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Hello from Chris Silver

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So guys, I guess I should start. I am Chris Silver, I am from the UK, London, have been stacking for a year or two now, right around when we had a massive smack down, silver became so cheap, I had been wanting to eventually start accumulating PM and thought that now was the right time.

Absolutely loving these amazingly low prices, hopefully it stays for a while so I can build a decent size stack before the price rockets back to highs.

I created this forum as there was a lack of good UK & Europe forums for silver and gold stackers / collectors. My aim is to successfully build this forum so that this becomes the best place for UK and European stackers / collectors to discuss all things silver related, and one of the most active places to trade.

We also very much welcome members from anywhere around the world, not just from the UK & Europe. :)

There is a lot of trade that happens on US and Australian forums and I feel that the UK and Europe is missing out, would be great if we could all build a successful forum together with lots of active trading on here, it will certainly help liquidly in the UK & Europe silver stackers market and get us all a better price than if we were to sell back to dealers.

So if you have just joined please start a thread and introduce yourself :) Happy stacking

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