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Found 156 results

  1. Hi Everyone, My name is Shelley; some know me as Silver Shell. I live in the heart of Bonny Scotland and I have been stacking silver for over 2 years now and I have also been hand-pouring silver for the same amount of time. All the silver I pour is available for sale and I can arrange postage worldwide just get in contact with me. My passion is for hand poured silver although I do seem to have a lot of coins in my stack but my heart and my money belong to hand poured silver. Some say it’s a weakness I say it’s a passion ;-) I am really looking forward to chatting to like-minded people and getting to know you all. Hope you all have a wonderful day/night.
  2. Hi there, I have just started my interest in coins, predominantly silver, for collecting and investing. I am currently interested in collecting sets and especially like world wildlife and landscapes. For investing I have started stacking bullion, pandas, maple leaf, lunar, britannias and eagles are all of interest. Any help or advice would be gratefully received. Kind regards Colin
  3. Just want to get some opinions. I have much more silver than gold currently (in terms of $ amount anyway). Been thinking lately of using a large chunk of the silver (bullion) to finance some gold purchases (mostly bullion but some numismatic). This would be a long term hold for me. I told myself I would wait until the silver/gold ratio comes down before swapping anything, but honestly I'm more interested in gold lately, and I don't see the ratio changing much. Although if things really do heat up in PMs, silver will probably move faster to the upside. Is my thinking wrong? I'll have fees and some lost premiums to deal with, and time and effort. Anything else I should consider? Thanks in advance for any opinions Edit: I'd also be very interested in what everyone thinks is a good % balance of silver and gold in a collection.
  4. Today's Pick ups. Thought I got a good deal. I got the 3 currency bars (4 troy oz) for $80 each. The Silver half dollars went for $8 each. The Silver dollars went for $20 each. Opinions?
  5. Hello everyone, I just recently registered, I'm glad that I finally found a place to talk about silver! Anyway, I'm 22 and in the Military, and well I just like stacking. My current stack sits at about 60 oz of silver, 1/3 oz of gold, 2grams of platinum, 11lbs of copper, and some old US currencies. Ill post a picture of my stack in the future, if you guys would like to give me some advice on what I should get.
  6. A Chinese Ebay buyer ordered an expensive ancient greek silver coin ($750) and when I went to the US post office they warned against sendg gold and silver into China because it was likely to be confiscated even though we were shipping it registered and insured mail. Does anyone have experience with shipping into China? Any advice would be greatly appreciated because the order is waiting. Thanks
  7. Hey everyone, Here is some of my US and Canada stuff, tell me what you guys think.
  8. Has anyone noticed that there seems to be something of an inverse relationship between bitcoin (and other cryptos') and PM? Back in 2011 when silver and gold where at their peak gold at $1800 & silver at $49 bitcoin was trading around $10, now bitcoin is pushing above $2000 and gold and silver have dipped to $1260 & $17. My point is as many observers are saying that cryptos' are in a bubble, are we heading for a big up swing in silver and gold? I have the feeling that when silver and gold last plummeted many speculators switched into crypto currencies as the next big thing. So perhaps if bitcoin and other altcoins have a market correction then silver and gold will spike again. Let me know your thoughts.... Ps I mean no offence to anyone who owns bitcoin or other altcoins, I see their value as a useful currency and potential investment I just havent got my head around the risks and trading strategies.
  9. Hello Silver Forum! I've been on this forum for some months, but never introduced myself here. I'm a US collector of Silver Britannias and Lincoln Cents mostly. I recently started a Queen's Beast collection and occasionally am a sucker for random beautiful coins. I have a few bits and pieces in my collection that don't fit anymore and will be looking to sell some on this site and eBay. Looking forward to interacting with all of you!
  10. Hi guys I learn something everyday so I thought a today I learnt thread could be fun. I'll start off... Today I learnt.... to ask if a coin comes with a box and COA before buying it. School girl error!! And that pobjoy mint have screwed up on the penguin 50ps I ordered a few weeks ago. Great for me as they're now gonna be error coins so probably worth more.