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GOLD DEALS - See a deal, post here :)

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3 hours ago, Pampfan said:

Crazy, how any dealer would sell gold below spot- 


Perhaps excess stock of an item bought some time ago when spot was lower?

Either way, I don't think they'll be losing any money on the sale

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7 halves.  I checked out 1 and it let me but while I was waiting for the page to finish loading someone else got them all.  Only 1 young head anyway.  I thought I had it with it letting me past the  checkout page and not throwing up the out of stock red cross straight away.

If only they stopped all the clicking no to bags and how you are paying rubbish. :)

No luck recently.  I managed a couple last week and got yet another 1892.

I also thought I was going to get a $5 liberty head from HGM but they said it wasn't up to scratch so they wouldn't send it out.  Then I saw another listed a few hours later only for it to be the same one back again.

I also missed out on a few items on DNW that I put prebids on by 1 bid.  Managed to catch some of Fridays auction live but there wasn't much I was after even though I bought a couple of little things just for the sake of buying something!

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6 minutes ago, sovereignsteve said:

At least they are applying a little care these days.

I was phoning them up about another order and they popped up whilst on the phone so I asked anyway. there was no COA or box but they were in good condition. I was going to pull the trigger on a couple but glad I didn't as someone unloaded a collection, I managed to snag some lunar 1 gold and some proof brits, an ounce of premium fractional :D

As for the years she only quoted me 6 of the 8. 3*1980, 2000, 1988 and 1993.

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