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Hello all!

Just thought I would say hello and introduce myself. My name is Cameron and I have been a 'stacker' for roughly  5 years, no real strategy other than buying as much as I can as often as I can! 

I have just left education and do a little bit of everything from buying and selling coins to coppicing/hedgelaying (the latter keeping me fairly busy at the moment!).

Look forward to getting to know you all in the coming months!

All the best,



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1 hour ago, augur said:

Welcome Cameron! What did you stack then 5 years ago a d is anything left of it?

Cheers, originally started out on Silver Brits and old .925 scrap. Eventually moved on to Sovereigns as my budget increased. Sold a great deal last year (roughly 90% of my Sovereigns) but an awful lot of this has been reinvested (forestry kit is not cheap!).

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