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SOLD Silver Pouring/casting Equipment (located in Canada)

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SOLD I have been collecting various items for silver pouring over the last year but it hasn't gone as smooth I'd like so I'm offering it for sale or possible trade. Everything is in excellent condition and Contents include,

1.Genuine Delft clay casting kit (60mm rings, instructions and approx. 3lbs of casting clay).

2. 100 gram graphite bar mold. 

3. 1/4,1/2,1oz graphite mold and 1 round graphite mold.

4. Set of alphabet stamps (27pcs) 4mm.

5. Set of number stamps (9pcs) 4mm.

6. Maple leaf stamp 6mm.

7. Set of tongs and 2 new crucibles and holder.

I am located in Canada and will ship at the buyers expense.  Looking to get SOLD obo for the lot or we can work out a trade.  Interested in US and Canada Junk silver, and gold/silver trades.  Thanks for looking.



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