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Hi there, 

I have just started my interest in coins, predominantly silver, for collecting and investing.  I am currently interested in collecting sets and especially like world wildlife and landscapes.  For investing I have started stacking bullion, pandas, maple leaf, lunar, britannias and eagles are all of interest.  Any help or advice would be gratefully received.

Kind regards


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Hi Colin, welcome!

I'm pretty new too, also from Kent. I'm primarily a stacker now but do like my pandas (probably my silver 'weak spot' lol) I must say.

I hope you enjoy the forum as much as I have so far :)

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9 minutes ago, Agpanda said:

I do have a softspot for pandas

Check out my homepage, and use it like a referent library



I was looking at yourt site earlier today and very interesting indeed it all was, you have a great resource there for other collectors!

I won't be going for graded coins myself on these (too expensive!) but would really love to build as much of a date run as I can on these really beautiful coins :)


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