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Premium Member Prize Draws Information

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Entry into the Premium Member Prize Draws is for Premium Members, Gold Premium Members and Moderators* only. The Administrator and other members are unable to enter these competitions.

*Moderators donate their time for free, cleaning the forum of spam, tyding up posts and moving to the correct sections and helping members. Therefore I have decided to allow them to enter the prize draws. Their entry will count as a standard premium member entry.

Information on premium membership is found here: https://thesilverforum.com/topic/2507-premium-member-benefits/

To enter the competition simply reply with the next sequential number in the competition topic that you wish to enter. For example if the last member entered number 13, then you should enter number 14. The first member will enter the number 1, the 2nd member will enter the number 2 and so forth.

Incorrect numbers will be edited or deleted and you may need to submit your entry again.

One entry per person, duplicate entries will be void and will be deleted.

Incorrect entries:

If you see that the member before you has posted an incorrect entry number please use the report number to inform me so I can edit their post to the correct number. Please post your entry as if they had entered the correct number.

If multiple people happen to type the same number at the same time, then the latest post(s) containing duplicate entries will either be edited by me or deleted and those members will need to submit their entry again. So it is important to check that you entered the correct entry number that isn't a duplicate after you have posted.

Edited posts may be counted as void, they may be deleted and you will have to renter. Comments during the competition that relate to anything other than entries will be deleted.

The competition topics will lock automatically when entry closes. The winner will be announced in the same topic. After the winner has been announced the topic will be unlocked and members will be able to congratulate the winner. The draw will be drawn using http://www.randomresult.com and the result can be verified by the ticket number which will be posted when the winner is announced.

Note that the Premium Members Prize draw forum is visible to all member. Although only Premium Members and Gold Premium Members are able to enter their votes.


Gold Premium Member Bonus Draws

Should the winner of the Premium Member Prize draw be a Gold Premium Member, they will also win the Gold Premium Member bonus post. The Gold Premium Member prize pot is a rollover pot where new bonus prizes are added each draw.


For a member to be eligible to claim their prize they must have been a Premium Member or Gold Premium Member at the time of entry.

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