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for sale Pre-Order 2017 Panda Lunar Rooster - Shenyang mint medal

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As some of you are aware I am trying to use my contacts in China and Singapore to get some good deals for forum members on interesting medals.  Chinese medals are not for everyone and investment in Chinese medals is not a stacking ploy since the value of Chinese Medals is mostly in relation to the mint, the sponsor, the design and the innovation shown.

I have been trying to work out what series will be the winners and what will be the losers for Western Investors. The background is that there are many medals produced each year and only some of these will prove the best investments.

I believe that the Dragon and Phoenix (some of you now have your pre-orders and the feedback has been encouraging), the Panda Lunar series, the Classical Gardens and certain medals featuring Gods and Chinese Cultural emblems including the great wall etc can all under some circumstances be good investments.

Generally the potential of these is based on timing. Getting in at the pre-order stage is usually the best time with anything like this (and I have been doing this successfully with Libertads for a while).

The next medal in the Panda Lunar series – this is a 2oz Piedfort Silver Proof with a Panda and Great wall design on the obverse and Lunar symbology on the reverse. We have had the 2015 Goat, the 2016 Monkey and in 2017 it will be the turn of the Rooster.

Here are the preliminary designs from Shenyang Mint




"After many months of arduous discussions with the Shenyang mint, the “Lunar Rooster Panda” design has been finalized. There were a few folks that helped in the creation of the design. I'll mention them at a later date. You know who you are.  Grin
The Lunar Panda Rooster will use “grams” instead of “oz” due to the change of China coin weight measurement from year 2016.  After several discussions and much effort, we feel confident that the certificate of authenticity will show the designers name.  We should get approval soon.   
The design concept of this panda; Panda is China symbolic and friendship symbolic for diplomat relationship between China and other countries. The walking panda on Great Wall concept would bring us the message of “Panda” is going to other countries and bringing the friendship message to the world.   
This is the third lunar in the series which continue the happy family concept which with rooster (daddy), hen (mommy) and chicks (kids). The one-child policy, a part of the family planning policy of China was introduced between 1978 and 1980 with certain exceptions and ethnic’s minorities were exempt. The one child policy has abolished from 1 January 2016 and new law has effective. Therefore, the design has 2 chicks instead of 1 as comparing to previous 2 years lunar design.
The designer also thoughtfully added lychee fruits (荔枝) as background. The closely pronunciation of chicken with Lychee fruits will become “auspicious” “鸡荔 吉利”. Please counts the number of Lychee in the design photo which you will realize auspicious number".

Information on the Panda Lunar Series


Designs for the Rooster are being worked on at the moment and the  European Pre-order is now open.

I am handling the pre-orders for this slightly differently so I can make pricing better and take out costs associated with multi-currency conversions and multi postage.

The orders should be confirmed with me via PM and I will then arrange for the medals to be shipped from China to you in the UK/Europe. Postage costs for EMS mail from China are much less strangely than the other way round or within Europe so this makes sense, and because the delivery will be some time away in November or so, I have arranged with the sponsors to take a deposit (direct payment between you and the medal sponsor via Paypal charged in Singapore $) of S$150 (Approximate equivalents are £77 or $111 and the balance will be a few weeks before the medals are sent.

The mintage for the Rooster is confirmed at 499 same as for the Monkey. This is a good number and a number which should ensure that the future market price is firm and growing.

I am also offering another option this year as I know some of you guys are interested in NGC grading.  If you would like your medal sent to me directly I can send a number of medals to NGC and you are likely to get a PF69 or PF70 based on the Monkey quality this year. There will be a charge of $35 per coin and that will include SD postage from me to you once NGC has finished with them. Each one will be allocated to a line in the NGC order and so I will know based on the cert number who got which grades for their medals.

Price will be S$251 (US$ equivalent is $182)  and there will be a deposit with order of S$150 (US$ equivalent is $111) for each medal.

If you want a medal and the pre-order is too far in advance then just hang in there and wait as they will be available after the pre-order period for about $210 thought this will emerge closer to the time.

A donation of $1 per medal will be made by the medal sponsors to the World Wildlife Fund.

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1 hour ago, Numistacker said:

Whew glad you like the Panda )) lol or at least think its not ridiculous.


No I actually like the panda/wall. Not so sure about the tikka material though, might have been better without the overhanging fruit and it looks like a colourised print, will be interesting to see it when it's an actual  engraving. Looks promising though.

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Got 2 silver on order...didn't go for the antique as I don't want to be chasing the antique series because the prices are ridiculous now...still need a goat if anyone has one 😉



oh yes... clean forgot!

I have 2 spare.. Open to offers



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i am a newbie to these medals.

How should i go about getting one or more of these?

I take it you have contacted Lucky @


Irrespective of whether it is too late at this stage, for subsequent medal releases, you ask Lucky to reserve/order medals [?and pay over some money]

i may have to wait for the after market now.

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16 minutes ago, Numistacker said:

If you need an Antique or regular proof Rooster please let me know. There are a very few Antique Roosters @ $380 left and I can get a quote on request for regular proofs

i like the look of the antique version more (surprisingly), so could you get me a quote on both please.

many thanks in advance for your help. :)

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