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Open Thread.

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Yesterday I received a free €2 coin.  Came home to find a registered letter from Portugal sent to my business address.  I was a bit baffled as I couldn't remember ordering anything from Portugal or any other EU country.  Opened it up and found this coin.  Some guy inviting me to checkout his website and wishing me a happy Easter.  It's cost him €4.35 postage + €2 for the coin.  I did have a quick look at his site to see if there was anything interesting for me.  There wasn't.

2017-04-09 20.26.47.jpg

2017-04-09 20.26.40.jpg

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That is a bizarre, but clever, image on that there eoooro coin.

Not quite enough to repeal the brexit, mind.

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not sure if link will work as got it through email but I think it's worth a go. Topcasback have a deal for EE broadband packages. Any broadband or fibre broadband with phone package , new customers receive £150 cashback. I have went for unlimited broadband with anytime calls for £27.50 per month. There's a £7 postage charge for router but I think EE will pay up to £50 if you are tied to an existing contract. Phone package is excellent also. Working out at £19 per month over the 18 month period. 

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