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Hi everyone, not sure everyone knows but COININVEST GMBH currently has free delivery on orders over £300. So this is gold and silver.
Use code PSHIPFREE18

Its apparently for the whole of this week, its on their Facebook. Facebook isn't linked to my laptop otherwise I'd post the link!
I hope it helps someone!

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15 hours ago, Kman said:

Not ideal :( but can't blame them mind, if people will pay the extra premium it would be silly not to ask for it 

Pity really because last time when they had the premium at 10% they stayed for ages so they dropped to 5%.    With them going so quickly this time think they will stick to the higher premium 

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2 minutes ago, BackyardBullion said:

I'm not sure that classes as a deal...

But see from your 3 smiley faces you suspect this too 😉

I have reported many fake coins but Ebay does nothing.Its all about money :angry:

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I reported them as counterfeits but it might take a few separate reports for the right employee to take notice.

Maybe a better tactic would be to message the seller to 'let them know' from a collector's opinion they look like blatant fakes.

It could well be that there's decent gold content in them, which some stackers might want. But we just can't know what carat, if any, until it's too late.

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