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Basically new to all pm, crypto etc.


Getting small collection of everything and now found a company i want to biy shares in. O have no idea how.


Do i need trading 212, a broker i literally have no idea.


Any help and advice on platforms or a dummoes guide would be greatly appreciated

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If you want to buy the actual shares and own the underlying asset (the shares) you will need to buy through a broker, most charge about £12.50 per trade (although some cheaper) so don't make much sense to do unless each trade is sizeable so that the cost of that fee is negligible.

Note that trading and investing in shares are different, trading tends to be shorter time scales and in and out in a relatively short time frame.

Buying shares in the UK is relatively expensive and traders may instead use CFD's (Contracts for differences) or other derivatives to trade the market, rather than buying the actual underlying asset they are trading on a derivative that follows the price of the underlying asset. 

http://www.moneysavingexpert.com/savings/cheap-online-sharedealing MSE website here should be a very helpful read, it is about buying shares.

I am not sure what platform @RichRock uses when trading.

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