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Today I received.....

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1896 full sov 

proof like field or cleaned !? 

Saw this on eBay looked to me like it has a proof like field! (Had to get it) 

check it .. it is genuine

never seen one like it 

please let me know what you think ? 








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I've been wanting the 2017 for a while because of the new design.  Luckily I never did buy it and the limited 30th Anniversary Privy was recently released so it made much more sense to get this one instead for the extra few £.  Decided to buy from RMB as it was only £4 more expensive than elsewhere and for that extra I would get a capsule and be entered into the prize draw.  Unlike the Queen's Beasts, the capsule is not the screw type and is just a push fit with a little moon cutout for opening.

Shipped yesterday with a scheduled delivery for Tuesday due to the Bank Holiday.  Delivered today, a Saturday by DHL.

The field design is much better than the dimply effect of the previous couple years.

2017-04-29 11.02.23.jpg

2017-04-29 11.03.04.jpg

2017-04-29 11.04.00.jpg

2017-04-29 11.04.25.jpg

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i used to think the screw capsules from the Royal Mint were the business but i find they come apart too easily and so i have changed my mind. 

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