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Save money sending in foreign currency - FREE CurrencyFair Transfer

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Use the link below to register for a CurrencyFair account and both yourself and The Silver Forum will receive a FREE transfer.

Please not that this is a different affiliate link to the other CurrencyFair affiliate links found on the forum, and in order for you to be eligible to receive your 15€ you must use only the link below.

FREE CurrencyFair Transfer Affiliate Link

I have posted this in the personal finance section, as if you use a currency broker like CurrencyFair or alternative, you will save a lot of money when buying gold & silver etc from dealers in Germany or elsewhere in Europe compared with paying with your bank or PayPal's exchange rates. The only other broker I have found that gives the same (or slightly better rates) than CF is transferwise, but I did not find transferwise's customer service very helpful as they never replied to any of my emails.

What is CurrencyFair:

CurrencyFair is a currency broker, allowing you to deposit money, exchange for another currency at the best possible rates and then send to almost anywhere in the world for a very low fee of either £3, $4, 3€ or a similar amount in the currency you are sending.


How CurrencyFair works:

  • You send a deposit to CurrencyFair bank account (I believe they have bank accounts in UK, Australia and Ireland)
  • You can then purchase your desired currency at very good rates as it matches up buyers and sellers. You can also offer your own exchange rates if you want to try and get a better exchange rate than doing a quick trade.
  • Once you have purchased the currency you wish to send you simply add the recipients bank details, and send.


Tips: When I send a transfer from my CurrencyFair account, I choose to pay the fee in the currency I am sending rather than in GBP. This is because the fee of $4 or 3€ is slightly cheaper than £3.

Just to note that myself, and a lot of other forum members already use CurrencyFair for buying precious metals in foreign currency. 

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