there who haven't been seen since, and the families searching for loved ones who are getting no answers.

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46 minutes ago, sovereignsteve said:

You think the BBC is controlled by the government?:P

Why would they cover up the deaths of others over and above the numbers released? It makes no difference to how the government or the council would be regarded whether it's 50, 100 or 500 dead. Even if nobody lost their lives, the anti-goverment agitators will take the opportunity to criticise. There's more risk to the authorities being caught covering up extra deaths than the actual death toll being double that reported.



You think the BBC is not controlled? It even has a 'Controller'. They are telling you it is controlled. 

They let you know if it weren't obvious. http://www.independent.co.uk/news/uk/politics/the-bbc-is-worryingly-close-to-becoming-an-arm-of-the-government-says-its-own-former-chair-10368284.html

Do you think any of the major media outlets aren't controlled? The BBC receives funds from the EU - the EU is influencing what it does. The media is about public perception and opinion. It is most obvious in wartime when false stories are put out and stories buried. It has been going on for ever.


It looks like people have questioned whether the media is not releasing information. We know Tony Blair likes D notices to cover up for his paedophile colleagues. Nice from someone convicted of soliciting underage boys in public toilets.


That a 'newspaper' would run an article like this to deny something makes me suspicious. 

When we see incidents like this which could potentially be a lot bigger and a lot nastier, agitating the public will be viewed as not in the National interest. More than enough has been done to evict Theresa May and discredit government so as to soften Brexit to a meaningless token event. 



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They have a "controller" yes, but who controls the controller and does he/she really control editorial output?

So you're saying the BBC is directly controlled by the EU and a Tory government:rolleyes:

and if so how come they have spent the last few years peddling anti-govenment propaganda and pushing a socialist agenda whenever possible?

It's very easy to search the internet and find links that agree with whatever crackpot views you hold.



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I fully accept that a statement like the BBC and all mainstream and even sidestream media are controlled is a hard one to accept. It sounds like it comes from those tin foil hat paranoid ideas people have you are looking out the window at night with night vision binoculars for UFO's.

Who is government? 

Theresa May called the election. She had a majority and a mandate. She could have coasted to the end of the term. However she said there was insufficient mandate when in reality they had a referendum for a straight leave the EU, which the people were endlessly told would mean leaving the single market and everything else. There is no intention to leave the EU. There never was.

She called the election. The election was fought on a May v Corbin ticket. Then the Tories put forward a suicide manifesto of cutting pensions, pensioner benefits, raising some taxes and increased monitoring on the people. They could have lost. They did in effect lose. On the other hand Corbin becomes the man of the people. We have clearly seen the disparity in May and Corbin with this recent fire. Theresa May is finished. The way she has conducted things is apparently plain stupid and predictably self-destructive. It is my belief she was instructed to do what she did. The 'government' instructed her and like a good little puppet she has followed the script.

Putin did an interview recently when he spoke of 'men in dark suits' telling the US President how it is going to be. Saying the president isn't in charge.  Is Putin going conspiracy retard or has he given the world some insight into what goes on behind the scenes?  These men in dark suits are all over the world.

Have you ever wondered at times when there is a government reshuffle. A minister might be at the Department of Health but gets moved to Environment after 6 months earlier have been in charge of the Department of Industry. Ever wondered how they are able to run these departments with no experience? They can't and they don't. They aren't meant to. These people are self-serving and corrupt. This is why they land highly paid jobs after they leave for services rendered but not to the country. Tony Blair the war criminal is a case in point. 

The major media outlets have Intelligence Service operatives working there. i showed the video where it is admitted that is the case in the USA. It will be the same in the UK. Those who follow the line get promoted. The BBC has followed a Leftist programme forever b/c that is the ultimate One World Government programme. The window dressing government is not running the long term plans. i notice how parties say various things at election time but all end up doing pretty much the same when in office. There is an illusion of choice when no real choice exists other than to remove yourself from the system.

Take the recent French election. Millions of voting slips for Le Penn were torn before they were sent out so a vote using these would not count. Extra voting slips were sent to Macron voters. We saw in the US election where ballot boxes were discovered full of Clinton votes. Massive voter fraud is being uncovered. A hand above those in office is responsible for this.There was a Wikileaks leak about Macron just before polling day. The guy is a criminal. Nothing is being said and nothing is being done about it.

We heard about paedophilia in Westminster. We heard about historic child abuse. It is always historic and involves people who are now dead unless they are has been TV comedians or presenters. The Commissioner at the Met refused to look into the case of Cyril Smith on the grounds he was dead. The man had been abusing for years. It was known and nothing happened. Investigation would uncover living abusers in high office so nothing is done. The Intelligence Service hold control files on those in high office. Those who are or can be caught up in sexual scandals especially child abuse ones can be controlled.

A hero at the BBC was Jimmy Savile. For years he abused children. He was a child sex trafficker. He sorted things out. Many knew but he still rubs shoulders with Royalty, stays at Chequers at Christmas and gets knighted. He was protected, he was untouchable. But who is protecting him? Who is ensuring no-one at the BBC dobs him in? Who is ensuring he gets reward with Jim'll Fix It' a kids' programme for a paedophile? If ever there were a clue that the BBC is controlled by the hidden hand, the shadow government, the Deep State or whatever you want to call it, Jimmy Savile is proof. The system is riddled with paedophiles. That way the system can be controlled. The government can be controlled by those who really pull the strings. 

We saw this headline in the run up to the Brexit referendum.   "BBC has received £2m in EU funding in run up to referendum, fuelling accusations of bias."


The BBC has been taking backhanders from the EU for many years. This is contrary to its Charter, but no-one in power says anything, i wonder why? 

This post could get very long. The BBC is the propaganda arm of the Deep State. All the mainstream outlets are controlled. Any differences in opinion are inconsequential and to give an illusion of fair reporting. 

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