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A Moocher

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Hi there,

I've been mooching around for a while.

Watch 'You Tube' videos  and read this forum.

Have to give a shout out to Numistacker because those are his instructions.:D

Watch others on 'you tube', don't really comment too much because, well, people get too emotional.  Yikes!

Just trying to pick up bits and pieces about coin collecting.

Really like Edwardian coins, I don't know why.

Also buy modern coins too.  Like to put together collections as and when I can.

Also love Gold - can't really afford platinum.  Maybe one day.

Love the beauty of coins and stack a bit too, not too much just here and there.

Thanks for viewing.


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Welcome to the forum @trixie hope you'll enjoy the great community here!

I like a good mooch myself I must say, in fact I pretty much got a degree in mooching from the university of moochester :D

It's just a good thing you didn't call yourself 'Tricksy' or next thing you know we'll be having threads with riddles and raw fish, all in search of the one precioussss...and we all know where things go from there! :o:P

Look forward to seeing you around, good wishes :)


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