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Found 207 results

  1. Do I have a strategy yet?

    I’ve been around the Forum for a few weeks now, following various postings, watching videos, buying the odd coin or bar, signing up to all sorts of Bullion sites, scrutinising the rise and fall of spot prices on an hourly basis, learning basic German, keeping an eye on EBay and going quietly fretful and frighteningly obsessive as the days go on. My wife has even begun to use phrases like: I don’t know you any more...... Why do we never eat together? Like we used to....... If you mention the words BU, proof or low mintage once more....I won’t be responsible for my actions..... I realise this could take over the whole of my life, alter my ability to reason, affect relationships, destroy my bank balance. I need a sound, reasonable strategy to the business of collecting or stacking, which will be acceptable to a wife who is growing more suspicious and dubious. Tell me, those of you who have successfully negotiated this dilemma.....What is your strategy?
  2. Help with 2009 silver eagle coin

    Hello, the reverse of my 2009 silver eagle has a highly reflective finish. This finish is displayed through the entire field and i am adamant its not been polished or altered. Can anyone propose a theory on why the reverse of this coin is particularly 'shiny'? (The phenomenon is difficult to capture with a phone bit it is quite significant in hand). Thank you
  3. Has anyone noticed that there seems to be something of an inverse relationship between bitcoin (and other cryptos') and PM? Back in 2011 when silver and gold where at their peak gold at $1800 & silver at $49 bitcoin was trading around $10, now bitcoin is pushing above $2000 and gold and silver have dipped to $1260 & $17. My point is as many observers are saying that cryptos' are in a bubble, are we heading for a big up swing in silver and gold? I have the feeling that when silver and gold last plummeted many speculators switched into crypto currencies as the next big thing. So perhaps if bitcoin and other altcoins have a market correction then silver and gold will spike again. Let me know your thoughts.... Ps I mean no offence to anyone who owns bitcoin or other altcoins, I see their value as a useful currency and potential investment I just havent got my head around the risks and trading strategies.
  4. A good deal?

    Considering buying a full roll of x 20 lunar rabbits BU from 2011 for about 650 USD. Would it be worth it or am I insane for even thinking of it?
  5. The Remembrance 2017 Silver Proof

    Released today just ordered mine as I love these coins. Looks like this is a first for the UK as they are usually Alderney coins. Just wondered is there much of a demand for these coins and do other people go for these. Quite a high amount been made. 5000 for standard and 1500 for the Piedfort. 2.5% of the sales is donated to the Imperial War Museums. Which is something good for these coins being bought.
  6. market manipulation true or false

    recently I've had another look at the arguments presented for and against whether the market manipulation of precious metals occurs. with the current gold/silver price off their multi year lows, it's casting doubt that mass manipulation of precious metals occurs. what's your views on this? HH
  7. New 10 oz Silver Griffin 2018

    Dear The Silver Forum users, We are happy to announce the 10 oz Silver Griffin 2018 10 oz Silver Griffin Coin @ (click here) Share your thoughts about the design with us
  8. Hey silver bugs, I'm heading to Sydney in October and was wondering if anyone has any advice for a newbie silver stacker/collector. Any coins I should be looking out for? Anything difficult or more expensive to buy outside of Australia I can stock up on while I'm there? Has anyone been and know of the best dealers to visit? Any help would be much appreciated! Thanks, Gedmunds
  9. Queen's Beast 1oz Silver Proof

    Hey! Wanted to know people's view on the Queen's Beast 1oz Silver Proof i..e the Lion & Unicorn are out already. Worth it or not? I know there is also the 2oz which are unlimited but know the 1oz are limited to around 8,500. Thanks!
  10. Hello

    I’m new here and I just wanted to say hello
  11. Hello everyone £320 for all 20 troy oz 10x 1 troy oz 999 fine silver Saint Guardian 10x 1 troy oz 999 fine silver Lady liberty Includes tube Plus Postage £7.55 Special delivery. Message me for payment details.
  12. Which silver series...

    As a newbie here, I am really tempted to start collecting a serie - What are your favourites and why? Is it because of the potential investments or is it because it's looks nice? I will be honest, I want one where it looks appealing to myself but also to make a profit. I have come across the Australian Lunar II, Rwanda Lunar, African Wildlife, British Lunar etc etc etc...what other ones should I be looking at? I will only focus on one but was keen to see what else was out there. Thanks!
  13. Storing silver bars...

    Hey! Just wondering can I store 100g bars together in 1 ziploc bag? Or better to do separately? I have received some but managed to rip one of the small ziploc bag that one came in so wondering whether to store together or get a new bag for this 1 bar. The bars also comes with COA so am wondering does it matter if they are all stored together? I came across the mylar ziploc bags, but then you can't see what's inside - are these better than the normal ziploc types? Thanks
  14. Hello everyone We have the 2016 1 oz Proof Silver Bitcoin Commemorative Round for pre-sale. Great looking coin should be with us in 3-4 weeks in limited supply so grab yours now.
  15. Hello everyone We have the 2016 1 oz Proof Silver Bitcoin Commemorative Round for pre-sale. Great looking coin should be with us in 3-4 weeks in limited supply so grab yours now.
  16. Bitcoin Pre-sale

    Hello everyone We have the 2016 1 oz Proof Silver Bitcoin Commemorative Round for pre-sale. Great looking coin should be with us in 3-4 weeks in limited supply so grab yours now.
  17. The new 2 oz Silver Unicorn is out now

    Dear The Silver Forum users, We are happy to announce the 2 oz Silver Unicorn 2 oz Silver Unicorn Coin @ (click here) Share your thoughts about the design with us
  18. Hi all UK based silver forum members, I have created a parliamentary petition that calls for VAT on silver and platinum legal tender coinage to be scrapped. It needs 5 people to click the following link and provide email addresses for it to go live: Given that Brexit puts our ability to get VAT free silver from the continent at risk, this I feel is the time to challenge the status quo. Many thanks!