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Hello Everyone

I'd like to discuss a recent problem going on with some coins, especially in the U.S. Mint. If you haven't noticed, our Mint has been on a really nasty circulation for a while now, with most coins being stale, un-artistic, and just flat out ugly. The problem started in my opinion when they decided to stop using Lady Liberty on our circulating coinage, with her last appearance being on the half dollar in 1945. 

Another effect that caused nasty coin designs was the addition of extremely low releif coins beginning around the 1970s. If You take a penny from 1964, and one from 1976, You'll notice that the 1964 has alot more detail, while the 1976 is practically flat. While this does help the coin not to wear so easily, it also makes the coin appear as more of a painting than an actual sculpture or coin.

Another problem we have are the state quarters. While a couple are nicely done, many of them are uninspired and dull, like the 2004 Florida quarter, which has taken place as one of the UGLIEST coins in US history, with a confusing picture of a space shuttle, island, and sailing boat. Another ugly is the Wyoming quarter, which features a bare sihoullete of a cowboy, keep in mind this has no detail, literally. 

I hate most of the circulation designs, exept the lincoln cent, which I would'nt be angry at a design change, mainly because it has been on the cent since 1909. I hope this rant wasn't too long, I'd love for you all to share what coins are ugly in your opinions and even see some ugly foreign coins.



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that florida one is a shocker , but the wyoming isnt too bad tbh be nice to have a bit more detail in it though.

the pesetas is not bad at all either imo

but i dont think we need to go any further than the 2017 britannia proof as the ugliest coin ever with a honourable mention the royal mint lunar dog


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