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Hi all, greetings from Belgium !

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Hello all :D


not so new to stacking silver and gold but allways prepared to learn !! And willing to exchange ideas and info. 

Living in Belgium, the community of people stacking silver and gold is not that big (but growing I hear)...love watching videos on youtube from people who unbox their packages.

I buy whatever I like, and from time to time, I sell some stuff in order to get some cash ...which will go directly back into PM :rolleyes:


46 years old, work as an investment adviser for a bank (before I have been a trader and fund manager for a couple of years). 

talk to you soon,



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Hi my fellow Belgian! Great to have some more Belgian peoples around here! :) 

Giving the fact you are an investment adviser for a bank i'm sure you have already a lot of knowledge about the PM and financial market. 

Welcome to the forum! 

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