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Official 2017 Christmas prize draws[emoji318]

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Right then....

The decision has been made, all who donate a prize are entered into the prize draws, if you happen to win you're own prize it will be redrawn.

Once the draw has taken place and a winner announced ill PM the donating member aswel as the winner, the donator will then post to the winner directly.

Draws will take place daily ( probably early evening ) and the results posted in this thread.

To save time entering each draw i will allocate each person a number and it will be for every draw.

The 1st draw will be on the 5th as we currently have 20 prizes.  

The prizes will be done in the order they were donated. ( see list below )

cut off to enter is 12.00 luchtime on the 5th. If we have more additions there will be multiple draws per day.

prizes are listed below -

@Bullionbilly1oz 2009 kook  WON BY QUICKSILVER

@ChrisSIlver tbc WON BY SHAWY2510

@shawy2510 1oz silver coin WON BY KEENSTACKER


1st prize is 2009 1/10 Britannia proof with original box and coa WON BY AGPANDA

2nd prize is 2x toilet rolls ( undecided ) WON BY XANDER

@Agpanda 2016 NGC MS 70 silverpanda WON BY POLARPANDA

@Lr103 three 1 oz silver Eagles, with the option to instead receive the equivalent of 3 oz spot silver +5% via PayPal F&F. WON BY JORDIE

@airmac  a pair of Luxembourg silver coins WON BY LUNAR17

@augur 100 Cedis Ghana Leopard or 2oz Queens Beast Lion – winners choice. WON BY KIMCHI

@Piggybank 1oz silver tbc WON BY DAZ


@BackyardBullion hallmarked baby ripple dragon WON BY FEHK2001

@kimchi 2016 or 2017 Kook (winner's choice)

@PolarPanda1 OZ Silver Niue 2017 Darth Vader BU coin

@djlivewire 1oz 2017 silver Australian wedge tailed


@Quicksilver 1oz bu.

@Jordie 1oz maple

@metallica73 2013 Silver £20 St George & Dragon is ok?


@Xander 2oz perth kook. 1995, 40- hour famine appeal privy mark. Boxed with coa

@Myblueheaven2018 1oz silver Australian lunar Dog

@richatthecroft1oz jm bar.

@daz £20 paypal

@Lunar17 1 oz. silver Koala 2013 

@Keenstacker1 oz silver BRITANNIA 2018 in lighthouse capsule

@Goldhooked 2016 brit


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@Bullionbilly 1

@ChrisSIlver  2

@shawy2510 3

@fehk2001 4

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1 hour ago, kimchi said:

Great work @Bullionbilly, many thanks!

The only thing I think we need is 'tbc' prizes decided before the first draw.

Plenty of time left to enter folks still, come on, let's make this even more exciting! :)

What's tbc? 

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12 minutes ago, metallica73 said:

With 'spotting'

A little bit more than that I fear...

However it's something to tell your Grandkids about round the fire in a post-apolalyptic world, eh. "There was a time before all this devastation when a silver forum existed on what they used to call the 'internet', and all of us entered hoping above hope for a re-used toilet roll".

My pic tomorrow :)

Edited by kimchi

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