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What are your Favorite coins in your stack?

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Edit:   I'm just posting my favorite coins in my stack. not posting the full stack now.

Just post your fav coins in your stack.I realized no one will post their full stack for many reasons.


Started stacking since Nov 2016. I'm from Canada.  I started stacking silver because I use to trade Forex/Silver Futures, I saw a comment about a guy saying he stacks silver. So I checked it out after talking to them. 


2017 Rwanda 1 oz Silver Nautical Ounce Santa Maria BU

 Warriors of history knights Templar 1oz

Nordic Series ( Sleipnir, nidhoggr, Frost gaint ) they are rounds

 2017 Cook Islands 1 oz Silver Bounty Coin (Version 2)

 2017 Ukraine 1 oz Silver Archangel Michael BU

2018 Great Britain 2 oz Silver Queen's Beasts The Unicorn

2017 Australia 10 oz Silver Lunar Rooster BU

2000 Australia 1 oz Silver Year of the Dragon BU

 2016 Armenian  Noah Ark

 2017 Royal Mint Queen’s Beasts Griffin of Edward III 2 oz

2017 Royal Mint Queen’s Beasts Red Dragon of Wales 2 oz

 2017 Royal Mint Queen’s Beasts Lion of England 10 oz




 2018 Australia 1 oz gold  Lunar Dog BU

 2017 Australia 1 oz gold  Lunar Rooster BU

2001 Australia 1 oz gold  Lunar Snake BU

Ancient coins

Vespasian Roman Empire coin 69-79AD

Seleucid Empire Antiochus the great (3rd) 223BC


Future Plans?

2017,2016,2015 Ukraine 1 oz Silver Archangel Michael BU

1 oz Gold Republic of Chad King Tut Coin 2017

1 oz Gold Queen's Beast - The Dragon Coin 2017

2002/2012 Australia 1 oz gold  Lunar Dragon BU

 Future Rwanda nautical coins



Whats your favorite coins in your stack ?



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19 minutes ago, Silverstackeruk said:

Nice stack to say you only been stacking for a year

Not sure anyone is going to tell you what they own though 🤑

lmfao **** your right. I'm editing it now

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3 minutes ago, Bullionbilly said:

Mine is a nicely toning 2oz siren from the privateer collection. Ill post a pic when i get chance. Closely followed by a 10oz qb lion :wub: ( which is my daughters actually :()

I notice that a lot of people tone the privateer collection, how come? I was thinking to do the same tbh.

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