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winner announced
April 2017 Premium Member Prize Draw

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Premium member April 2017 Prize Draw:

Please make sure you have read the information page here: https://thesilverforum.com/topic/3958-premium-member-prize-draws-information/

This months prize: 20.8g Baby Ripple bar produced by @BackyardBullion 




Gold Premium member Bonus Prize Pot:

Should the winner of the prize draw be a Gold Premium Member, you will also win;

a Silver 2014 BU 1oz Wedge Tailed Eagle coin,
2015 1oz Koala coin,
a £10 Amazon.co.uk Gift Card* and a 1/4oz Noah's Ark coin
and a 2013 1oz Stock Horse 
2016 1oz Kookaburra rolled over from the previous months draw. 
Added to the pot this month is a 
2013 lunar snake with lion privy

*If the winner is outside of the UK they will receive £10 equivalent as a PayPal transfer, or some other form of prize equivalent to the value.

If these prizes are not won, they will be rolled over to the next months prize draw and an additional prize will be added to the Gold Premium Member prize pot.

256653_2_1.jpg2015 1oz koala.jpg98363ce3-e0d8-4abb-b808-a77050d3126d.png._CB304373939__SR285,285_.png.jpeg2016-1-4-oz-silver-armenian-noahsark-rev.jpgstockhrose2013.png1 oz kook 2016.jpg2013-1oz-silver-australian-year-of-the-snake-privy-lion-obverse.jpg

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