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Tapatalk pic loading test

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Thanks guys. Right.....
Bowser upload on mobile is still working as it has always been.
Tapatalk attachment (paper clip) is still working as it has always been.
Tapatalk upload is now broken both in browser view as well as Tapatalk. Previous problem only affected browser viewing where a broken link was shown and viewed fine through Tapatalk. Since the "fix", both browser view and Tapatalk just shows [/img] tag.

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I've emailed TapaTalk again. To say that I am extremely frustrated and annoyed with there timely support is an understatement.

Unfortunately there isn't a similar alternative to TapaTalk and even their BYO forum branded app which I signed up for before and had to cancel due to their lack of timely response trying to fix a notification issue that was never resolved was not any better.

If anyone ever stumbled upon an alternative to TapaTak please let me know.

At some point in the future it is likely that web notifications for safari on IOS will be introduced and then notifications should come direct to your phone if you are signed into the web. But for now the only app I am aware of that works relatively OK is the tapatalk app. But up loading photos with tapatalk seems to work, which is rather rather annoying.


On 17/05/2017 at 11:05, morezone said:

Test upload using attachment option on Tapatalk


This works. I can view both via web and via tapatalk. It seems just uploading photos via TapaTalk is not working currently.

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3 hours ago, stackspot said:

Might be a dumb question but why does anyone need tapatalk on this forum?

Since I first noticed it on here it looked like an illness.

IOS doesn't support web notifications (not even sure if notifications work on chrome on android with the forum software yet, others can probably verify) alternative to using tapatalk would be enabling all email notifications and using the web version of the forum.

That may be annoying to get so many email notifications. An app based system really is best.

Others like tapatalk due to the fact that they follow many forums and can access them all from the same app. E.g. They could also be members of a car collectors forum or something. 

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