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completed Nearly complete run of Modern Silver Commems @ MELT!

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I'm clearing out my collection.


I have a nearly complete run of Modern Silver Commemoratives. They are in their Mint issue boxes with COAs if that matters to anyone, but I'm willing to sell

them at melt (the bid price for silver).


You pay shipping.  Payment by PayPal/No Fee.


I've got the clads and the gold proofs as well, if you have any interest. I also have a few of the silvers (i.e. the rest of the complete Commem run) in PCGS slabs,

that we can negotiate.


I'm relatively new here, but I've been a very active collector since 1999, and am very active on the Collectors Universe Boards, also as dpoole, and as

a buyer/seller on Ebay (dpoolecoins).


I'll be shipping from Texas, USA.


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